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Why Sign Language is Important ❤ Jessica Marie Flores ❤

Okay, this is going to be one of those serious videos guys. So get comfortable, sit down, make some popcorn, whatever you need. We’re going to be talking today about why sign language is so important. Now there are a lot of reasons why sign language is so important. But for this video I am going to be discussing why sign language has become so important for me personally. A little bit about me for those of you that don’t know, I grew up as the only deaf person I knew. My parents were never given any resources about ASL or about Deaf culture when they found out I had a hearing loss. The only things they were suggested was that I get hearing aids, I use a FM system in school and I go to speech therapy, which went on for several years of my life which is why I am talking in this video right now instead of signing. Now I’m Deaf, I speak, I lip read and to a lot of hearing people they often see this as me being a successful Deaf person. But if you think about it… successful for who? When hearing people listen to me talk, if they speak english, they can understand me 100%. I speak their language, they don’t need to lip read or wear hearing aids, Great, they can understand me. But what about when it comes to me understanding them? Every time I have a conversation with somebody, I am only catching about 30 at the most 50% of what is actually being said by lip reading. And I’m a pretty good lip reader. Keep in mind people that no lip reader can lip read 100% of an entire conversation. That is just some ridiculous spy myth that’s been going around for years. So when it comes to figuring out the rest of the conversation, That is done by the guess work, by the filling in the blanks, by the puzzle solving. Basically me trying to figure out what is being discussed by putting bits and pieces together from the information I received through lip reading, through the context, through somebody’s body language, through facial expressions. It’s a lot of work. However, when it comes to me understanding a conversation 100%? That is like winning money on scratchers at your local liquor store guys… That just rarely happens. Nothing! Anyways, earlier this month I had to get a procedure. Funn! Not really… I’m fine now, but I had to get a procedure, so, I had to go to the hospital for an appointment. During my previous visit to this hospital I forgot that filled out a bunch of paperwork where I requested and ASL interpreter. This was the first time I actually had an ASL interpreter with me at the hospital… and it blew my mind. Now usually before I never used to request interpreters. I never really knew quite how to request them. I also felt that I might not be able to keep up with them because my ASL isn’t as fluent as I want it to be But since I’ve been learning ASL and I’ve been pushing myself to really practicing it everyday, I actually understood the interpreter. And for the first time in my entire life, I was able to have a real conversation with the doctors/nurses. A conversation that I could actually understand. After my appointment I felt both extremely happy, and at the same time extremely disgusted. Happy, because I finally understood what was going on, what was being discussed. I finally felt included in a conversations. Finally felt a sense of freedom. Disgusted because right then and there, I became more aware of how much accessibility I have been missing out on. simply because I didn’t learn sign language growing up. If I had the opportunity to learn sign language growing up, I would have be able to make all those important phone calls that I needed to make through the Video Relay Service. I would have been able to request interpreters during all those times I really needed one. And I would have been able to really communicate with others and have real conversations with people. In some ways, English has been like a 2nd language to me. It’s a language that I can speak but a language I can’t understand when it’s spoken back to me. However, sign language, ASL to be specific, is a language that I feel like I should have had the opportunity to learn. A language that should have been my primary language. Why? Because it’s a language that I can now speak, and a language that I can now understand. Now there’s a lot of Deaf/HoH people who are just starting to learning sign language later on in their life, like me. And I want to let you guys know… To keep pushing yourself… Don’t give up. I know it’s hard. We didn’t have the opportunity to learn sign language when we were younger. Now we’re playing years of catch up learn a whole new language and a whole new grammar structure. But to be able to have access, to a real conversation… To be able to understand what is going on 100%… Trust me, it’s worth it. Anyways that’s all for today. Later on in the year I’m going to be discussing more about why sign language should be taught in schools. So to stay updated, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, add me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. If you guys want to help support my content, I’ll leave my Ko-Fi link somewhere for you guys. And if anyone wants to discuss more about anything, feel free to reach out to me in the comments below. Alright, take care everyone and I’ll see you all later! (gasp) Nothing!! There goes my dollar… ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Thanks for watching! *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

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  • I tried friending you on Facebook but I don't know if it's you. The girl in the pic doesn't look like you. Sorry. I am partially deaf and my family and doctors think I may have started losing my hearing at 12. I am just now learning sign language, (I actually started in high school and again in University, but then had no one to talk too.) I would love to practice my sign with people, and I have noticed how tired I get when lip reading. I try to tell everyone I know that sign even a little would help me big time. What do you suggest?

