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YouTube Filming Setup Ideas For YOU In 2020! (American Sign Language) | Rikki Poynter

Hello! Welcome back to the
channel and Vlogmas. The sun situation today
is not a good one. It’s kinda bad. A little dark. So today I wanted to make
a simple and casual video. I want to show you
my filming setup. I think I filmed a
setup two years ago. The setup has changed. A little bit. If you’re interested in
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click on the bell. That way, you won’t miss
out on new uploads. Also, if you’d like to
help support my work, my work with videos,
writing, etc., I do have a Patreon page. So I’ve been on YouTube since… Really, I first started in 2009. I’ve filmed in different rooms. Different areas in a room. Before, I filmed in the
room over there. Different room. Now I film in this room. But I’ve been everywhere. I think the first time
I filmed was on the bed. Then I moved to the
wall over there. I had Pokemon photos
framed on the wall. Then I moved over there
to the desktop computer. And now I’m here. This space is really, really small. There’s not a lot of space
between me and the stuff. I only have this much room. And then there’s the space
between me and the bed. I can touch the bed. Not enough space. My PC… I can almost touch it. The camera I use now is
a Canon G7X Mark II. I have it sitting on
a JOBY tripod. Sometimes I use my phone. This is the iPhone XR. Um. I did not ask for light. Thank you for wanting to
help me but I don’t need you. Now you know I voice a lot. It [English] is my first language. So if I need to voice, I use… This is pretty old. This is the iPhone 6, I think. It has a headphone jack! So I have this mic. It was pretty cheap. I got it from Amazon. The app I use is
Voice… Notes? Oh, no, no.
It’s Voice Memos. So I use that since it’s really simple. But I really want to save up
for a new camera and mic. I want, um… I want the Canon…
Is it the M50? Is it 50 or 60? I think it’s the 50. And the mic I want is… The Rode Mic Pro+. So I’m saving for that now. I just don’t like
having a mic on me. Because I can’t hear myself- Well, I can hear myself a little bit. But I don’t know how
loud I’m being. When I think I’m
being quiet, I’m not. I’m actually almost screaming. That does actually help
a lot when editing, but aye. Sometimes I’m really loud and
it’s hard to make things quiet. It’s weird; I don’t know
how to explain it. So now I just want a mic
that is set on top of the camera. Over there. Also I’m scared that I might- I’m scared something might hit it. It might get messed
up or something. Then I have these lights. These are also a new change. Before I had really big and
professional lighting. I don’t use them now. I don’t have room for
that right now. I never really knew how
to make that light look good. So I use natural light now. The sun and I aren’t
really friends right now. Please, sun! Before I had my colorful lights, it was really dark back there. It didn’t look good. So I think these help a little bit. I bought these from Amazon. I have 2 remotes. Well, you get 1 remote
for 1 light. It has different colors. If you want red. If you want green. Yellow. Pink. Blue. That looks purple. Back to red. For Christmas. They’re really cool. They’re not really expensive. They’re kinda cheap. But you know prices
always change on Amazon. So I have two of those,
one on each side. Really happy with those. One thing I still want to
work on is stuff back here. I don’t know if people
want to see more here. I have some bags there now. I used to have Pokemon toys there. But with COPPA,
I can’t use those now. But I think these look better. And more my age. But I’m thinking of maybe
having some art here. I did have a Pikachu
thing here but I sold it. So yeah, don’t have that now. But I’m thinking of buying
some local art to put here. Let me know what you think. And that’s my setup. It’s a simple one. My dream would be to have
my own filming place. To not work where I sleep,
and where I stream. But that has to be in the future. If you want to know how I
edit videos, I have a link here. It’s a pretty old video. And that’s it. If you’d like to translate this
video, I’ll have the link below. It’s really helpful. Share this video and
give it a thumbs up. Comment what you’d like
to see for more Vlogmas. Thank you for watching this video! I’ll see you later, bye! (CHRISTMAS MUSIC)

24 Replies to “YouTube Filming Setup Ideas For YOU In 2020! (American Sign Language) | Rikki Poynter”

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  • Thank you so much for showing us how to set this up and how you do it! I have always wanted to start a YouTube channel but for one I don't have the funds to do so nor do I know what I would do!😂😂😂
    From your Hufflepuff friend

  • I think the background looks good now, its simple and not too much to look at. However I'm intrested to find out what kind of art you would pick for the background.

  • Rikki it's great. Deaf To Work have you on our Facebook page Deaf Church (Aaron Denha) text us 3132427761 we want add you help us with Deaf Media

  • LOVE this video! We all start small. I started out with my iPhone 8 and grew to Panasonic Lumix G85. I buys everything "used", never new. Over time, my videos looking better over time. Anyway, I wish I could help you with the equipments, I would be gladly to give what I have. Keep up with a GREAT content. Also, don't know if you've seen my videos, I'm also DEAF but don't know much signing. I grew up in the hearing world. Take care!

  • It's the first time that l saw the 'amazon' sign language. :O Thanks for showed us around your room, I didn't know that you don't have enough space in your room, it looks like a big room. I have a TP Link smart light bulb with built-in bluetooth (no hub required). Not sure if it is available in your area. This light bulb is fanastic and simple to use, you just plug it and connect it to a phone via router then use kasa app to control the light. I am looking forward to your new video.

  • Nice video Rikki! BTW, your audio is allways good! Quite impressive in fact since you can't judge it yourself (at least not with your ears). I have my home office in one side of a storage room and shelves behind me. I have a large roller blind mounted in the ceiling which i pull down when I have web meetings to hide the shelves. That wouldn't work in your room though because the bed would be stopping it, but it might be a tip for others. Anyway, your room is a nice background. Also, if you at some point would like to record to the computer instead of to the camera, there is a stick called Elgato Cam Link that will turn any HDMI source (probably except som piracy protected sources) and turn it in to a web camera so you can use it with programs like OBS Studio.

  • I love it! In my old setup I had 14 inches between me and the wall. Now I have a little more space because I literally moved all my furniture, but I’m still working out the kinks.

  • I haven't yet watched this video. I will later tonight. But, I wanted to toss you a question. I tried an app last night on my phone called Glimmer. I was hoping to find an app that would use flashing lights as an alarm. But nothing happened. Can you recommend some good visual Deaf alarm apps? It must be free. I can't afford to pay all my bills. Free. 🙂

  • I think everyone who makes videos would love more space to actually make things – I mean a dedicated working space, what a dream.

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