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Word Family “an” | Turn & Learn ABCs | Super Simple ABCs

(xylophone jingle) – [Narrator] Turn & Learn ABCs. Word Families. A-N, -an. Let’s get started. I can just see the edge of something here. Another edge. Oh, is that a tomato? I think I know what this could be. Do you know what it is? – [Audience] Can. – [Narrator] C-A-N, can. (pouring) Let’s do another one. Hmm, what’s that? Interesting. This one is tricky. Oh, I know what this looks like. – [Audience] Fan. – [Narrator] F-A-N, fan. (fan whirling) Last one. Is that a headlight? Hmm, and a door handle? This looks like it could be a kind of car. But “car” isn’t in the A-N word family. Oh, I know, it’s a big kind of car. – [Audience] Van. – [Narrator] V-A-N, van. (engine revving) Can you remember all the
words that we discovered in the A-N word family? Can, fan, and van. You did great! Bye for now.

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