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World Continents and Regions in ASL

HELLO! Today, I’m going to teach you the signs for the continents around the world. And regions too. You see here, this is NORTH AMERICA. There’s another sign for it, NORTH-AMERICA (International Sign Language version) The handshape looks like the shape of the continent. To the south, this area here, is CENTRAL AMERICA. Another sign for CENTRAL AMERICA is this (International Sign Language version). The third sign, as some people call it, LATIN AMERICA. So we have three signs for CENTRAL AMERICA. Further south is SOUTH AMERICA. Or, another sign for it is like this, SOUTH AMERICA (International Sign Language version). We have two signs for SOUTH AMERICA. The first one, you sign SOUTH and then AMERICA. When signing SOUTH, sign it like this. The second sign is SOUTH-AMERICA (International Sign Language version). Okay? Over here is signed with an ‘E’ for EUROPE. The northern area of Europe that consists of four countries, SWEDEN, NORWAY, FINLAND, DENMARK. All of these together makes SCANDINAVIA. Okay, as you can see, to the south, this area here, is AFRICA. Why is it signed like this, AFRICA? The shape of the continent looks like this, so we form that shape with our hand like this. Over here, this large area, is ASIA. There are many countries. So we sign ‘A’ and then AREA. Combine these two signs and you make the sign for ASIA. Look at this sign for ASIA. Good. Look over here, this area down south has two names, as people call it. First being AUSTRALIA. AUSTRALIA. Why is it signed like this, AUSTRALIA? Interesting, a long time ago, in England, they had prisoners, and they sent them to AUSTRALIA. The second is spelled out OCEANIA. Two different names, AUSTRALIA and OCEANIA. Oh, there is one more, we have a region called MIDDLE EAST. Ok, good. Now you know how to sign different continents around the world. *thumbs up*

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