  • I'd love to learn sign language but I really don't know how and where I can learn it. I wish it was a language you learn at school 👎🏻

  • I know exactly how you feel. I am HoH and used sign language growing up. I am also the only child that is hard of hearing, I grew up with an fm system in school. Speech and everything else. I'm not so fluent in sign language anymore cuz I'm not around the people to sign. I do have deaf and hard of hearing friends. Just not near me to practice. My daughter is also hard of hearing.

  • Hey Jessica it's 😊 EMA and I just wanted to let you know that your video on how asl is important was amazing!! I know that it really touched a lot of peoples hearts and it probably even inspired a lot of people to understand that Asl is a beautiful language and everyone should learn asl. #ASLisBEAUTIFUL

  • I grew up hearing. I started losing it in my right ear when I was 19, and lost it completely (both right and left sides) at 22. So I'm 100% deaf. I have an implant similar to a Cochlear Implant called an Auditory Brainstem Implant. All I can hear with it is noise, even when someone speaks, and when multiple people speak at the same time……forget about it. The sounds just jumble together. So my success with it isn't very good, and I've discovered that it's a good tool to have when I lip-read (one-on-one), and to hear certain natural sounds. But that's about it. I took some ASL classes but since no one else I know is Deaf or uses it, I've mainly tried to do my best with lip reading, which is difficult and frustrating.

  • OMG your video made me emotional. Yes! Yes! Well said! I think everyone needs to see this on why ASL is so important. Thank you! I love your sense of humor on the lottery ticket too. 😂

  • Hi! I'm a girl from South Korea, and I'm very interested in hearing impairment and sign language! I'm currently learning Korean sign language, and you motivate me to learn harder!
    I'm slightly bad in hearing so a lot of time I ask people "what?" "again?" so I wear hearing aids to understand better what people are saying. I know the feeling that I can't understand right away what people are saying, but you would be sad when you can't even hear them and can't catch lips all the time😢(but it's so great to see that you're so cheerful!) I wanna help people who can't hear or speak and be friends with them by knowing sign language :DD
    I'm enjoying to watch your videos 😀 I'm not good at listening English so I watch them with English subtitles, but still cannot understand some words and expressions TT so you also motivate me to learn English harder! thanks~ haha
    I hope there's a lot of channels like yours in youtube 🙂
    Thank you if you read all!😂

  • Hey there Jessica, great to see another awesome video!
    Your video really resonated with me because I've felt and experienced everything you mentioned. By also being Latina, you also understand why deaf accessibility isn't as simple as others would think when you're already a part of a culture that is also heavily influenced by language. Especially when you were born Deaf/HoH.

    But just to give you a quick update. I have already started my sign language classes. 🙂 I hope to reach a point where I'm fluent enough where I can request an ASL interpreter and finally have a conversation that I can understand 100%. Funny thing to note, I'm the only deaf student in my ASL class.

  • You are sooo funny! I love to watch your facial expression. I wish I could invite you for your champ presentation at ASL Festival on July 29th in Rome, Ga. Please check That is so sad how hearing parents and insenstive audiologists control their lives. ILY.

  • I can definitely relate to that Jessica. I started to learn sign language 2 years ago and now it's a massive part of my life. I regret not learning it earlier. Love your videos by the way!!

  • I'm hearing and I really wish I knew more ASL. When I was in the second grade my teacher, who had a deaf daughter, made it her mission to teach us the ASL alphabet. And, that always stuck with me. She also would teach us to sign some songs we sang (though they were all religious because it was Christian school). But, that early access really stuck with me. I've known and remember the whole ASL alphabet since then, and when I was older it made me want to learn more signs. Sadly, I only know a few basic ones. But, I really do want to learn more. Thank you for your videos. I love learning more about deaf culture, and expanding my understanding of the deaf/hoh community.

