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What Slows Down our Language Learning and Brain Activity (with Russian \ English subtitles)

Hello friends! do you see this staircase? Yes,
this is an old ruined staircase. Do you see this church? it’s also an old
ruined church. the same thing, roughly, happens
with our mind, with our head. when we constantly do the
same action and when we constantly act automatically. today i would
wanted to talk with you about how to break habbits,
established automatic actions in our head. AND
Why is it useful for learning a language? and in general for our lifes? friends, have you noticed that very often
you want to listen to the music that you have already listened to? or watch a movie
which have you already watched? Have you noticed that you often choose the road home or road to work the one which you are used to. that is, that you often
do those actions … just because you are used to. you used to
open the door with your right hand. close the door with your right hand too. you got used to eat some specific food for breakfast. That is, have you noticed
that you constantly do the same things despite the fact that there are
huge yes like this river a huge number of different options as possibles
to do something. there is a huge amount of music that
you can listen. There is a huge amount of movies to watch. there is
a huge number of books that can be read. but for some reason we very often
get repeated. we are repeating something. we do actions
the same actions over and over again. Max,
What’s bad about it? I like the movie “only girls in jazz”
I want to watch it again and again. I like the music of The doors.
I can listen to them again and again. what’s so bad why i can’t
listen to the music many times? why i can’t re-watch
movies, re-listen to music? Why do I need to change something? In fact, I
already said in one podcast about … why this problem exists.
You can listen to this podcast. there I talked a lot, in detail about such
theories of Dr. Kurpatov. This is a Russian scientist. very interesting person
you can listen – it is very interesting. why is this a problem?
in fact, the problem is how our brain functions.
our head unfortunately… well not “unfortunately” actually, but our brain
functions so that if it found some kind of working system, some kind of sequence, which works … or it found something nice,
he found something that just works, that’s all! Since we evolved
a very long time, then in terms of evolution … this is what we need to survive. I know that on this road there, there is not a dinosaur. Yes, I know – there is not a dinosaur! so i will walk
this road: it is safe, it gives me stability. I know it’s safe there.
I walk it. that’s why our brain got used to that if something works, then it will
strive to repeat it. he will strive to do it again and again. And that’s good, in terms of
evolution, and in terms of our survival, as humanity, it is
good for humanity! But… But if we constantly do
the same thing, our brain is no longer working so well. it already knows this way.
it already knows the taste this…
I don’t know, the food that you eat every day. it already knows all the notes from some song, every note from the musical composition. it already knows what will happen in this
movie. it knows that if I watch this movie I will be fine!
and now this is such a zone, you know, comfort zone. which from one side – it is comfortable for us, it is pleasant for us, this zone.
but on the other hand, it prevents us from developing. it’s stopping us from getting
some new experience. some new ideas. And the most important thing is it
prevents us from developing our brain. these automatisms,
habits and automatisms, in fact, this is probably the worst thing that could be.
constantly live like a machine. Dr. Kurpatov, by the way,
says 40 percent of the time 40 percent of our time …. certainly not
when we sleep, yes, of our time when we are awake, when we are active.
40 percent of this time we are in an unconscious state. yes, let’s say, in an unconscious state. We do not think what we are doing. we act
automatically. we walk automatically. we eat automatically. we listen to music
automatically. when we get in the car we already know what we will listen to.
so, friends, there is such a big problem with our habits, with
automatism. what to do with it? in fact, there is nothing complicated. there are two things you always need to
remember and always need to apply. number one this is of course changing
information, change of habits. if you understand that you constantly drive
work one way Well, find another way! if you are in the evening, after work, want to watch a movie then think
what movie you have not watched. Try not to watch movies that you have already watched.
Well sometimes it’s useful to watch a movie, for example, the same movie but in Russian.
But, in general, as if, constantly watching the same movies –
this is not good for your brain. with music…
we generally get very used to music. and it’s hard for us to try to
listen to a different style of music, or as we say another “direction in music”. And
it is very important! it’s very hard for me to listen to rap. I don’t like rap, it’s hard for me to listen to rap. but I understand that sometimes I just need to
sit down and try to listen to this music. trying to understand this music. so that
my brain somehow worked differently. because then it will help me to
look at the same things differently. I will have, as it were, more
one face (edge) in my prism of perception. And second
moment – you should avoid too simple content.
Any content: music, movies, theater, books, whatever! not necessary
to seek a way which is too simple. Someone says, “I can not read the War and Peace by Tolstoy.” this is such a book! a book of this thickness.
I will not read it. I will read the summary. or I will read Wikipedia,
what this book is about. this is a problem number 2. Now there is
mass of simple elementary content. And as I said – it is very
simple to our head to choose what is simple. It is very comfortable. But only when we
we feel discomfort, only when we feel like … “this is
difficult, it’s hard! “- only then we fill our brain with the information
which will contribute to the brain to develop. That is, the more difficult
content – the more our brain works. And the better it works. here it is,
friends, a simple idea. What can I say about learning a language? How this
relates to language learning? if you have any problem
for example, you have pronunciation problems. or, for example, you have problems with
understanding Russian people. You can understand me, but you cannot
understand other people. or you have problems that you cannot speak. You need to
change your tactics! At different levels, learning a language needs different tactics. what worked in the beginning will not
work efficiently further. that is, in the beginning you, I don’t know,
did one thing. you had such a strategy. it worked.
your level grew and then … op-pa! This is a plateau, you are on a plateau and you are no longer
improve. that is, here you need to change something. Change a course, I don’t know,
try some new technique. if you haven’t tried TPRS yet,
shadowing… all that stuff … repetitions … try changing
try to find some other resources to learn a language. it will be at the beginning
a little complicated, but then you will benefit from it. you will definitely benefit from
of this. Friends, so I advise you … if you have a problem in something –
Change your language learning tactics. wait a month or two months and
see if your pronunciation has improved, or if your
speaking has improved or if your comprehension has improved. That’s all for today … Write comments, write what you think about it and write what are your habits which you often repeat. my problem
was … I can’t take new music. it’s hard for me to listen to some new
music of a different style. therefore I constantly try … I do not listen
the music I love, I rarely listen to it, but I’m listening to something fundamentally
new. here, this is my topic: listen to brand new music. friends I want to say goodbye to you! see you in the next video! And develop your brain! 🙂

