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What Language Am I Speaking? (Round 2) | Lineup | Cut

– Say something pretty in my ear. – Oh? My god, he’s either
going to take me captive or he’s going to do
very nice things to me. (laughs) (instrumental music) – My name is Georgina. – My name is Yanna. – I’m here, I’m gonna be guessing. I don’t know what I’m
gonna be guessing about. – Oh, okay! – Several, yeah. I speak fluent Chinese, I lived there for 15 years, and I’m a translator. – I speak Mandarin, and then I speak Flemish, which is like a dialect similar to Dutch. – I just speak Spanish and English. – It used to be really good when I was in elementary school. I don’t know how it is now. – Oh my gosh! Without seeing them? That’s gonna be hard. Oh my gosh, okay. (heels clicking) – So, do you start or do I start? Whoa. Damn, this is brutal. – (speaks in foreign
language) I like that. – Can you say something mean to me? Like insult me. – Say, hey we’re gonna
go (snaps playfully) get some food. It sounds Southeast Asian to me, and that’s just because
I’m from Southeast Asia, so maybe I think it’s sounds similar to something I’ve heard there. – This is gonna sound real bad, but it sounds like the
Thai restaurant I go to. – A Scandinavian accent maybe? Like the girl in the tattoo movie, she kind of sounds like (mumbles). – Hey, wait a minute. What’d you just say? Mongolian? – Yes! – Oh my gosh! (laughs loudly) Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. – It’s okay. – I’ve a good portion Mongolian. I’m actually a good portion Mongolian. – What’s the name of the guy who raped everybody? – Genghis Khan? – Genghis Khan, there we go. – Well he had 500 like wives. – So we probably are product of one of those wives. (laughs) – So I lived in China for 15 years, and I went to Mongolia just once, but I met a couple of
other Mongolian people. My impression is that the Mongolians are not terribly fond of the Chinese. – (exhales sharply) That is true. – Yeah. – People in Mongolia are really protective of our own country. They’re like– – So you got Russia, you got China, and then you’re like a little– – Right, it’s just like in the middle.
– Right. – Can I learn, I’m sorry? (laughs lightheartedly) – Bye. (speaks foreign language)
means, “Are you okay?” in French. – Did you just say like, “My name is Jenny”? – Mhm.
– Oh, see I’m good. I’m picking up little pieces. I feel like there’s like parts of French in there. It sounds really good. I want you to teach me this language, because it sounds way better than the last one. (chuckles softly) Oh, no offense Mongolia. – Can you say hello? We’re gonna do this the ugly way. Can you tell me how to say yes in your language? What? – She makes like a oh sound when she speaks. It sounds kinda like from Africa. – I’m guessing this is an African language with some influence from France. Okay, there we go. I’m not gonna guess the actual language or the actual origin country. I’m sorry that’s disappointing. I got as close as I’m gonna get. – Swahili? – Ooh. – Um, what do they speak, Zimbabwean? – Me?
– Yeah! (laughs nervously) No! – I’m just going by the movies you guys, I’m so sorry. I don’t travel. – How close was I? – You said Africa, so you got the origin. – (chuckles) It’s a big place. – Yeah. I’m from Congo, and we were colonized by Belgium. – Oh, I did almost say Congo. – Yeah. – In part because it was the only country that I could remember exactly which, who it had been colonized by.
– You should have said it. – I know, I should have just, okay. – Yeah. – What is the name of the language… – Lingala.
– Lingala. – Yeah. – Is there a large community over here that speaks Lingala or do you just kinda have an island out here? – I speak with my family mostly. – Okay. – How do you say like, “What is your name”? – Yeah. You can say, your name is – Uh huh. – And then you say your name. – (speaks foreign language) Jordan. – Almost (laughs)
– Aww, we’re working on it, working on it. – Oh my gosh. – How do you say happy birthday? Can you sing it? That noise you’re making right now is crazy man. (scoffs emphatically) – Klingon? (laughs astoundingly)
– Like I have no idea. – It’s something Middle East, a Middle Eastern language. – Hebrew or Arabic. He’s like, “You’re very close.” Is that what you’re saying? Yes! Can you say no? Okay, so yeah, that was no! Oh my gosh, I’m so wrong. – I’m gonna go completely in a different direction and guess that this a Native American language of some sort. How do you say no in your language? Oh, well then maybe that was a yes huh? (laughs triumphantly) – Hello. I have no idea, I can’t even guess. What is it? – Okay, so I speak Makah. So a Makah tribal Indian reservation. – It’s a Native American language. – Yes, Native American. – Is that the language that you speak like most of the time when you just… – No, we try as much as we can, but we don’t have any
fluent speakers anymore. – Really?
– Yeah. So we have seven of us teachers. We’re trying to… – To bring it back in? – Yeah, so. – Okay. – And you’re the only ones, teaching the,
– Yes. Teaching the language? – Whoa. – Can I touch your throat so I can feel the sound? – Sure.
(laughs) – No, like really that’s how I taught my kids to talk. Is that okay?
– Yeah, it’s fine. You don’t feel weird? – No. (laughs softly)
– It’s so weird. He eats the words, like
that’s how it sounds. – Would you like to learn something? – Yeah, sure. Something with a difficult sound. – It means like, hello, like, is that you? – Oh! That’s not right, is it? – It’s a tough one though, it took a long time.
