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How To Learn Sign Language

Wonder Woman teach you learn words in ASL

This me is Wonder Woman and sign for “Wonder Woman” Are you ready to learn ASL?

10 Replies to “Wonder Woman teach you learn words in ASL”

  • so stupid. you could be making a killing right now with giantess vids. Your so selfish. what a waist of animation. i been following u since 2013 because u blew my mind with your gts. now u take it all away and give us this crap.

  • This is really just such a stab in the back to your original fans you leave no links to the previous videos you just expect us to go find and search for whatever remanence you have and you leave us all hanging like this if you thought you were garnering some attention because of your gift you're severely mistaken with this new chapter that you sprung up out of nowhere if these comic book characters didn't exist and believe me I love Comics as much as the next guy I can find better quality 3D comic artist I'm still putting the time and effort into animating with better graphics and on top of it deleting pretty much the videos from your other channels or just opting them out it's not like you two would have came after them or anything or anybody would have Associated to quotes cuz it's not like this is a community that everybody pays attention to on YouTube too much but have fun with your so-called new-found Fame dick head

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