58 Replies to “What Slows Down our Language Learning and Brain Activity (with Russian \ English subtitles)”

  • Я увидел твое новое видел, я сразу поставил лайк )) Не могу согласиться больше, Макс. Почему-то наши мысли всегда совпадают. Даже только заметил, что у тебя моя любимая прическа. Дело в том, что я слишком низкий и такая прическа мне не идет.

  • Да, жить творчской жизнью очень помогает нам мозг. Я уже делаю почти всё, что ты рассказал в этом видео, только слушать разные стили музыки – самвая сложная часть, но постараюсь, так же как и ты.

  • Подкаст Андрей курпатого мне очень интересно. Однако мне иногда сложно понимать. Понимаю ещё где-то 50-60%, есть много слов, которые я не понимаю!

  • Right you are Max 🙂 it's the same with traveling: each year you should visit a new place, maybe a new country(the better) and avoid visiting the same destination and und oybtedly you will gain a new experience and you will improve yourself. But, on the other hand, there are some good habits for all of us, for example to practice jogging or swimming, my favourite 😀 Yes,they involve broadly speaking the same actions, but is good for our health. By the way, I have some difficulties with listening some new kinds of music as well. What kind of music do you like?

  • absolutely interesting video, thought provoking in an understandable Russian. In music, once you get your imprinting, usually in your adolescence, you're very unlikely to change your taste because music is a magnet for emotions, when you listen to the Doors you open a drawer full of emotions. If you listen to rap music your emotional "rap-drawer" is simply empty, once you start filling that drawer, you will begin to like rap.

    I have the habit of listening to your videos, do you think I should stop? (just kidding)

  • Макс, ты такой умный мальчик, говоришь об разных методах изучения языка как настоящий психолог! Я бы хотел тебя сказать что я начал смотреть твое фильмы 3 месяцев назад и Я считаю каждое из них очень полезным. Благодарю тебя я уже почти полностью понимаю русский язык. Наверное тоже потому что я польяк и меня легче понять чем другим иностранцам. Спасибо большое за шикарные уроки!
    И ещё у меня есть тот же самая привычка, когда я слушаю музыку, постоянно играет один жанр 😀

  • Вы и мой друг ооочень похожи, два сапога пара, когда скучаю по нему смотрю ваши видео, и думаю как это возможно, хахаха, спасибо

  • твоя привычка тоже, что снимаешь всегда крутые, полезные видео, но это не проблема, ведь все видео разные. Мои вредные приыички прокрастинация и что я немного ленив, пожалуй обычно теряю мотивация, и я делаю другие вещи. Я в тот момент, в моей зоне комфорта я чувсвую себя счастлевый, но потом, обычно вечером я чувсвую раскаяние. я пытаюсь планировать мои дела, но не всегда получаеться. Я сам себе самый лучший враг.
    У меня нет тактикы для изучения русского языка, я каждый раз пытаюсь учить по-другому, но я ещё совсем плохой 🙂

  • моя новая привычка – не пропустить ни одного эпизода русского с Максом

  • Макс имеет лучший контент для изучения русского языка на YouTube. Подкасты также великолепны, и я их использую почти каждый день в машине. Благодаря подкастам Макса я понимаю русский язык без особых проблем. Это также зависит, конечно, от того, что мой родной язык, сербский, близок к русскому. Это очень помогает. Можно сказать, что я лучше понимаю русский, чем говорю на нем. Поэтому я должен попытаться найти несколько русских в моем районе, чтобы поговорить с ними по-русски. Макс, как ты думаеш, Pоссияне вообще дружелюбны или нет?