(laughs deeply) – I feel like I just walked
into Game of Thrones. – Say something pretty in my ear. My god, he’s either
going to take me captive (deeply laughs)
– or he’s going to do very nice things to me. – Is that Russian? – Russian! – Uh you sound like a very large white man, who is I don’t know, from Eastern Europe or something. Damn, I was way off. (chuckles) (claps)
Fuck. (laughs loudly) – You look very surprised when you took off the… – No, I was surprised because the only color that you see on a Russian on the TV is white. I’m sorry. – That’s true, that’s true. – And you speak Russian because you grew up there or you enjoy..
– No, I’ve been to Russia, but I have a degree in Russian language. – And what were you yelling at me in the beginning? – Hello, you dirty bitch. – Ah, I thought it was
something like that. (laughs)
– I said, “Suck my dick passionately “like a real whore.” (laughs quietly) – Um, but I mean that’s how Russian is. They curse real bad. – You’re gonna have to teach me some of those words here because if I’ve been called a dirty bitch on camera, I at least wanna.. – Okay, so (speaks Russian) means dirty and (speaks Russian) is bitch. Do not say this to Russian people because they might be
a little bit offended. – Oh yeah, there we go. Thank you very much.
– Oh, you’re welcome. – Wow. That is so smokey. (laughs softly) – There’s a lot of throat in there. Are you Egyptian? – I think it’s Arabic. – See, the, (low exhale) – That! – It reminded me very vaguely of Arabic, but it wasn’t Arabic. Hebrew! – Oh my gosh. – What did you think? – I’m very wrong. – You’re not totally wrong. It’s like middle east
– It’s in the Middle Eastern family, okay. – Okay, areas. – Semitic. – Hebrew, I don’t know. Is that what you’re speaking? – Yes. – Ah, I should know that.
– Nice – My dad’s not gonna like this video. (chuckles) – What’s going on, what’s your dad? – My dad’s Jewish. – Uh oh. – If I need to learn one thing in Hebrew, what’s the most important thing I need to say? – Oh, what does that mean? – I love you. – Oh, I love you. Aww! – Yeah.
– Thank you, – It was nice to meet you.
– It was nice to meet you. – Thank you. – Oh, that sounds cool. – Can you insult me actually? Ah man, that didn’t sound good. – Say something you know like kind of sweet to me. (stammers) Okay, say, “I’d love to
take you out to dinner and buy you flowers.” (stammers) (chuckles) – I think it’s Hindi because I have a friend that speaks Hindi and it sounds kinda like this. – I’m guessing an Indian language. – Ooh. – Oh, I’ve created a
political problem here. It’s probably Pakistani language. – Oh, see, a close to it. Where you from? – Kansas. – What language were you speaking then? – Urdu. – Where’s that from? – Mostly in Pakistan. – It kind of sound like my friend that (mumbles) – Yeah! – The similarities between Hindi and Urdu is like 95%. – Ah. – So, a lot of my friends are Indian and they speak Hindi, so we can communicate that way, and just make fun of all the – Who are probably idiot foreigners? – No, they’re white people. (gasps dramatically) Although if I’m getting the pronunciation wrong, I could just as
easily be saying horses. – What’s the difference? Say, horses and then white people. – I don’t know the difference man, it’s very very subtle. – If I ever get airdropped into Pakistan, that’s what I’ll say. (shouts in foreign language) – How would you hit on me at a bar or a club? I would like to dance. I think you said something about dancing. – Flemish? Was I close? A bit. (chuckles) Keep going, please. It’s Dutch maybe. They are blonde and have pigtails and big skirts, and they milk cows. I think that’s exactly what this person looks like. – Hello.
– Oh. (giggles) Is it Dutch? – It is Dutch. – Okay, have you ever milked a cow? – No, I have not actually. – Are you Dutch? – I lived in the Netherlands for seven years. – Okay. Alright, you gotta teach me one like one bad word, something mean to say to somebody. – Mhm.
– And what’s that? – Ugly. – Ugly? – Yeah. – We could speak full
conversation right now. (laughs) (screams) – No? – Are you speaking your Native language? Is that African? – It sounds like it
could be Southeast Asian or an Asian language of some sort. – I’m thinking it’s either Southern Asian or Middle Eastern. – Mongolian? I’m joking. (laughs loudly) – I’m gonna go ahead and have you explain to me what
language you’re speaking. – I’m speaking Khmer. – Khmer, what is that? – It’s a from a country called Cambodia. – Are you, teach, teach me something? – Yeah, what do you wanna know? – Curse words. – You can use this one in multiple situations. If it’s a good thing, you’ll be like, But if you’re like, oh
that isn’t what I mean, – Oh. So that’s like, Fuck!
(chuckles) – So you’re either like, fuck or fuck. – Yeah, that’s sort of thing – Yeah.
– Well that’s easy. – Thanks (laughs)
– Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. I got you (mumbles) Not close enough huh? (gentle laughter) – Oh yeah, that’s right. I guessed one! Yes! (applause) That’s right, I’m gonna
learn Russian, you guys. – I wish I would have got the Hebrew as well, I feel like should’ve just gotten that one. – Oh, no. Probably not. It just reminded me how long it takes to learn a language and what a huge pain in the ass it is. – These just teach me how much we need to learn about other
cultures, other countries, and I need to stop watching movies so I can learn other languages. Thank you guys! (applause) Thank you so much. (exhales sharply)

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