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What language is spoken in Shanghai

Welcome guys! Welcome to LTL this is
Nathan. Today we went outside to ask people If they know what is the dialect
spoken in Shanghai called? And any more details about the beautiful language of
Mandarin let’s hear their opinion and also, learn some new stuff. Have fun. Shanghainese I cannot speak Shanghainese I’ve heard that you know how you have
different accents I can’t. Nóng hō – It’s hello in Shanghainese It’s not the same thing the words are different the pronunciation is different I’ve heard some people say that it seems like a completely different language Because the announcement on the bus has Mandarin and Shanghainese So, I can understand a little bit of Shanghainese especially for students that are trying to learn Mandarin they can we go around the city and be like “oh wow I learned so many
things today” yet I don’t understand anything
well that could be because of the Shanghainese accent most older people would speak more Shanghainese than they would Mandarin but in reality I
have met almost nobody who I wasn’t able to communicate with in Mandarin We know how to say hello how are you? Nǐ hǎo ma, xièxiè (thank you), Bù là (no spicy There is a large portion of Chinese people who can speak English pretty well very good I think everyone who works in the Fake market can speak English At least, they can say “It’s not expensive” Still, I think that sometimes foreigners
kind of underrate the use of Mandarin because you can do so much stuff only with English in Shanghai much more than in smaller
cities Nóng hō, we learned so many new
words from this dialect from the Shanghainese I hope this is useful to remember
when you go outside in all around China there are many different dialects so
it’s also a very good option for you to go and learn it as a foreign
student. Remember on the buses you always hear recordings in English,
Chinese and Shanghainese here in Shanghai all those details are going to be of use to you remember to like our video subscribe to our channel and share this
video with all those friends that are coming around our city I hope that you
stay tuned for more videos see ya Thanks for watching

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