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Yamaha P80 by MeX (subtitles in 8 languages)

hello guys this is surprisingly
nothing of the P80 Yamaha which is an instrument that dates back to 1999
if I remember correctly and therefore has short his years yet oh … apart from the keyboard that
is phenomenal, this is now He kept very well, but still really,
you play with pleasure with very pleasure but in short, the sound is what
you heard, then oh well I made a He bit the fool but as usual, but it
is fair to make you even feel that the thing that struck
me most, in terms of instrument, was the fact that now many
pianos, many stage-plan here, in this part of the keyboard, they
have a kind of ‘hole’ on this medium-high, perhaps because maybe it can
also give a little discomfort, or be a bit pushy, maybe in certain cases, however,
in contexts so precisely … the fact that there is this ’round’ (completeness,
fullness) in this part of the keyboard … this note so short, ‘decided’ is important,
especially if, I repeat, in contexts so some improvisation …
and then not only that, he also the part that instead … that a little more pop and everything else,
I say this because I know from experience, because I have had in the past, now
I have taken precisely because I was curious, I have not found much on the net then it is a good master, midi, you can
use it for anything clearly here speaks piano say in a rather
unique because the piano electric is that stuff, in
short, we are in … more But in other years, the
piano is incredible, Perhaps one of the best I’ve ever
tried to Yamaha. by the way I also took the opportunity to introduce a couple
of new friends that I will use, or maybe I will have already done this review,
I do not know there is a CS there is Yamaha BB 1100 S, the new low that I
took, some amount of new characters arrived and including him, I repeat, the thing that is
most striking is this: Normally these ’roundness’, but also
the fact that normally the tools this time when it happens
to a tool take hold of the period immediately feels under
your hands and just listening a feeling of old, short, past
and feel the years, but here it seems the opposite, that is, so here
is maybe there is the amount of But there is information that in other
pianos so much even because in reality moves is not static feel that never actually .. you never
get the feeling that at some point it blocks all, I do not know how the hell
they did at the time to do something of this type, because in reality this
type of pianos in short, came out a little later in mind 2005 2004
2005 whenever and however he Now maybe some of you know the secret,
you know that sampling is, what piano, why this thing happened, I do not
know, I only know that I remain quite hit here, plus there is also to
consider the fact that here, since this video I’m doing it just
after a brief debate that there It was there where we discuss these things
and that was about my propensity to often speak of the tools of the economic
aspect. Here I can not help it less because the guys here
I also found a … in short, to 250 euro. why I am here. I explain the background, the story say that
has led me to buy it back, I was in Spain and remember who wrote to me that there
was this piano, that there was this P80, I had a memory so a little vague, so I
said well, beautiful though is a P80, well, maybe I get there a little dated, who knows
… here and there, in short, but then I arrived, I remember, I always
sound close to Paul who is the
bassist, looked at me and told me: “But gosh!”, actually we impressed, then from there it goes well short
around playing, various things, we do not more back on the subject, then came
to my mind and I said Wait a moment ago to see if I find
one around and found and I must say that in fact I’ll sound a
little bit, then you see how far short this thing can interest you, here and
say that sounds much better than As you can imagine for the years
when it was built and conceived and the price also feel that it is really credible in the
sense that a lot more than most pianos, clearly those age do
not consider them either, but apart from a few rare cases,
well-managed, but in fact this It was a super portable piano to make
the evenings, I remember there all we had, we had taken all because
it was too comfortable, but not I remembered it was so beautiful
that’s all here. so in short, for those not
in a period of expenses crazy and wanted a piano to carry around, which only the piano … because kids can assure
you the rest aside … in this world then here … which is fine, and in fact only … add it to the floor and then goes well the organ I am really those years there, in short,
and above all had been inserted Sounds so we say service,
here we say … the real ‘lust’ was this thing here … the heat… I guarantee the dynamic is really
crazy. and then nothing, in short, for those interested now I put the second part of the song as usual at the right so to have some
fun together. I greet you much I thank you as always, thank you for
your kindness, for thoughtfulness on Group, I am sending you a big hug

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