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You Can Translate YouTube Videos Subtitle English to Other Languages!

100 Replies to “You Can Translate YouTube Videos Subtitle English to Other Languages!”

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  • your videos are interesting but I have a question. I can download you tube videos. but when a you tube videos has chinnese and english subtitles when you watch them online but when I download them only the the chinnese subtitles remain not the english. Any way I can download the videos with the english subtitle.

  • I want to translate a video which is in eng sub in my native language but no one can play this due to copyright issu that is a drama video …. can you help me with this..please ..

  • I started to contribute with subtitles for some videos, i ended up contributing with 3 videos and a list of videos to contribute, i stopped as soon as I noticed what was going on. Since I use English as default language of everything and most of the videos I watch is in English i didn't notice what was happening, but I started being annoyed by videos in Portuguese being translated to English, and the translations were really crappy, sometimes I had to go to incognito mode, change the language to portuguese, to read the actual video description. After sometime I visited some youtube channels in Portuguese it was really bad, youtube forces its translations to other people really bad. Google and youtube has policies against people that speaks another language. You can't buy or rent movies for exemple in another language. And as far as I know you can't disable translations, in google maps you get forced translations, in youtube you get forced translations. Google thinks that translations can replace learning a foreign language, that's wrong. Translations can only be used a tool to understand a foreigner. And I also think translations are really bad to people learning forgner languages, all the time people make mistakes, because when they say something in English, they first think in their native languages. The results can be a total disaster, for exemple a person can ask for 2 balls of ice cream instead of 2 spoons, because that's the way this person thinks in Portuguese.

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  • Question:
    I am trying to do this for another youtube video, but when I click 'Settings' > 'Subtitles' , there is no 'Add subtitle' option. Only a couple of language options and 'turn off subtitles' button.
    How come?


  • سلام خیلی از زحمات شنا متشکرم چرا در گوشی من تیک تنظیمات در صفحه فیلم ها نیست لطفا راهنمایی کنید ممنون

  • Hi, I created a translation and submitted and told the channel owner for approval. It seemed that he did approve as my name was then displayed as the caption author. The problem is that the caption, even the button for the caption, does not there. Is there something missed in the process? Thanks for your help

  • Hi am a professional translator (i speak 4 languages (arabic french english and Spanish) ) how can i help you

  • In my videos I don't see the add option with the subtitles. Is there something I need to do to activate it? Thanks!

  • hello Rachel, I very much admire you and enjoy listening to your lessons first I heard about you was in your podcast that unfortunately it no longer exists by the way I am very curious to know that does youtube pays for subtitle writing or no? thanks in advance.

  • What if you're using Android phone? How can u change it into english caption? Im watching kdramas and I need subtitles there but the auto generated language there is also a korean, how can I change it?? Please help

  • i translated some videos in Greek but my translation isn't there…if anyone understands what i'm saying please tell me why is this happening..?

  • How long does it take to let YouTube publish my subtitles ? I've done them and a message poped up from youtube saying: these subtitles need to be reviewed by…etc

  • Thanks #RachelsEnglish, what a brilliant idea! Your video gave me an idea too. Wonder if one could proof a foreign language on a #TranslatorApp then proofing the translation with a language you're studying but are not totally proficient? Perhaps this could benefit others learning English & also ones-self by perfecting a language you're studying & you're pretty good reading it, but not yet totally fluent?
    I think this method could work in two ways; help a non-English speaking person comprehend the video and it's practice for perfecting a language being studied.
    Example- If a person speaks a foreign language but they feel their skill is not quite perfect, they can take snippets of text at first, make notation, then use Translation Apps to confirm their translation is correct. There are a bevy of good translator Apps, e.g. #GoogleTranslator (free), #SwipeTranslate, #SpeakTranslate each +/- $1.99. Any number of translation Apps, are available online. When they're satisfied the translations are good, they can post them as you've suggested in your video.
    E.G. I'm fluent in Spanish, not so much in Italian. But my Italian is passable conversing with Italian relatives. I'm quite comfortable reading Italian but not enough to write whole paragraphs with perfect phrasing. However, If I take notes on an Italian video, translate the best I can, after inputting text into a Translator App my translations could be posted on You Tube's translator function.
    Most English & non-English speaking people are able to read & get the drift in their own language, even if there are a few syntax gliches. Generally, when using an App to verify a translation, the content & context are pretty good.
    No doubt, translations are so helpful, both when learning a language yourself, and when one is fluent enough, helping others to get the essence of an You Tube video. With English speaking media prevalent in just about every western country, e.g. CNN or Sky News, I've found on my travels, even folks in some remote countries, know a little bit of English. Ergo, even if translations are not perfect, one can still get the gist. Learning languages is a skill that keeps our brains active & fit. Thanks again for your inspirational clip.

  • thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • HI, I have been trying to translate the video linked here: . The translation has been sent over 2 weeks ago, but the owner of the video can´t see it, or anyone else, I wonder what I am doing wrong… Mia, trying to translate into Finnish (suomi)

  • bs doesnt work if its not your originale video. The uploader has that control not the viewer.. Useless

  • i already translated over 4 youtube videos , but none of them is out now ! can someone please tell me why they arent answering me or let it out ! , thanks

  • Looks like everyone practiced translating subtitles for this video on their native languages ! Thanks, it was useful.

  • Thanks for the video, my question is somebody translated the subtitles for one of my youtube films and sent me the files, how can I officially credit him so it appears on every Youtube description without having to go thru every translation? thank you very much.

  • I need help .. I've tried translate a video and I submitted it 1 hr a go but it says " it needs to be reviewed before publishing" but it never published ! whats the problem?

  • i already translating one of videos spanish language to bahasa but i dont know that still not come up ,,i think that need inspection again with the other user ,,is that true ?,,
    anyone can answer ?

  • Thank you for making and sharing this clip. Also, thank someone who has been inspired by this video and made Thai subtitles already. I can't find the add subtitle button and see someone's comment that Youtube subtitle is now auto-generate. Anyway thanks for your advice. I believe in the power of paying it forward. ❤😘😍🙏

  • Thank you! This really helped my friend but i dont have a computer😔 do you somehow know how to do it with an ipad?

  • I’m glad I stumbled on your video I was watching a cooking channel on YouTube the lady speaks India so I want to see if I can find someway to help her translate her video in English perhaps it might be helpful to other people on her channel as well.

  • يا نهار يا جدعاان بقالى اكتر من شهر بدور ع الطريقة دى شكراا جدا جدا جدا جدا لصاحبة القناة وللى ترجم المقطع عربى ميرسى بجد
    بس انا مينفعش اترجم من ع الفون لازم لاب؟

  • Rachel break subtitles when they are too long, general rule is 43 characters max per line, it is easier to read and it looks nicer.

  • Its nice video, but how can i translate video with no caption option ? When you click on video i want to traslate among the option it give no caption try this video

  • THE videos i watch on you tube theres no option at all to change language no subtitles option , now i want to watch this video from you tube with english subtitle is there any way to convert the video from chinese language to english language?

  • I have translated many videos into Arabic but none of them have been published! It really makes me angry when I spend hours and hours on the translation and all of my work never appear!!

  • Thank you very useful information. And I also started using subtitles so that others understand what I tell you about acupressure on myself thanks

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