  • I understand all your words ans meanings in this video in 1.75x speed . but why I can't understand my colleagues and my teachers in the university in the mechanical engineering master degree in Kazan ?? Any advices please

  • honestly, im lazy max, i tried watching russian movies, but I cant stand them. learning to read is also hard, because my keyboard doesnt have russian letters, and even if i hear a word, I cant search it on google. It would be cool if you could keep repeating the most used Russian words in all possible conjugations, he she them in all videos. Best wishes, and thank you

  • Max I will be 82 years old next week. I am learning Russian because it is supposed to exercise the brain and prevent dimentia. I have recently found about TPRS and that was how I found yourchannel. I wish I had know about it sooner as you repeat the same word multiple times so I can understand what it means. I watch VESTI news every day , I watch Russian movies but they go too fast (I still watch them). Your method seems to work the best for me. Thanks for making these videos. I do not try new things as I need what few brain cells I have left to learn Russian.

  • Крута! И мудрым. Для меня больше ТПРС – это ответ. Я думаю. Это трудно, как мне нужно думать. Много. Когда я просто слушаю, я могу мечтать и не концентрироваться. Ну, я слушаю твой подкасты тоже когда я гуляю с собакой 🙂

  • Thanks a ton, dear Max. I'm back. Summer was kind of awful, deaths in the family, surgery, I was really sick but now I feel fine and ready to study Russian again !, thanks,thanks always for your good job !,

  • Спасибо Макс, я согласна. Я считаю, что нужно найти какое-то новое тоже в старом. Это трудно!

  • Привет Макс, спасибо за завораживающее видео, я совсем согласен с тем, что нам надо избежать от привычек)) поскольку я не хочу остаться в языковом плато, ты не сможешь, пожалуйста, посоветовать нам некоторые книги, помогающие нам в процессе изучения русского. проблема в том что мне надо найти книги уровня B2-C1 и честно говоря я ненавижу русских писателей как Достоеский, так что мне понравилось бы читать приключенченские книги чтобы чтение не стало скучным. У тебя какие-нибудь советы ? Спасибо заранее, большой привет из Италии !!!!!!!!

  • Самые интересные вещи происходят, когда мы перестаем действовать автоматически. Я живу часть года в СПБ и однажды решил пройтись до Петергофа (из Мариинского театра). Мне нужно было выбраться из рутины. Хотя это не очень хороший маршрут, мне очень понравилось. И даже нашел заброшенное кладбище с могилами XIX века! Спасибо за работу,Макс. Очень хорошие советы.

  • а я привык к своим знаниям русского языка 😀 уже 2 года с того момента как я решил изучать его но я никогда не доволен. У меня всегда такое ощущение что я вооообще не знаю русский а зря потому что я понял каждое слово с этого видео (или в этом видео?) а еще я сейчас пишу этот комент)) Суть в том что мы всегда фокусируемся на том чего мы не знаем. Мы редко довольны результатами нашей деятельности и принимаем за должное наши достижения. Это со временем приведет только к несчастью. Огромное спасибо тебе макс за твой труд!

  • Thanks Max. Good advice. I taught myself Italian over a period of about 18 months and can communicate rather well. I've been dabbling with Russian for about a month about an hour a day, reading writing, transcribing from videos. I have to say it is hugely more challenging than a Latin look anguage.
    I have been bbn interested in Russia since I was a kid. I went to the Russian exhibition in New York in 1959, I saw the Moseyev dancers, took Russian culture classes in college.
    I'm 78 years old and I feel like a young student. I can vfc relate to what you advise, since I gave always gone outside the box on many subjects. I'm determined to get good at Russian language. Thanks. Any advice is appreciated

  • How can you not love rap, Max? We have the Hamilton Musical, it's a cool Musical and it has some songs which are rap. 😂😂😁

  • But this also mean that i have to learn from a different Russian teacher? Because if it does, F that, you are the best and there's nobody out there like you! I just Loved this video and will watch it 10 to 15 times until your words, your beautiful message becomes automatically and comfortably mine… But I get your point! )))) Great video! Thank you Max !

