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Winter Tag! (American Sign Language Vlog) // Vlogmas Day 17

[pencil writing] [Pokemon game sound] Hello! Today, I’ll be doing the Winter Tag. My friend, Rogan Shannon,
did this tag a few days ago. It looked easy to do, so why not? There’s eleven questions. Let’s go. What is your favourite winter outfit? Hm. Maybe… hold on. This Team Rocket shirt. It’s cute. That with some black
jeans, shoes, and a coat. Favourite winter food? Anything warm, really. Something like ramen. It creates a nice warm feeling. And I love ramen anyway, so. That was number two, by the way. Favourite winter drink? Starbucks chestnut praline latte. That’s my favourite. What’s your dream way
of spending a winter day? Staying inside the house. Staying in the warm. Being on the computer. Nothing else. Just sit in the warm. How do you like to do
your makeup in the winter? It depends. Sometimes, it’s too cold and
I’m too lazy to do any makeup. Actually, watch the makeup routine
that I uploaded earlier. Just simple, easy makeup. What do you hope Santa will bring you? Money. What are three things that
remind you of winter? Snow. Cold. Christmas d… Christmas. I originally wanted to say
Christmas Starbucks drinks. Favourite winter song? I don’t have one. Favourite winter scent? A long time ago, it was Vanilla
Bean Noel from Bath & Body Works. Though I don’t use it anymore. Finish this sentence: If I could have one wish
this Christmas, it would be…? Dear snow, please go away. I want to travel around Toronto,
but I cannot. All the snow has frozen on the roads. I would like to be able to
walk around the area safely. But instead I’m stuck in the house! So I tag Jessica Kellgren-Fozard, Jessica Flores, Nicola Foti, and Andrea Lausell. If I tag more, it’ll be below. And that’s it! If you want to answer yourself,
feel free to do so below. If you want to follow me on social media,
all of my usernames are right below. If you want to send a letter,
my PO Box address is above. Patreon and last video over here. I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye.

16 Replies to “Winter Tag! (American Sign Language Vlog) // Vlogmas Day 17”

  • I can't find a bell using my phone browser to get notifications with. And half the time on my laptop they dont work i dont get notifications right away.

  • I didn't understand absolutely nothing, but I noticed that you become more expressive when you talking with your hands, and despite don't understanding nothing the video becomes funniest.

  • Ah the Christmas tags! These are always nice to watch for everyone's perspectives on winter. Have you had the Christmas tree frappuccino?

  • Just wanted to say chestnut praline is the best latte ever!!! Toasted white mocha is a second favorite because of the candied cranberry toppings. Nom. Nom. Nom.

  • What reminds me of winter:
    a hoodie
    not sweating all the time

    What reminds me of Christmas:
    the pool
    family time
    reading a lot

    From an Aussie.

  • Rikki, get yourself some of these for when it's icy-
    We have a variant of this problem in the UK where the temp swings above and below zero so the snow partially melts during the day and then all the melt freezes into sheet ice overnight.

  • Rikki, I've been watching quite a few of your ASL videos lately. I'm learning ASL, but I am very oral. Is it too much to ask if you could be more expressive with your mouth in future videos?

    1. What's your favorite winter outfit? sweater and pants. if i'm in my pj's though i want a housecoat on(got one for christmas)
    2. What's your favorite winter food? chicken paprkash. basically chicken leg or wing in a sourcream sauce with paprkika(sweet not spicy)
    3. What's your favorite winter drink? cafe mocha from tims
    4. What's your dream way to spend a winter day? all day inside playing on tablet(birthday gift, watching my soaps)
    5. How do you like to do your makeup in the winter? don't wear it much but if i was too actually go out it'd have to sparkly
    6. What are you hoping Santa will bring you? well santa brought a housecoat, new bedding and a purse.
    7. What are the first three things that reminds you of winter? snow, cold and ice
    8. What's your favorite winter song? Rudolph
    9. What's your favorite winter memory? none
    10. What's your favorite winter scent? pine trees not really sure
    11. Finish the sentence… If I could have one wish this Christmas, it would be…? i dont know.

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