  • you speak better than my sister who is profoundly deaf and speaks extraordinarily well. she shares a similar experience of only catching a small percentage of lip reading. the rest she has to do real work to get what is being communicated. i know at times she has a very tough time understanding me because i don't move my mouth very well. please let me share this link featuring my sister receiving an award. i think it is very inspiring. please read and see at the very botom for video. thank you.

  • I love your videos so far, and I was wondering… could you sign more? I am trying to learn and find that I absorb so much more when I watch someone sign and speak ( or even with CC on ) to learn it. I have already picked up a few new signs from the times you do. thank you for these videos!

  • Great video again dude! I love your funny videos and your serious videos. This video is EXACTLY why I decided to learn to sign. Deaf people are part of this life and our culture and should ALWAYS be included in society everywhere!!!

    Do you think you could sign a bit more in you videos kind of how you did in this video? It helps a lot to learn new signs. Your videos are amazing. Too cool 🙂

  • hey jessica. my name's dakota. i have deaf parents and i saw your videos on facebook and i got super inspired by it. it's amazing how you keep up with this and trying to catch up to a whole lot when you really didn't experience it. (i'm hoping i don't sound rude) i'm hearing, and i can kind of relate to the whole interpreter/lip reading thing because my parents have a hard time lip reading most of the time because people talk too fast. when i go to my doctors appointment i always pay attention to the interpreter than the doctor because i feel like i understand them more than what the doctor is explaining. it's surprising how most people are learning sign language and understanding the struggles but i don't regret anything at all. i'm so proud of you. ❤️ never give up!

  • Awesome, I consider myself half deaf, I'm deaf, I wear hearing aid and I can hear without it, I do sign language, ISL (Irish Sign Language)…. I find sign language more interesting and fun than speaking to people 😄

  • Hello Jessica, my name is Alba, i'm hearing and i'm from Barcelona, Spain. A few months ago, i saw some of your videos and i like it so much but this video, well, i don't know if you know it but, i want to tell you that a lot of children, here in Catalonia, are living the same situation as you when you are little. Here, the sign language is not valued, the first things that the majority of doctors and teachers say, to hearing parents with deaf kids, was hearing aids, cochlear implant and speech therapy,… and sign language? Nothing. I want to say thank you for this video and explain your story to the people that saw it, it's so important that the deaf people explain the value of the sign language. Thank you!

  • I asked this on your page before.

    What does it mean by a lip reader can catch 30% of a speech?

    let say I am saying,"You are Jessica",

    you merely see

    o a__ J_s__c_

    which consist only 30% of the speech, am I right?

  • I agree with your last line. Sign language should be taught in school.

    In my secondary school, learning dance was compulsory. Isn't sign language more practical?

  • You are wonderful! I have a friend that has lost her hearing and is much older. Very hard for her to learn ASL, but I know she is trying. THANK you for sharing your story! It will help so many!

  • Love this channel! Can't wait for your channel to reach more people! You're both hilarious and spreading important information that people need to see. Keep up the great content! 🙂

  • Jessica, THANK YOU!! So much of what you're saying has been bouncing around in my head for years, but you've put it into words so well.
    I've been hearing impaired my whole life and now am starting to lose my hearing completely. I feel so stuck – no one I know uses ASL and people don't understand how much I'm NOT hearing. I keep looking for a blog post or something that says "Here's how to deal with going deaf in your 50's" but I haven't found it yet 🙂
    I feel bad for my wife because most of the time I just let her do the talking and wait for her to tell me later what was said.

  • Feels like a thumb up on this video is not enough. Born HoH and studied mainly via hearing tech but a few years ago at age 27 I took a year off to study our Swedish sign language because one of my dreams in life have been to be more fluent in sign language. It's not an easy journey but it's a journey with beautiful moments.

  • I'm not deaf now HoH, but I am in my second year now of asl club in my high school and I'm taking an asl class at my community College. I love the deaf community, and I really think it's beautiful and it makes me sad that sooo many hearing people are closing themselves off to such a wonderful community and being so closed minded to see. Using asl makes me happy because I'm better connected to a giant group of people I can communicate with (not 100% yet lol, still learning though!!). It also makes me happy to have friends like my best friend Zi who is in the club with me. I love your videos so so much and hope you have an awesome Thursday!

