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What My Deaf Voice Sounds Like To Me | Rikki Poynter

(marker scratching) (electronic video game chime) Hello, so I had this really
cool idea for a video as my boyfriend and
I were driving around, and I was talking to him. For the record, our
communication is a bit of a mixture of English and ASL, just in case you’re wondering, but I was thinking about
what I sound like to myself when I speak out loud,
like right now, and when I listen back to
myself when I’m editing a video. In case you missed it,
I’ll have the video posted up here in the “I”. I can hear myself. I have enough residual
hearing to hear myself, and I am the easiest person
to hear and understand because it’s coming out
of my own body, right, but everybody else is more difficult, but I can understand myself. Except for in video all of the time, which is why I don’t
caption my videos anymore because my hearing went (blowing), just (high pitched blowing). So I don’t… Most of the time, I don’t
caption my own videos unless it’s a very short video or if it’s already scripted, or if it’s in ASL because I
have eyeballs that work, right? So anyway, I was thinking
about this today, and I was thinking back to the video that I actually did with Nicola two years ago, put in the “I”, and to me, in person, when I
hear myself as a deaf person, I hear a much more
high-pitched voice. It sounds more southern
because I grew up in the south, and with the occasion of a
little bit of a German accent because I grew up with
hearing the German accent all the time and the German language, right? So there is that, and
everything obviously sounds a little more clear most
of the time, most words. There are some, not so much. However, when I film a video,
put it into the computer, play it back with earphones, because I definitely can’t hear myself or anything without them, and even then, I can’t hear
everything, just so you know. My voice sounds very deep. It sounds more of a “deaf” accent and possibly even more
of a German-y accent. German hyphen -y, not the country, when I play it back. When I was talking with Nicola about it because it came up in our video, in person, he hears the
more southern accent, right? And so do I in person, but
in video, I don’t hear that. I hear the exact opposite. My friend, Matt Watts, told me, “You know how I know when
you have just come back here “from North Carolina or even when you’ve “gone back to see your
family members for one week “and then you come back here,
you know how I know that? “Because your voice starts
sounding less Canadian “all of a sudden and starts sounding “a hell of a lot more
country all over again.” So apparently, the
more I stay in Toronto, the more “Canadian”,
sort of, my voice sounds. Not like a true Canadian or anything, but some of my words end
up sounding different, like ‘bag’ ends up sounding
different and ‘about’ sometimes. Probably not now, but, but when I’m not thinking about it, if I think about it, then
I kind of just end up going back to the way that
I’ve said it all these years, but when I’m not thinking
about it and I’m here long enough, it just sounds more
“Canadian” or whatever. So yeah, right now, I sound
like a high-pitched whatever in person, it sounds a
hell of a lot deeper, and you know,
that’s when the comments, “Why does she sound like
a man?” come through. That sounded southern to me. In case you wanted to know
why I sound like this, video in the “I” of my
demon Bob, you know. He’s a part of it, you know, possessing me and all. Okay, no, but in all
seriousness, it’s interesting how that works out, but I
think this is something that apparently all people go through. I think that’s probably what
all people go through, I think. Some people have told me that,
even just hearing people, they sound different to themselves when they listen to
a recording of themselves. I’m not really sure why that is. I don’t know the science behind that, but I do think it’s
really, really interesting. But I guess I kinda get it
because when I listen to my, when I listen to my boyfriend, right, and we talk online, his voice sounds deeper in earphones. That may just be my
hearing and lack thereof and the way that I hear things now. And he sounds
higher-pitched in person. I don’t know, it’s so weird, and I think the same goes
for a few other people. They just sound different, it’s weird. Some people sound the same to me. Some of them, I can’t hear
them at all in person, but I can hear them when
I watch their videos because earphones, you know,
it’s not like I can take them, take their body and like, that would be effing weird, right? And like, put them like right here and have them talk to me. Although sometimes,
they shout in my ears, but that’s like at parties, you know. It’s interesting, and if
anybody knows the science behind that because I’m too lazy to
Google it myself right now. I’m filming, I can’t look
it up myself right now. Maybe after I’m done,
but not right now. So if you know the science, just the comments section. That’s what the comments
section is made for, right? Let me know,
do you, do you sound different when you talk out loud even
to yourself to other people? And if you are like a YouTuber,
if you sound different on video when you play back the
audio or you know, whatever. So now you know what
I sound like to myself as a deaf lady, yeah. If you wanna follow me on
all of my social media, links to that will be down below. If you want to help
support my content, you can do so by being a
monthly patron on Patreon or you can leave tips on Ko-fi. Both links will be down below. I upload every Monday and Thursday, and I will see you later, bye.

