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Why Belinda Ndlovu Signs – Zimbabwean Sign Language

Hello! My name is Belinda and I am from Zimbabwe. Why I sign? In 2014 I started watching the American series Switched at Birth. They use Sign Language and I thought it was a very interesting way to communicate. I started learning from the movie, different words like Mum, Dad etc Here in Zimbabwe there are a lot of Deaf people who sell airtime (phone credit) in the city One day I met a Deaf guy and I decided to engage him in a conversation using the few words I knew 🙂 He looked at me very confused with what I was signing, so i took out my phone and translated what I had just said to him. He laughed it off, and told me the signs were different and I had to learn Zimbabwean SL He (Tafadzwa) agreed to teach me, so everyday I would pass by his stand and learn a few words I was very keen to learn and after 9 months I was fluent enough to present on a local TV show in SL I started questioning why there was lack of information, and very little education within the Deaf Community among other things I then started to advocate for Deaf Rights on social media and other various platforms. In Zimbabwe there are still areas to improve so we continue to advocate! when it comes to the observation on Deaf Rights In June (2016), I will spend 6 weeks at the University of Delaware (USA) representing the Deaf Community under the Mandela Washington Fellowship, a programme sponsored by President Obama to support young African Leaders! This is why/how I learnt Sign Language 🙂 Byeeeeeee – Looking forward to meeting some of you there!

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