  • , I am studying linguistics and speech pathology, but I have also decided to learn about Deaf culture and I'm learning ASL. It's such a beautiful language, getting to know people in the deaf community has taught me a lot. Awesome video

  • I always keep my volume down when I watch your videos because I want to understand how deaf people feel when wanting to hear your voice or wanting to understand what you're saying even with the subtitles. I love your channel. and I'm so proud of how youve grown from being hard of hearing to it being managable.

  • I'm a middle-aged adult who has had a hearing loss for most of my life. Like you, the resources that was available to me as a child in school was hearing aids and an FM system, which never worked and frustrated me to the point of giving up on it. I was never given the opportunity to learn sign language or how to use other technologies such as TTY and whatnot. My hearing has progressively gotten worse and I'm now nearly 100% deaf in my right ear and my left is probably about a 60% loss. I do think I will be completely deaf within a decade. Any resources on learning ASL (I'm in Canada, so I'm not entirely sure if ASL is used here) would be appreciated! Thanks 🙂

  • Hey. Born deaf, so I'm hard of hearing too. I only have twenty percent hearing on my right ear. I like this video. I feel like I'm in the middle of two worlds right now, both deaf and hearing. I know sign language, but I don't use it much because there's no point. I grew up in a hearing world, so sometimes I rely on interpreters to help me, but I mostly try to lip read. Without hearing aids, I'm completely deaf. I learned to speak before I learned to sign. I feel the same about lip reading and trying to understand what hearing people say to me cause most of the time I just smile and nod. But when I hear stuff, its mostly gibberish which is why I try to lip read. Sign language helps me too when I can get them, but I don't always use them.

    I wanted to share cause I think what you are doing is awesome and you should keep it up. I subscribed to you 🙂

  • Hi Jessica, love your vids. I have been interested in sign language since my older sister took it in high school, which is why I also took it in high school(almost 10 years ago). A couples months ago my friend started bringing over his 5 yrs old son(who is deaf and has a cochlear) and I made the decision to go to college to become a sign language interpreter. I am in my 2nd semester and love being able to communicate with the deaf people in the ASL department and around town. I know I have a long hard road ahead in the interpreting program but it will be worth it.

  • I really love this video!!!! Im hearing and I really want to take ASL in high school. I'm 14 right now. I'm very extroverted and I feel that I can meet a lot of new funny amazing beautiful individuals that some people don't take the time to meet. Ur awesome, keep doing what you're doing! 🙂

  • Hey Jessica, I just started watching your videos and i just wanted to say that it really makes me laugh, thanks for sharing about deaf, HoH and how to deal with it

  • Very much not the point of your video, but I completely understand your scratcher reference and subsequent pain with said scratcher. Thanks for such an amazing video!

  • I'm losing my hearing from the army. I was just issued hearing aids. Where can I get starting in learning sign language. Your awesome thanks for the videos.

  • I love your videos so much. I always share your videos so that anyone that follows me on facebook can learn something. I am taking ASL class in college and I couldn't be happier. I love this language, and learning about it. It's surprising how so many people don't know this, and are in the unknown about such a beautiful language. Anyways I just wanted to share this with you. Thank you for your videos. I love them so much, and you for all the information that you are willing to share to those who don't know. Once again thank you very much.

  • Damn that Tom Cruise and his spy myths. It seems so real in the movies. Thank you Jessica. I did not know about the percentage of words with lip reading.

  • Awesome videos- I've watched a few here and there. I'm deaf myself with hearing aids since age 2 (long time…). Didn't learn ASL til I went to college. VRS didn't come along til after graduating from college (that oughta tell you how old I am lol). One small comment… most of your signing was more or less off camera because you were closer to the camera- so missed quite a bit :). Something to work on I suppose. Keep up the good work! These days the 'divide' between ASL and oral isn't as huge of a gulf than it was when I was a tot.

