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Why GCMA | Global Communication MA Program

Why should you pick the MA double degree
program at global communication I’m Dr. Katherine Reilly and in this
short video I’m going to talk to you about some of the key benefits and
opportunities that we offer our program brings together students from all over
the world who spend one year in Vancouver Canada
at Simon Fraser University and one year in Beijing China at the Communications
University of China we offer a balance of theoretical learning and practical
experience that brings together professional training and scholarly
preparation in just 24 months you complete two masters degrees and you are
awarded two Master of Arts certificates our cohort experience is limited to 22
students who move through the program as a group we support our students through
dedicated classes and one-on-one mentorship from experts in global
communication we also have a dedicated teaching assistant to provide conceptual
and language support as a result our program boasts a ninety-eight percent
completion rate we also provide some pretty great extracurricular experiences
including an active program of field trips and social activities plus a
colloquial series with lectures by researchers working in the field
occasionally. Finally the program prepares you for a career in international
communication by offering work experiences through field placements in
both Canada and China, work experiences on campus and basic Mandarin language
construction. Applications are open from October 21st 2019 until January 31st
2020 for a September 2020 start date we’d really love to hear from you to
learn more about how to apply please look at the description below

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