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How To Learn Sign Language

#whyIsign #whyIASL | ASL – American Sign Language

Why do I sign? I was born Deaf and my parents are hearing. When I was born, my parents did not know what to do with me. The doctor explained that this is what you need to do. My parents listened to the doctor and placed me in speech therapy with hearing aids. The speech therapists tried to teach me and it went over my head. It was very frustrating struggle that made me emotional and angry. There was no language. Access was blocked. As a result, I became more aggravated, irritated, and emotional. My parents tried to do everything they knew they could with me. They didn’t know what to do. So my mother decided to go to the store. She bought the book, “Joy of Signing.” So with that book, my mother opened it and showed me signs for MILK, EAT, and PLAY. And I was like, “Oh, that is MILK, FOOD, MORE, and PLAY!” And we hugged hard, my mother knew it was the answer. My mom discussed with my dad, and they agreed to move closer to the Deaf school. When I entered the institute (Deaf school), I was shocked to see everybody signing. Everything was being shared. The things they told and taught me, I understood completely. The language was… whoa… rich and unlimited. I had access to everything around me. With that, my childhood was a happy one. I was able to communicate with everyone, make friends, and have a healthy social life. That was amazing. While growing up, I enjoyed drawing and painting. And I realized, you know… Signing is like painting. Once you sign, the information from the hand is put on a visual canvas between you and me. Splat! The other hand signs something else, and paints more on the visual imagery. Splat! Splatter of visual paints all over canvas. With additional details and explanation, the visual imagery is defined with greater depth. Then you get the full understanding of the concept. That is why I sign!

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  • I love this! Truly inspiring to hear your story! Your parents are so wise to make that decision to help you become the beautiful signer you are today!

  • If there was a teacher at your school that could hear, it would be so great for them because the students wouldn't be shouting over the teacher πŸ˜‚
    Thank you for sharing with us your story anyway πŸ‘πŸ»

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