  • Hi Jessica! Your story is exactly what I want my colleagues to hear. I am Deaf/HoH too and I am a PA student (Physician Assistant). I would love your help educating medical professionals about what we, as Deaf people, struggle with in the clinic and in daily life. Also, as medical professionals, what we need to do better. I hope we can talk more about this! Again, I LOVE your content. m/_

  • I enjoyed watching this particular video because like you I grew up in hearing world learning to speak with years of speech therapy with no thought about sign language. I do rely heavily on lip reading/body language including eye movement ( yes eyes!) but it’s bloody tiring! I’m 32 and have 2 kids but it’s heart breaking when I couldn’t 100% understand them when they want to talk random crazy stuff and I want to fully understand it. People annoyed me when they say at least you don’t have to hear boring shit but I’m like why can’t I?!?! I’m thinking of looking to learn sign language with my family for fun but I don’t know where to start as there are too much information on web and they all want money, so do you have advice/recommendations where to start please? X

  • I saw you on Drew Lynch's channel so I decided to check out more of your channel. You make great videos and you are quite funny but the knowledge you share is amazing. You share so many issues that I didn't know about when communicating with deaf/HOH and it is extremely helpful. Thank you and I will keep watching and learning.

  • My coworker is deaf and she's teaching me sign language. She's a really incredible and patient person which I'm super thankful for! She had no formal education because she grew up in a time where they didn't offer any sort of real help for people in her situation, and she had to learn every bit of sign language she knows on her own from books and now the internet… so sometimes it's hard for her to communicate what she's feeling, even to other deaf people who communicate through asl, but she never gives up! It's been so helpful that she's so willing to spread her knowledge to not only make it easier for her to communicate with the hearing people she knows, but also help the hearing people she knows communicate with hoh/deaf people!

  • I have to agree I am not deaf or Hard of Hearing but ASL is important here not only for the deaf and HOH but also for those with mental disabilities so I have been practicing my ASL and watching your videos actually help me learn it!

  • Is there a combination of learning asl and English? I only say this because I know deaf people that don’t know english very well when they speak or write it. If not, what’s the best way to work around that.

  • My boyfriend and I are learning sign language together. It's something very important to me to become fluent in ASL because so many people are hard of hearing or not hearing. I babysit a lot of kids who are deaf and I'm so happy I can understand most of what they say using ASL. Even though most of them are able to talk, I want them to feel as comfortable as they can with me. It's really beautiful and honestly i think it SHOULD be taught in schools. Started at an early age. Kinda like how Spanish is a required class in most high schools.

  • If lip reading is only 30% accurate, how did Jessica know what Drew was saying in the video "Bad lip reading with stuttering and deaf" and how did Jessica figure out what Drew was saying at the challenge during 9:45 of that video?

  • Wow, I agree with everything you say in this video. I really love ASL and I think everyone should at least learn the basics. I'm new to your channel, but I can tell you are another gold mine of information for me. I've been learning ASL and learning about the Deaf community for a little while now, and I practice by signing songs. I love the comedy mixed into your videos. It makes me laugh but also really helps to drive your point home. I can't wait to watch more of your videos!

  • I'm HOH going deaf by my ears , nose , throat doctor he said to learn ASL I been missing so much already I really don't care about the hearing people anymore the deaf community is where I belong. !!!

  • I've tried to explain this to hearing people soooo many times. Especially coworkers who always tell me like omg wow I speak well for a deaf person and understand a lot. And I'm like I'm legitimately not catching 100 percent of this convo. I'm catching words here and there and then based on the context of what we're talking about trying to understand what's happening! Like you're thinking about all that rn? And I'm like wel yesss. And it is INCREDIBLY frustrating and IS. And I have ALWAYS been iffy about learning ASL because I have no other deaf HOH ppl in my family, and I know no deaf ppl, I have no deaf friends. I have met few ppl here that can somewhat sign, but they are all hearing and it is not the same. I've had that EXACT thought about interpreters, because I've had many lll tell me like well I should use interpreters, and I'm just like because like what if I don't even understand THEM 😳. It's al scary and it's very difficult and hard…and makes me really sad times and I get depressed again of it (don't know how to phrase that in English sorry). But the most important thing you told me in this was/is don't give up. And I won't.. I will keep trying 🤘🏽💖✌🏽

  • You've made me cry. I'm 40 next year and I still don't know sign language. I can't afford to learn it. I've been hoh all my life and brought up in mainstream school.

  • Made me cry. Because I know that feeling dear. So much better. My lips reading skills is about 60-80% of the time. Lol but not good enough for me.