100 Replies to “What My Deaf Voice Sounds Like To Me | Rikki Poynter”

  • Could you guys please do my BSL market research survey for my college project☺️

  • I sound different when I hear a recording of myself; its more towards the high-pitch than wen i hear myself talking. And wen i ask someone, they tell me “u sound normal, the same as u always talk” 😂

  • I've always been mesmerized by this.
    Like, my voice is kinda deep and mumbly but in video I sound way more country than I am and way more high pitched.
    Very interesting…

  • You sound deep with a bit of a slur, I don't hear an accent. But maybe I'm just from your area and that's why? I hear deep tones but my hearing loss keeps me from hearing any high tones.

  • Idk if you'll read this comment but, if you are talking to someone online, it always is different than in person, because "microphone" and, also if you hear yourself in a video, yup, you sound different than in person, idk why but yup it's true

  • I can relate to you a lot cause I sound like a “man” and mine doesn’t sound German hypen y mine sound British anyways your amazing

  • 1:06 You have eyeballs? Good thing that! 😛 🙂
    5:10 I suppose everybody sounds different to themselves live than they do in a recording.

  • I quing when I hear my voice through a recording, due to difference in sound quality ten in person. I quing even more seen my self in a video due to the saying "adds an extra couple of lbs on you. "
    I done a BSL course a few years back, and our practice/ mock exam was using a video camera. Seen my self on the T.v. made people in my group when they heard me from the back saying "OMGOSH, I look like a 2 ton tessie"

  • Yes i do sound a lot different lol, and well you sound just good, youre also pretty. Thats a very good video and presemtation tho. Good job 😀

  • Does your boyfriend understand you when you sign full speed or do you sign slower for him? My cousin is married to a hearing husband and he can understand her most of the time in Sign. But sometimes she must sign very slow or resort to to the notepad.

  • lol yes when i hear my self i sound so deep and epic but when i hear someone trying to say how my voice sounds to them or i listen to a recording i sound so high piched and wimpy

  • That's so interesting that you imagine yourself sounding higher-pitched than what you sound like to others or in a recording! Most women, as far as I know, sound to themselves lower than in reality. I certainly do: I imagine my voice gruff and "manly", but when I play back a recording, I end up with something of a sickeningly-sweet, high-pitched screech.

    The "science" behind the difference, for hearing people at least, as I'm sure most of the comments have mentioned before, is that sound waves get distorted differently when they travel to our inner ear structures through air from the outside as opposed to reverberating though bone and other matter from the inside.

    But there's also plenty of social studies that quantify and qualify the way women's voices, for instance, go noticeably higher or lower pitched depending on social situation, like talking to a male, esp. in a position of power (very high), versus family (medium), versus perhaps trying to woo another woman (low). I wonder if this socially-ingrained tendency at all applies to deaf people.

    You do sound very low-pitched (not "like a man" though, lol), which is hella attractive actually. But also a little slurred. No idea about regional accents; as a non-native English speaker whose native lnguage does not really have regional accents at all, I cannot distinguish those in English and other languages at all well.

  • I am a girl and people say that my voice is anoing them and I do not understand why.Then I hear my voice on a recording and I cringe.

  • I speak English as a second language, and I could understand pretty much everything you said, for the exception of a few words, and that was probably on my side.

    You voice sounds deep, compared to any other American/Canadian girl of your age.

    I find you vlog interesting.

  • I am Irish and I am severely deaf, and I more than likely my voice does sound weird and I do mumble a lot as I am always being told off, also I don't know if it is me trying to make myself sound clearer where my accent ends up sounding different, but I do also find it amusing when I did live in the UK where my accent especially in Scotland, where some people thought my accent was Canadian, also I have a Friend from San Francisco who has settled in Ireland where I live now, he was always making ice hockey jokes as he thought I was Canadian and I know nothing about ice hockey, and my Canadian friend living in Glasgow told me she was always been mistaking for being Irish, I think she did say she was from Newfoundland, also many of my friends and family do say my accent is kinda Irish with a bit north american mixed in, so the hole accent thing is a bit weird for me at times, and maybe because I am not aware of what my accent is really meant to sounds like to me.

  • Omg I HATE how I sound on recordings of myself! I am fully hearing but like you I sound more high pitched and clear to myself and then listening back I sound deep and slurry. I honestly don't know how my friends can stand it! Lol!

  • I would recommend the book "Surfing Uncertainty". It is theoretical neuroscience. It's a tough read but once you grasp how predictive processing works, then you will understand why your voice sounds different on playback.

  • You don't sound like a man, who said that, is a dork
    Yes, I also sound different out loud, that's because sound waves also travel in our body, other people or recordings only pick up sounds waves that reached them/it through air.

