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When You’re The Only Deaf Person At Holiday Parties (American Sign Language Vlog) | Rikki Poynter

[INTRO] Hey there! Like my outfit? So, Christmas and the holidays
are going to be here very soon, which means parties, events, family parties and events. Everyone shares stories, laughing together, being happy. But, sometimes, if you’re the only deaf person at a party filled with hearing people, it can feel a little lonely. Maybe there’s a way to fix that. Or two ways. So, here’s how to be deaf at parties with your hearing families. One, if you’re of legal age, drink a lot of alcohol. Sometimes, hearing people get a little annoyed if you don’t understand them and you’re always asking them to repeat themselves. Sometimes, they sigh and then go, “Never mind.” Which is a huge no-no. But if you’re drunk, sometimes it’s easier. They’ll think, “Oh, she’s just drunk. It’s fine!” But alcohol helps. I would know. Whenever I go to my boyfriend’s parent’s houses for holiday parties, I’m drunk on wine. Two, sign or talk a lot. You do all the talking (or signing). Then maybe they’ll go away. But you know when they keep on talking forever and telling their stories and you’re like… You try to lipread but it’s just not working. You keep looking but you don’t understand what they’re saying, which is normal. But if you do all the talking, they don’t have any time to say anything! So tell a very long story and you don’t have to worry about understanding them. But, seriously, it can be difficult to be the only deaf person at a party with hearing family. The holidays can be hard. Sometimes, families are awesome and they help with communication, but not always. We try to communicate with pen and paper, or typing on the phone, but they’re like, “Oh, no. It’s fine. Never mind,” and walk away. This video was meant to be funny, so hopefully, you laughed at least a little bit. Remember, if you’re not of legal age, don’t drink. If your parents say it’s fine and they’re supervising you, fine. But if you’re not of legal age, that’s bad! If you want to follow me on social media, links down below. If you want to support on Patreon, link down below. You’ll be helping support my content. I upload videos every Monday and Thursday, so subscribe. I’ll see you later. Bye!

100 Replies to “When You’re The Only Deaf Person At Holiday Parties (American Sign Language Vlog) | Rikki Poynter”

  • My friend just signs bad words to family members who don't care enough to learn sign language. They ask me what she's saying most of the time and I'm just trying not to laugh.

  • I'm a hearing person and I've been studying ASL and ISL (I'm Italian) for a while now, but I have no one to practise with. I understood like 75% of what you signed and I'm sooo happy! These kind of situations are the reason why I'm doing this and it's so encouraging to see how much you're improving too.

  • Not about the video but; do you find having to look at cc or hands/signing distracting from the person or thing you're supposed to be watching? Or does it get better/easier after a while?

  • Hey Rikki, just to let you know, I'm currently trying to learn sign language, and I know a decent amount of basic signs, but I wanted to know that your videos are really helping me. 🙂

  • everything is easier when there's a pet present. then you can just find a corner and pet them for the entire party, they won't try to talk!

  • I usually love hearing your voice, I think your "accent" is the best thing ever, however, this video with no sound at all really worked just perfectly.

  • Thanks you dear, I don't know sign language but I do understand it. Yes, I do feels the same way but try to make the best of it (Christmas parties etc.) Merry Christmas Rikki 🙂

  • How to survive a family party in general: drink a lot of alcohol. It doesn't matter if you're hearing or deaf, just do it. Trust me 😀

  • Merry Christmas, Rikki! I'm hearing and found this funny but also sad that people would truly brush you off like that, esp family!

  • It's so awesome to find a high quality YouTuber who signs!! Introvert's guide to practicing ASL lol Thanks for doing what you do. Ps love ur lip color what brand is it?

  • Please do more videos just in sign language. It's really great to watch how much you are improving and also I like trying to test how much I can understand 😊

  • i freakin love your videos!!! soooo not looking forward to the mandatory family xmas dinner and the inevitable bobble head on rapid fire swivel "… was … no way i could … that be…" "… bombed on the first attempt … and then he…" "…then they all just…" "… did he … return the…" "… ????…" insert everyone hysterically laughing while i wtf and just stuff another piece of cheese in my mouth and stare blankly at the crumbs in my hand .. the last gathering beast of mine spent the entire time at my side to the point everyone now thinks he is just as stuck up as i apparently am 😛 merry xmas to us yayyyy… exactly how much alcohol does the trick? no.. seriously… how much?

  • me and my sister are the only deaf people so we both usually ignore everyone at the event and hang out in the corner of room or pretend to be asleep when it is late

  • Would love to share this with one of my friends but she's blind so she can't read the captions and there's no transcript

  • Advice needed: one of the cashiers at a local dollar store where I live is D/deaf or HoH. I believe she has a cochlear implant. We called for information about a product but she couldn't understand us at all. I ended the call with no answers and frustration. How do we deal with this situation? Shouldn't the store provide adaptive technologies for her?