  • I have been very passionate about becoming an ASL interpreter for about a year now and finally get to start school next month. This is the first time I have seen your channel and you are soo funny and such an inspiration! This video is the exact reason I am so passionate about learning ASL. Love your channel!

  • Very good video, thank you.
    For what it's worth, we taught our baby ASL from three months for the sole purpose of communicating with him even though his hearing was fine. Turns out babies can't talk because of reasons other than they don't understand. He was able to let us know if he was hungry or needed to poop before 6 months. No joke. I now tell everyone I meet that they need to learn at least basic ASL if they have toddlers, they'd be amazed at how much less crying is involved when a baby can tell you exactly what they need. And, if more people did it, more people would end up being able to communicate with folks with hearing issues later in life.

  • G'day. I'm 14 and I live in Australia. I'm partially deaf and I am finding it harder and harder everyday to keep up with normal people and their conversations. Some people are really mean to me because sometimes I get confused and ask them to repeat what they said a couple times and they think I'm faking it and that I don't have a problem. I started learning a little bit of auslan a while back but I can't continue it because my family don't want to and can't afford to pay for lessons and online subscriptions. I would really appreciate some advice from someone who knows what it's like and I would love it if it came from you. I would like to know if you have any tips and things on how to let people understand that it's not fake. I would also like to know how to make it easier for me to communicate with people who don't have a hearing issue especially at school and on public transport. Even though you live halfway across the world from me, I still look up to you for inspiration and I love your videos. I hope you have time to reply to me but if you don't it's ok.
    Thank you very much.
    Cheers -Bree

  • I've embarrassed myself many many times guessing what the conversations are about. Most of the time it's comical, but, there are times where it's not funny and usually it's hard for others to understand how it's related to to the hearing loss. I get misunderstood a lot, or thought of as stupid because I didn't catch something or understand something.

  • Hey! I love this channel and trying to learn ASL myself. Im not deaf I just want to learn I think its a great thing to have under your belt and also my bestfriends girlfriends son might be deaf but he's 2 years old and their doing the tests now to see if he is but I still would love to learn. Also I where you born deaf and are you gonna make any videos here and there teaching ASL?

  • Hi Jessica, I'm from México, I'm hearing person and I have been learning LSM around 1 year. I knew a deaf person (he is 26 years old) and he doesn't know sign language. I invited him to learnd LSM but he is in a conffort zone. What do you recommend to do for motivated him? O maybe what not do

  • except of course shoving your face in the camera so we can't actually read your signs indicates sign language may be important to you, but communicating with others is not. forcing people to read the captions is like forcing people to rely on you fingerspelling everything because you are too lazy to learn any signs. How about standing back away from the camera so people can see your signing space, not your face.

  • Yesss. I’m struggling at the moment to learn BSL but affordable tuition and videos are so hard to find. I am hearing but I have a deaf friend. And I want to be a good friend to her and I want to talk with her properly not just keep typing on our phones.
    Today we where out with her family and there was lots of frantic signing going on. I miss read the situation as horse play because I could not follow the signs or see the emotion on my friends face. Turns out she was really upset and could have used my support.
    It was ok in as much as she knew I would have been there for her if I had understood. But I don’t want that to happen and I hate that it did.

  • Thank you for your video…my son is HOH and wears hearing aids. You probably wont even look at this comment on such an old video but anyway…Thanks so much for this video. My son is HOH and wears hearing aids. Hes 1yr old at the moment…i now understand the importance of learning and teaching ASL to him at a young age…Thank you for being informative and having a great, fun personality.

  • Thank you SO much for sharing vulnerably your story and giving us hearing persons perspective on the Hoh /deaf experience with the north American English language. Love it!

  • I don't know how to sign language.. I'm hearing loss but can a best speak n wearing in hearing aid…i wish I really happy so much..

  • Your way of dealing with all this supression and ignorance is incredible! You have all my sympathies and respect. Thank you for this video. You als mde it very entertaining. 🖖

  • Thank you. I've been struggling my whole life over this issue. Thought I was pretty good at figuring out what people were saying, but it only got harder and harder. Now learning ASL in my 60's. Tough going.

