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Women Remove Uterus to Avoid Wage Loss

On Wednesday 25 December 2019, Minister Nitin Raut wrote a letter to Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray. He said that there are more than 30,000 women working hard in sugarcane fields. However during their menstrual cycles when they take a leave they have to suffer a huge loss. They can not afford this as they have to save money. They undergo a hysterectomy to after which they can continue working and save money. He wrote to the CM asking if he was aware about this or not. Secondly, Mr Raut’s letter also said that Maharashtra’s Marathwada area, has the highest number sugarcane workers out of which women were the highest. Contractors draw up contracts and the Husband & Wife are counted as one unit. If the husband or wife takes leave for a day at the sugarcane field, the couple has to pay a fine of Rs. 500. Mr Raut said that the problem is women can not do the hard manual work while they are menstruating. Which is why they take a four day leave to rest. They are then fined Rs 500 and on top of it their salary is cut as well. This is why they decided to remove their uterus,so that they won’t be absent. It is very normal for the women of Beed village to remove their uterus to continue working. Raut added that contractors must pay women labourers for the four days of the menstrual cycle. This will ensure they do not remove their uterus & they are safe. An inquiry in August 2019 said that, Contractors prefer women without a uterus. They do not prefer to employ a woman with a uterus. In order to gain employment and earn money, over 13,000 women have removed their uterus to continue working.

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