  • Thanks for the advice Rikki lol! Yeah I completely understand what's like to at events holiday with hearing family. I hate went to my family holiday when I was kid lol. So maybe this time I will take upon on your advice and drink a lot of alcohol to get through this! 😀

  • you are such an inspiration to me as I recently lost most of my hearing in my right ear and all in my left. keep it up and I hope you have an amazing Christmas

  • This would happen to me, except I'm not deaf. I was brought up learning only English, so at family parties, they would only speak in Tagalog (Filipino). I would just zone out into space as they talked for hours. I'm good at that, haha.

  • I love your videos, you've inspired me to learn sign language, though I guess I'll start with BSL since I live in the UK. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, educating, and generally being a lovely, funny person; you're definitely helping a lot of people! <3

  • This video is great! I can see the improvement in your fluency and confidence in using asl even since your last video! I love your videos and especially your asl ones, keep em coming!

  • Earned a sub, glad I stumbled across this channel it brings a lot of awareness to many different topics. thank you for sticking strong with YouTube 😁

  • That happens to my mom, sister, and me when we are at parties of relatives/friends. It suck a lot. At least my mom, sister, and I talk to each other. Some of my relatives can fingerspell and only one can sign in words that I taught growing up. We go to their parties but doesn't stay long or doesn't go.

    I feel bad for my mom because her family is hearing and she is only one whom is Deaf. They learned how to use gestures and fingerspell. It wasn't enough for her.

  • How would i learn sign language? where should i start, i guess is what i should be asking. any pointers. my partner, her sisters children have "disabilities" but id like to be part of helping them learn. thanks!

  • rikki, just found out about your channel by accident and I LOVE it! your content is very interesting and you're ridiculously preety! haha kisses and hugs from Brazil!

  • Great to see your signing skills improving so rapidly in your 20's. I didn't learn Auslan (Australian sign language) until my early 30's and it's always been a huge regret of mine…

  • This video made me laugh. Haha. I drink even when I can understand them. My family is weird. Haha.
    Also your sweater is adorable! And we have something in common cuz my fiancé is also from Canada! YAY CANADA! Haha.

  • have you done any videos on the difference between empathy and pity? I know you don't want pity. but what is the best way to show a person with a disability, you would love to help however they need, but not make them feel like you just feel sorry for them.

  • A friend of mine and my mom's recently lost her hearing and the first thing she was really upset about was what you've mentioned; people just not bothering to communicate. Seriously it shouldn't be that hard. Since neither her nor I are fluent at all in Sign we use a notepad or a phone combined with gestures or expressions and it's really not difficult.

  • So I had a crappy Christmas because we had no hot water for a few days so we stayed home and couldn't go out til the day after christmas(yes they came on Christmas day) and we had no alcohol till today. I"m 25 so yes I can drink if I want. So we just spent it at home doing what we always do which is eat, watch tv etc. We had a few phone calls here and there throughout the day. I'm HOH and it's frustrating with my family which is why we wanted to avoid all of them except one person so we went to see them the next day.

  • One of my favourite things about signing is how expressive it is (I believe it has to be, right?) so I can catch a lot of your tone and general meaning without the need for sound which is cool as hell

  • I'm hearing but mute and 100000% agree with drinking a lot of alcohol at parties.
    Like… why are you asking me questions that require long answers?

  • I really like the approach you took for this video. Actually turning off the sound and signing with subtitles enforces the content more than if you used words. I had to learn a bit of sign language in second grade, but that's long gone by this point. I wish I had kept up with it. Knowing sign language can be very useful.

  • Alcohol is 114 times deadlier no thanks. I'll take cannabis anyday! 😀 And yes i know what it is like to be alone in a hearing family event!

  • i really hope i can learn spanish sign language and asl (im spanish).. i think it should be a common thing to be taught at schools or at extra curricular schools. Love your videos!

  • hey can you do more videos of just you signing???? that would be great!!! Thanks you so much for all the time you put into this??

  • Hi, I just found your videos and I just LOVE your vlogs! And your personality which shows in your videos. <3 Rock on!

  • Welp. I just had my first real experience with this. I was just at a new years party and it was so noisy. I couldn't understand people. I got frustrated. SO I just sat out side freezing. And enjoyed the quiet. There was just a few people. So we would talk for a little bit and they went back inside… Well so did I when I needed a little warmth. Then again back to the quiet

    Lol I think that it's funny that now that I am hoh moderate noise is too loud now.

  • Coincidentally watching this video after getting back from a family party that included my cousin's deaf boyfriend. I always feel like I should try to make conversation and include him since I know some ASL, but I don't know him very well at all and he's like ~20 years older than me so idek what to talk about.

  • My cousin says that this is the most difficult part of working with mostly hearing people. Your circle knows you're deaf but most others don't. Finding yourself in a gathering where almost nobody signs or understands that you lip read can ruin your party. She often makes sure that one of her friends who signs stays with her so she can better participate. It bites to be social but not able to communicate. Sometimes she explains that she can speak and read lips but she speaks very slowly. Thanks for the video. So you read lips? It's not easy. Very often, she is trying to read lips and follow the ASL translation and it's not the same. Yes, hearing people often get very irritated when you ask them to repeat something or explain it again. So you encounter the hearing people who think they sign very well but dont

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