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World Disability Day Walk in Mumbai

This is Pradeep more – sign name- and he is the General Secretary of SLAD. On 3rd December which is World Disability Day, out of 21 different disabilities, ours is the Deaf community. Why has the Deaf community gathered here on this day? They have gathered here to create awareness about ISL and to showcase the World Disability Day. We selected the topic of recognising Indian Sign Language under the constitution of India. When they see us celebrating, Hearing people will share hashtags and make it viral. Why do you want ISL to be recognised? It will change everyone’s lives. Because Hearing people aren’t aware about ISL. They call Deaf people monkeys, they make them wear cochlears, there is oralism but ISL is a Deaf person’s language. They keep coming up with wrong ideas. Everyone knows Braille is the language of the Blind. But what about ISL? This is why we want ISL to be made official so that with the power of the constitution police stations, courts, etc. will become aware. If ISL is recognised, how will India change & benefit? It is possible that lives will change. The aim is to break barriers and give accessibility. Through this communication with Hearing and everyone is possible. How interesting! Hope ISL is recognised and Indias future changes. Like people suffered earlier, we hope future will change. Teams from many associations have come here and are united to celebrate, 3rd December World Disabled Day. Have a look at the various organisations. This is very important. How will our future lives be better? ISL should be offically recognised. If it is not approved then will you be happy? I am from THANE Deaf Welfare Association. Trains, planes and metros are not at all accessible Hope when ISL is recognised, accessibility is given to all. Sign name -Yuva association of the Deaf is from Mumbai. Why should ISL be officially recognised? The Aim is for Deaf people to receive knowledge, communication in Schools, Colleges, etc. through sign language If sign language is recognised then Deaf individuals will be equal to hearing. All associations are united. It is possible! You all should try to teach Hearing people ISL. Hello everyone! I am from India True Bible Deaf Fellowship Languages such as Marathi, English, Hindi, etc. have words that are remembered and passed down to generations. But no one cares about Sign Language. No one remembers it. Even though it has been passed down. But no one knows that Deaf have their own language and culture. Once it is recognised, it will be passed down to generations easily. I am the Presdient of VPRES & Deaf Organization. Our association supports SLAD. We advocate for education & the recognition of sign language. Once this is done, it will be implemented by all. I am the President of DAM Why do you think so many people have gathered here? They want ISL to be made official. So that all Deaf people can be proud. This is why they are supporting. The member & advisor of BFDW. I want all our women members to learn sign language. The government must recognise ISL so that all women are happy. I am the President of India Deaf Society (IDS) All Deaf people who are suffering have come here to protest as it is very important for ISL to be recognised. There are subtitles on TV but sign language translation is must. In schools students do not understand due to oralism. Once ISL is approved by the government, then schools will teach in sign langugae up to SSC for all students. Everyone must give their support. So lets pray and hope for the best. Hello! I’m the President of Anand Mitra Mandal Deaf Mute After a long time I have seen the conversation start for the recongisation of ISL. Indian Sign Language must be put in the Indian constitution!

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