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studying communication I’ve seen an increase
in confidence. I used to be absolutely
terrified of public speaking and now I volunteer for it. TERESA HOLDER: When a student
comes to Meredith and majors in communication, she
benefits from the fact that we’re in a top
25 media market. And that gives us so many
opportunities for internships and other practical experience. The individual student is able
to excel and really develop her skill. MIRANDA AMEEN: I initially
came into Meredith College as a biology major,
and just by chance, I took an interpersonal
communications class and I immediately fell
in love with the subject. And by the end of
the semester, I had declared a second
major in communications. TERESA HOLDER: The
internship experience is required for
all of our majors, and that’s so critical
for the job search. OKIRAH HARRIS: I
have just completed my first internship, which
was at Time Warner Cable news. I was immersed in every
department within the newsroom. I worked with reporters, the
control room, media management. I actually was able to
practice my own stand ups. Tensions are high this morning
after a water main broke here on Capitol Boulevard. Commuters will be happy to know
that the problem will be fixed by 9:00 AM tomorrow morning. I was very proud when one of my
packages actually went on air. It helped me understand what
I’m doing in my classes works exactly for what I’m going
to be doing in the future. MIRANDA AMEEN: I got this
incredible internship at the North Carolina
Aquarium in Pinole Shores. It was so nice to
find an internship where I could combine
biology with communication. I was able to educate the
public on conservation and the animals that
live in Oak Waters. STEPHANIE STYONS: Howard Merrell
is a full service branding and advertising firm. It’s a place where a
young student can really learn and see all different
aspects of marketing. And what you’ll see is
the Meredith interns have shined here. And when they’re here,
we treat them like they’re a member of the team. They become a part of who
we are for a whole semester. They’ve had an opportunity
to show us what they’ve got, and we have an
opportunity to teach them. KRISTEN RIVERA: The
communication major at Meredith is so valuable, because
you’re able to explore the very wide range
of fields and careers that there are within
Communication, BUT also the wide range of skills that
you learn in the communication program. I would not be where I am today
without the faculty and staff here on campus. They’ve been so
incredibly supportive. They’ve been great
mentors to me. They have pushed me out of my
comfort zone so many times, and I’m a lot better for it. OKIRAH HARRIS: I describe
my relationship with faculty as professionally personal. I think that’s a strength
of Meredith’s communication program, because it
builds trust and a rapport with their students. Many of my communication
classes had a lot of hands on projects that made me feel
prepared for the real world. The communication
program’s biggest strength is that it builds a
community, and then it also prepares the students
for a career in communication. TERESA HOLDER: Our
faculty are well qualified in communication. In addition to the
academic credentials, they also have professional
experience in the field. We have people with
experience in broadcasting and an Emmy award winning
broadcast journalist. We also have faculty who have
worked in public relations and nonprofit and agency work. STEPHANIE STYONS: The Meredith
communications program clearly gives these young
women the foundation they need to be able to
go into the workplace and become effective
professionals and ones that have a wonderful base
of communication skills. OKIRAH HARRIS: From
studying communication, I’ve gained a confidence in
the ways that I communicate. Whether it is a large audience
compared to a smaller audience, I can convey my ideas,
my thoughts to them, and be able to send a message. MIRANDA AMEEN: When I first
came to Meredith College, I would have never imagined
myself as SGA president. I know I owe a lot of it to
the communication classes. With my small group
communication class, I’m learning skills of leaders. TERESA HOLDER: We really
want our graduates to have superior
communication skills. We want them to be visionary
leaders, thoughtful managers, engaged citizens. We want them to be role models. Graduates of the
communication program have developed
successful careers in a broad range of
industry sectors. Alumni have also been
successful in graduate programs in communications
or allied fields. OKIRAH HARRIS: The best
thing about the Department of Communication here
is that it is really preparing me to
know what I actually want to do when I graduate. I will have experiences in
different sectors of media and really know exactly
where I want to take it. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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