  • Представляешь, Макс, а у меня противоположная проблема: я всегда меняю род деятельности, вечно прыгаю с одного на другое и всё мне хочется охватить и попробовать))) Мама всегда говорила мне: Катя, слушай Козьму Пруткова "Нельзя объять необъятное".

  • Max, I just listened to your podcast where you say that global warming is absurd, and you would even enjoy it if it ever took place.
    And I'm baffled! I really thought I thought that you were smarter than that 🤔
    Btw if you disregard the fact like you don't like the government or where you are in your life too long, it's going to have devastating consequences in the long term.

  • I'm guilty of this!!
    I've been listening to this program I have for almost a year now! A YEAR. I just repeat it again and again. I know the meaning in English when I play the audio. But the reason I keep on repeating it is because I want to catch each word & phrases. I feel like I need to Master the program before I move on.
    It's why my level won't grow….But I don't watch the same movies nor music. I watch different movies.

    Thanks for the video. And we appreciate the English subtitles.

  • Hi Max! I'm writing this comment in English so everyone can understand. This is such a great topic, so I added this to for people who want to use it!
    I synchronized all the words to be highlighted when you say them. The website ranked it as level B1 & 1344 words (for anyone who is searching for it). It can also be searched by title. In translate mode, you can click on a word and see the translation of it, & it will automatically create a flash card for that word, showing the sentence for context. My habit is using readlang every night to find material to read in various languages (Russian, Spanish, Indonesian, Portuguese)

  • 🇷🇺Макс, как всегда очень захватывающий ролик. Да точно согласен что стоит когда-то пробовать делать что-то по-другому. Кстати совсем уж замечательно слушать на тебя. Ты ведь говоришь точно так же должен тот как мы любители русского языка. Вот такие дела. Спасибо тебе Наш учитель и психолог.

  • Макс, мне любопытно – когда ты слушаешь рэп, кого ты слушаешь? Может быть, ты просто не нашёл подходящих художников. Хотя я понимаю, что некоторым людям просто не нравятся определенные виды музыки. Кстати, отличное видео с множеством полезной информации. Спасибо!

  • Excellent. I've already watched it 5 times. With English and Russian subtitles. But now you are telling us to get off your channel and challenge ourselves.. 🤔

  • Честно, когда я начинала подумать о рэп музыканты, я поняла что я только могу рекомендую Оксимирон (Может быть ты знаешь?)! Мне не нравятся многие другие (Я тоже люблю Loqiemean, но он сильно отличается от Oxxxymiron – если вы не склонны любить рэп, он, вероятно, вам не понравится!).

    Вот несколько песен, которые я люблю:

    Oxxxymiron – Не от мира сего:

    Ка-тет feat. Oxxxymiron – Машина Прогресса:

    Oxxxymiron – Переплетено:

    Надеюсь тебе нравится! =)

  • Привет Макс^ Я студент из Южной Корей который начал смотреть твои видео и слушать твои подкасты год назад))) Я люблю твои разные темы. Я давно думал ты очень творческий красавчик** Благодаря тебе мой русский язык стал лллллллучше! Всегда поддерживаю тебя+

  • Hey Max! Thank you for all your work here. I really appreciate it! I was wondering if you had a transcript for this video specifically? I would like to pull a lot of these sentences to make Anki cards with. If not no worries! Thanks again

  • I think some people are missing the point. You don’t have to suddenly like different genres of music or film. You just have to watch or listen to something different now and then to let your brain process new inputs. It’s a cold shower to wake you up.

  • Max – ties in well with your brilliant video about seeing the world more granularly through verbs of motion. Learning to think differently about how we describe and interact with the world. Very insightful.

  • Jerking off is bad for language learning. The best russian learning channel I've seen. Now I'm using it with English translations instead of Russian to learn Russian because I can assimilate the sounds with English. I was used to transcribe words, put then to translator, etc but it takes a time that is not worth of.

  • Thank you once again for a very interesting video with some interesting ideas. A former pupil of mine once said "If your brain is like a muscle, you need to give it exercise" – and that's what you are advising us to do. However, there are times when we need the comfort of familiar things! And in the case of music – well, I love particular composers and I find that no matter how often I listen to some of their music, I find something new every time. As for rap, I find it painful to listen to, and I don't want to inflict that upon myself. I advise you to listen more to the music you love!

  • I was in Russia 6 times and i felt at some point that i need to learn Russian to understand the culture and people.I like your videos, it helps me a lot, i try to study for my own, is difficult in the first steps, but with time and work every single day, it works. I see your channel and others to help me, again thanks¡¡¡¡¡¡

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