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What to respond when someone is RUDE – Funny English Comebacks for Insults

(light upbeat music) – Hello everyone and welcome
back to English with Lucy. Today I have a very
important lesson for you. We’re going to talk
about what you should say if somebody is rude to you in English. There’s nothing worse than
somebody insulting you or being rude to you in a
language that is not your own. Well, today I’m going to
bring you seven comebacks, seven things that you can say in response to different rude situations. They are quite sassy. They’ve got a lot of attitude. And hopefully they’ll
come in very, very useful. They are best delivered
with a straight face and they are best served very, very cold. As always, if you are aware of any other particularly
clever comebacks, please comment them down below. Let’s help each other out. So, this video is perfect for
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listening to the audiobook. Reading alone will not help
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way you pronounce it. If you listen to a word as you read it, your brain will start to make connections. And the next time you see that word, you’ll know how to say it. And the next time you hear that word, you’ll know how to spell it. It is such an effective method. I really recommend that you try it. And you can get one free audiobook that’s a 30-day free trial on Audible by clicking on the link
in the description box and signing up. Then you can download one
of my recommendations. Give it a try and let
me know your feedback. Right, let’s get started
with the comebacks. So, number one. What should you say if somebody gives you an unwanted opinion? Maybe they comment on
the way you’re dressed or what you do for a living
or your choice about marriage or the fact that you’re single or the fact that you
don’t have children yet. All very annoying things that tend to happen at family parties. Well, a great way to respond to this if somebody gives you an
unwanted opinion is to say, “Do you remember when I
asked for your opinion? “Me neither.” Oh! So sassy. Apply ice to the burned area. Is that how that meme goes? I hope so. I think that’s a fairly standard way of replying to an unwanted opinion. Okay, number two. What should you say if somebody is being really ignorant and idiotic? Maybe they are making
ridiculous political statements. Maybe they are really uneducated
on a hot topic in the news. They’ve got the wrong end of the stick, they don’t know what
they’re talking about, and they sound stupid. Well, if somebody is being
very ignorant and idiotic, you could say, “You have your
entire life to be an idiot, “so why not take the day off?” Oh yes! One-nil to you. You just took them down. Okay. Number three. What should you say if
somebody is taking advantage of the fact that you are not
a native English speaker, that you’re not completely
fluent in English? Maybe they’re speaking very
quickly and trying to make sure that you don’t properly
understand everything. Maybe they’re trying to use big words that they think you don’t know. In this situation, if
you don’t understand them but you would like them
to repeat something and you’d also like them to know that you are not happy with
how they are treating you, you can say, “Sorry, I
didn’t quite catch that. “I don’t speak utter crap.” Obviously the word crap you can change for a less family-friendly alternative. But I’d quite like my
videos to be monetized, so, crap’s fine. Number four. This situation is kind of similar. What should you say if somebody
is using a lot of big words to sound intelligent,
to try and confuse you, to make themselves seem better than you? Let’s just face it, it’s so annoying when somebody just reels
off a load of big words trying to appear more
intelligent than they are. How can you shoot them down? What should you say? Well, one thing you could try is, “It’s a lot of fun watching you “try to fit your entire
vocabulary into one sentence.” Ouch. Burn. You’ve taken them down with one shot. Number five. What could you say if somebody
is being very closed-minded? Maybe they’re being
racist, sexist, sizeist, all of the ists. Maybe they’ve insulted a group or subgroup that you care about. Maybe they’re just being
unwilling to accept that we live in a modern society. Maybe they’re just being doofuses. Well, you could say, “If only closed minds
came with closed mouths.” Ah. Sorted. Adios, closed-minded person. Number six. What should you say if somebody
keeps interrupting you? Somebody that just keeps
butting in mid sentence, obviously what they have to
say is much more important than anything you have to say. This could be particularly frustrating if you aren’t a native speaker. Because it’s almost them saying, “I don’t have time to listen to you “because you’re too slow.” And it can be a real confidence knock. In a place I used to work there was a guy, he spoke very grammatically
correct English but it took him a little bit
longer to get his sentence out and there was this other
girl that would interrupt him and finish his sentences all the time, and it annoyed him, it annoyed me, and I wish I had this following
comeback to deal with her. If somebody keeps interrupting you, you can say, “Oh, I’m sorry. “Did the middle of my sentence “interrupt the beginning of yours?” Ah! Give them a few seconds to
process it all in their head and then I guarantee there
will be no more interruptions. Potentially. The last one, number seven, is what you should say to somebody if they’re just being a bit nuts, if they’re behaving in a very weird and maybe inappropriate, a bit crazy way. Just saying, “You’re nuts, you
are,” doesn’t quite cut it. I think we should go for
something a bit more direct, a bit more cutting. How about this? “I’m not sure what your problem is, “but I imagine it’s
very hard to pronounce.” Ah. Uh. Ah. (air blowing) (Lucy laughs) I’m gonna have such a cringe fest editing this video. (laughs) I think that would work, don’t you? Side note, make sure they
don’t actually have a problem, because that would be
very hurtful. (laughs) Right, guys, that’s it for today’s lesson. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you take everything
I said with a pinch of salt, a slice of lime, and a shot of tequila. Don’t forget to check out Audible. The link to sign up and
claim your free audiobook is in the description box. Don’t forget to connect with
me on all of my social media. I’ve got my Facebook,
I’ve got my Instagram, and I’ve got my Twitter. And I shall see you
soon for another lesson. Muah. (light upbeat music)

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