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How To Learn Sign Language

Why You Should Teach Your Baby Sign Language

So you’re new to this whole parenting thing.
You’ve mastered all the basics. But that little child still seems like an alien life form
and you can’t communicate with it. So it’s 3:00 a.m. and she won’t stop crying and you
don’t know what wrong and you think to yourself “can’t you just tell me?” Nope. Your baby
can’t talk. Well it turns out babies can learn to tell you what they are thinking before
they can talk by learning sign language. See babies are smart and even though they haven’t
learned to speak they still know what they want. And they can learn simple signs as early
as seven months. While they won’t start using the words until much later, now your baby
can sign “teddy” or “bottle” or “eat”. To teach these signs use the sign along with
the verbal word every time you say it. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Now you and that little alien
are communicating. Need some resources? Here are some baby signing
videos your kids can watch right now.

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