  • In my head, it sounds like the average woman voice but when I listen to recordings of me talking such as my voicemail call back thingy, it sounds like I’m naive and 9 years old even though I’m 15. When I was in 6th grade, new st the school and it was the first few weeks of school, we had to this thing where you introduce yourself to your “elbow partner” and they would have to tell everyone else at the table (yikes, that was a problem for me since I am hard of hearing and I didn’t want to bother asking for what she said over and over again) so my elbow partner asked me what accent I have Bc she couldn’t figure it out since my voice’s tone and pitch varied.

    I absolutely do not like my voice’s way of pronunciation like when I say “call” it sounds like I’m elongating the sound of the “L” and abruptly ending the word.

  • Whenever I make a video I have a deep voice and sound like a boy but In person I sound just fine…It's very unusual 🤔?

  • Cheyenna Clearbrook is spearheading for Deaf YouTubers this week and everyone who made a video about voicing is experiencing a trickle down effect

  • When I hear a recording of myself, I sound a lot more childish and awkward. In my head, my voice is deeper, but in recordings, I sound like an uncomfortable little kid with a slightly plugged nose. lol

  • Yeah I use to hate hearing my voice on camera, it sounds a lot deeper to me on camera than it does when I hear it. I actually went to an audition one time(for acting) and the guy said “ have you ever thought about doing different accents?” And I said no, and honestly at first I think it did kind of hurt my feelings but now I realize that apparently what he heard was a strong southern accent and he was just generally asking and trying to help. I am more mindful of it now though, which isn’t bad but I still don’t like watching myself… Even when I’m not talking. Like, I love to act but I’m so awkward! 😆

  • I was born with severely damaged ear drums went to a school for the deaf, but now I have 65% hearing in my left ear and about 18% hearing in my right ear and when I hear myself talk I feel like my voice sounds higher but in recording I sound masculine. I'm curious what the science is too.

  • in real life to myself i sound like a real Australian accent but on recording i sound really high pitched and weird

    check out my voice at WC_O-bro Gaming (thats my yt channel)

  • I think you have braces, so I think it’s the braces that make you sound a little bit different. But not trying to be rude.

  • It's so embarrassing hearing myself call over to 100 plus alpha males with complexes, a need to prove, and all over ridiculous people… And I just hear myself chirping over the radios with an extreme lack of confidence. Uh awful 😂

  • Yes i always have…grew up deaf in my left ear…a bs ex bf damaged the rest of it…people think i am drunk which most of the time its possible…however…lets just say the struggle is real

  • We sound different to ourselves on recordings vs in person because in person our bodies also feel the vibrations from our vocal chords and not just the vibrations in the air

  • Everyone hear themselvs diffrent in person and on voice recording device and to others, i can also think sometimes that my voice sounds dark but it reallt dosent for other people, im a full hearing person but ya i agree to you i understand what u mean, but your good at talking

    Besides your talking with your tounge down in your theets sometimes so it makes it sounds like your lesbing.

  • Yo at 3:06 I feel like I kinda heard how she kinda explained the way she said she heard herself speak. Is that just me?

    Beautiful voice by the way❤

  • 0:42 Might that be because you know what you're saying?
    0:56 Rikki…I see something in the Dutch translation that should not be there. The language is rude and it's not what you're saying.
    3:21 Here it happens again.
    5:38 That should say "beschrijving" not "reacties."

  • Your voice is awesome and u talk like a hearing person . I wish one dsy god Will give u the gift

  • I have found where deaf people gather. Be strong and if someone ever bullies you beacuse you're deaf it mean they don't understand but Dont let that bring you down

  • I like it when girls and women have a deeper voice. too high voices freaking me out xD I don't think you sound like a guy 😉 Greetings from Germany (the Country xD)

  • I like hearing my recorded voice sometimes. I either love it or hate it.
    I don't hear Southern in your voice, much. Every once in a while, but it's rare.
    What caused your hearing loss, and when did it happen? What degree of hearing loss do you have?
    I'm blind, and have a mild-moderate conductive hearing loss. It's changed over the years, thanks to some cysts in my left ear that required pretty intense surgery.
    Do you use hearing aids? Coclear implants? Nothing?
    I'm sorry for all the questions. I hope you don't mind.

  • When we speak, our body vibrates itself, and this is also transferred to the ears. When we hear ourselves in a video, there is less vibration and only higher frequencies get to our ears. (Hopefully I remembered that correctly, if not, then google it)

  • I have my hearing but I totally think I sound different in person than I do when I, say, play back videos or leave messages on an answering machine.

  • Im not deaf, and i only have problems w/ my eyes, but i was wondering why some deaf people cant talk. I think your voice is beautiful just the way it is, even though it is a bit muffled.

  • my voice sounds deeper when i hear myself talking but much higher in others' perspective like it's disgusting when i hear myself in videos sjdhshhd

  • to me my voice sounds deeper, the recording is slightly higher pitched and my friends say when i talk it's even higher pitched than the recording

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