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What’s It Like Using Sign Language In Public? | Deaf Poynters| Episode #7

(marker scratching) (electronic video game chime) Hello, and welcome to Deaf
Poynters, episode seven? I think it’s seven, yes. So, we’re almost two
months of doing this series, that makes me a very happy girl. I don’t have much else to say, let’s just, here we go! “Hey Rikki, I’ve started learning ASL, “because I think it’s both a
useful skill, and fun to use. “When did you start
learning how to sign, “and what experiences have you had “when signing in public? “What are your thoughts on doing “a ‘Here Are Five Signs That
Everybody Should Know’ video? “Love your channel, keep
up the great work, Austin.” First of all, thank you
for liking my channel. I very much appreciate it. Also, I think that this is a… video that will have an
article companion, counterpart, companion? English, what is that? So, let’s go with the easier
question to answer first, what are my thoughts on doing a “Five Signs That Everybody
Should Know” video. Okay, here’s the thing, I don’t really like doing teaching,
ASL teaching videos, because I am still a student, and I do not wanna be a
student, trying to teach stuff. But, maybe this video would
be kind of innocent enough? I don’t know. I just, I don’t, I just
don’t feel comfortable with teaching. How can you even pick the
most five important signs? I don’t know if you can do that. Anyways… So, when did I start learning ASL? I’ve dipped my fingers into
it, like every couple of years, since I was a teenager, honestly. I remember getting flashcards. Yeah, stuff like that. I learned the alphabet in third grade. I learned a couple of
signs, here and there, but I never stuck with
it, until two years ago. 2015, in March. Well, for a couple months before that, I started dipping my fingers
into a little bit more, ’cause that’s when 2013 to 2014, was when I really discovered
Deaf culture, right? And that’s when I started, when my channel moved to
being about more Deaf things, rather than make-up stuff. And I started getting Deaf friends, and when I got my movie gig, which we don’t speak of
anymore, forget about that, um. I have no idea what’s
going on with that, but this is relevant. So, I got the movie gig in March 2015, and I went to Los Angeles
for the first time, and I stayed with Jules Dameron, who I had never
met in person before. I knew I had to, you
know, learn somethin’. Just learn somethin’,
other than frickin’ “water”. Listen, my “plane”,
“plane”, was this, okay? I’m glad to say I’m
much better at ASL now, not fluent, but better. So I, mostly, started learning
in 2015, so, two years now. And, I could be better,
I could be a lot better, but it’s very difficult to, when you are
by yourself, okay, so, when I am in Los Angeles,
or when I am in Toronto, I am more immersed
into Deaf world. Whereas, when I’m
back in North Carolina, I’m by myself, and I’m
back into hearing world. So, it makes it very difficult to… You know, try that. Unless, I’m traveling for
stuff, or work-related stuff, like by the time this is uploaded, I would’ve been at
DEAFinitions, for a conference, and I will be using ASL here, or there. But here, no. So, the only time I use it, is when I’m Gliding with
some friends, or, you know, using it in YouTube videos. But, I’m not really immersed
into the Deaf world, when I’m by myself here. So, that’s kind of a struggle. So, what experiences have I had, when signing in public? Oh, shoot! I’ve never had any bad experiences. I have had confusing experiences, and very drunk experiences. But, for the most part, I’ve
had good experiences, honestly. I always get nervous
about signing a lot. Like, if I’m trying to make a story, tell a story about something, that’s when I get a little bit nervous. And when I try to
understand conversation, that sometimes makes me
a little bit nervous. I’m nowhere near comfortable enough to sign like a whole entire… Like, thing, like presentation
for public speaking. That would not happen for a while. More vocabulary that I need to learn. I think, really, the most
frightening experiences I’ve ever had… When signing in public, is
doing it in YouTube videos. So, I’ll sign a bit for,
you know, Ai-Media, and then, some people are like, oh my God, she’s not fluent. She’s not deaf, her signing sucks. And I’m like, you know deaf people don’t come out of the womb,
fluent in sign language. And you know, not all deaf
people use sign language. You know, like… huh? But then, occasionally, there’s a beautiful troll
that likes to hop around in my YouTube videos, okay? And they like to do this,
in various deaf accounts, and their personalities switches a lot, but they like to troll my videos. This hearing person
loves to troll videos from deaf people, occasionally. And, you know, there’s
been some comments there, but I honestly could, whatever. Good experiences, really. I’m not sure if there’s
any other question that you want though, or there are any question
that you have there, but that’s it. Yeah. If you got a question, or a concern, that you would like me to respond to, you can email at
[email protected] Also, don’t forget to get
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professionally, sort of. Mostly, with some
jokes here and there, appropriate jokes, I promise. If you wanna follow me
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