  • I learned sign language since was 2 years old and haven't been using it since then I've been trying to sign with my dear friends but not all the time . I only sign with my therapist or psyologist. Keep it up Jessica whatever you are doing!! 😀

  • Do you have a business email? We are in the process of parenting and development of an app for deaf and hard of hearing is love to give to you for feed back! (Free of course, the prototype will be done for trail soon) Contact me at [email protected]

  • Also I am so sorry you had this experience!!! Our company hopes to alleviate the isolation/separation between the deaf and hearing who as you said speak the same language but both parties don’t get 100% of the conversation so no others have your same struggles.

  • Great information! Thanks for spreading your message. Wouldn't it be awesome if sign language was taught to every student!?

  • I'm a hearing person and I can DEFINITELY tell that deaf/HoH people are more OBSERVANT than us, hearing people because they have to lip read so much and really need to OBSERVE what the lips are saying!

  • Hi Jessica I have a question… is it OK for me to speak or lip when I talk because some people told me that it's rude and confusing but I still do it?…

  • You are amazing describer of your content. I really like and appreciate your efforts. Keep helping others the same way you are doing 👍👍

  • What an awesome video! I totally relate about never following conversations 100%. But I never let on about that with hearing people because I don't want them to give up on me!

  • You are incredible for making this videos, love your attitude, happiness definitely will study sign language. This is important for universal communication.

  • this video has given me so much relief I was recently diagnosed with moderate to mild hearing loss in my right ear and it worsens if I'm sick so I started to teach myself asl because I found myself and the age of 16 have to have everyone repeat themselves at least 5 times in a 5 minute conversation and I know not everyone knows asl but I wanted to learn so knowing that you started late in life and has been getting through it helps to know I'm not alone even though I was hearing most of my life compared to you

  • JESSICA FLORES!! 😂 Your coming to my school this weekend!! Can’t wait to maybe meet you and listen to your message!! Litterly everything you said in this video is 100% me, I’m in the exact same situation growing up and after I became involved in the Deaf community it was a real eye opener of how much I missed out on. haha watching this video felt like you stole my brain and used it 😂 anyways what you are doing is so important and amazing! And I’m so happy to finally meet you (hopefully)!

  • I am currently taking an ASL class at my local college and I LOVE it. It teaches us SO much about the deaf community, and what is considered respectful and what is disrespectful. It's a pleasure to be able to learn this beautiful language. Today was my first time having a conversation with a deaf person in class. I was so nervous at first, because I'm still so new, but I'm also so proud of myself for being able to introduce myself and ask basic questions.

  • OMG I always thought her videos were so funny and just thought she was this like totally funny Happy chick or whatever but after listening to hell her life is tougher because of what she has to go through you actually really feel for the person like when she said that she only understood 30 to 50% of what somebody said by lip reading I remember thinking if you were sitting across the table from her talking to her could you talk slower or could you greater or more accentuate your words and with that increase the percentage of comprehension and words that she was getting out of the conversation to maybe 70% or 80% or 90% or something like that I don't know but this was like the first time I've ever seen her video that is like Sirius and my heart actually broke for the poor girl and I mean obviously you're even more impressed the fact that she's overcome so much that in a lot of her videos I didn't even know she was deaf once in a great while you can hear it on certain words but a lot of times you can't even tell that she is hearing impaired but I think people that have their senses intact maybe take for granted things in life that are harder for her that she's had to struggle and overcome but maybe if you want to look at it at the positive side think of all the times during her life growing up that her brain had to work harder then your brain or my brain because we sort of had it easy if you will and maybe by her brain always having to work so much harder to try and comprehend as much of the conversation as possible her brain which all of our brains are basically just muscles and like any muscle the more you work it the stronger it gets so perhaps her intelligence level is at its highest Pinnacle because of her always having to sort of work her brain more than the average person might have to anyway this girl definitely impresses me and I don't mean girl I mean this woman impresses me sorry didn't mean offense by that

  • This is why deaf awareness is so important I’m a hearing person and recently got involved in the deaf community because I love ASL. I can’t believe how ignorant I was when it came to deaf people because of the lack of information there is. It’s crazy how deaf people feel like outsiders/foreigners in their own country.

  • I have deaf parents and I'm hearing and I love watching your videos, I have been learning sign language ever since I was young and I always thought it should be a class in school instead of other languges.I have always needed to help my mom or my dad by speaking for them.

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