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WhatsApp to Stop Working on Some Phones

Everyone is addicted to WhatsApp. People can easily call each other, update their status and use funny emojis. People have become so used to WhatsApp and they cannot leave without it. It is the first thing they check on. Now many are confused after they read in the newspaper that WhatsApp will be stopped. It is impossibile to get rid of addiction right? Let me explain and tell you about it. Mobile having the older versions of Android 2.3.7 in the play store, the Apple iOS 8 and the Window’s Microsoft Nokia Lumia in the AppStore will all stop supporting WhatsApp. WhatsApp will stop on Android and IOS 8 from 1st February 2020 You will not be able to download WhatsApp on Nokia Lumia or a similar handset, from 1st January 2020 From Nokia Lumia and the Microsoft Store WhatsApp has been unavailable for download since July 1, 2019. For those already having WhatsApp on their phone, will stop working on Windows Phones after December 31, 2019. WhatsApp will not immediately stop working on Android, Apple phones and Windows It will gradually be discontinued. How? Well, many of you may wonder if downloading WhatsApp has been stopped, what about those who have already downloaded the App. The App will stop receiving updates which is how it will gradually stop working. If you have uninstalled WhatsApp and try to reinstall it, it will not be possible as that has now stopped. People will not be able to re-verify their account by entering the OTP as well. This is because the older phones has discontinued WhatsApp. Some people still feel that WhatsApp is working fine on their devices. WhatsApp has said that some of the features may stop functioning at any time. The company has said that updates for various function such as emojis, etc will gradually stop and the App will be discontinued. This is only for old mobile handsets and not for the latest mobiles.

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