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What Language Am I Speaking? (Chan) | Lineup | Cut

(woman speaking in foreign language) – I don’t know what you’re saying to me and it makes me feel scared. Hi, how’s it going? My name is Chan, and I work here at Cut. I grew up in an environment in which there was Cantonese and Tagalog, and a little bit of Spanish. Yeah, I’m nervous. Is my blindfold on the right way? Okay. It’s strangely erotic. Hello. Hi. Okay. I mean it sounds, Germanic. Okay I’m asking if she
understands High German. – So knowledgeable. – I don’t know, I don’t know. – He kind of understands
both my languages. I feel defeated. – The second one was Mandarin, yeah? – Yes. Hi.
– Hi. How’s it going? The first language, you might’ve speak süddeutsch, something before like allemannisch. – I’m speaking Flemish. – Oh, Flemish. – In Belgium, Flemish and Dutch is
like watered down German. It’s like less aggressive. – Yeah. What’s something
I should know in Flemish? – Do you wanna know how to curse? – Yes. – Is that okay? If you wanna say god damn it is, (speaks in foreign language) I’m so sorry. – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. – Oh, interesting. I’ve no idea. Can you like pretend to
give me the weather report? – Can’t be a good weather person. – Swahili. – Yeah okay, does that give you a hint? – Yes. Sorry. Hello. So you, are speaking
Swahili the second time, and you started describing the
Lion King which was a movie. And Hakuna Matata, comes
from this language, so that’s how I gathered. – That’s how you gathered. – And the first one, I don’t know. – Kinyarwanda. – Kinyarwanda? – Yeah, it’s called Kinyarwanda. – Oh where is it from? – Well, Rwanda. – Oh, Rwanda, okay okay. Where were you born? – Uh I was born in Rwanda. The way I learnt languages, I kind of hang out with people
who speak their language, and I fuck up a lot. – That’s like the best way to learn. I know what you’re speaking, but I don’t know what you’re saying to me and it makes me feel, scared. You’re speaking Portuguese, right? – Yeah.
– Okay, good. I thought I– okay, you’re all making me
feel like I’m losing my mind. Um, I don’t know any Portuguese, but I have been yelled at in Portuguese before so I, that was uncanny. – So if I had said nice words, you would not recognize the language. – Maybe, can you say something
nice and romantic to me? I mean, that is very beautiful, I think I would’ve guessed it otherwise. Can you teach me something in Portuguese? (speaks in foreign language) – Is hi. (speaks in foreign language) And your name. Yeah. – Nice to meet you. This is like Cut’s hottest
accessory right here. – Oh fuck, I have no idea what you’re– Can you give me directions,
to like the groceries store. Oh my god. Yeah okay. – Well, when you’re looking at me, does it make it easier for you? – No. – Kurdish.
– Oh. – Do you know what it is? – I knew, I do know what Kurdish is.
– Have you heard of it? A lot of people don’t know. – Were you born here in the States? – Yeah, I was born in Seattle. – Oh where’s your family from? – From northern Iraq. – Okay. I mean I’m not like an encyclopedia. Or fucking Google translate. Nice to meet you. Interesting. Sounds like a dialect of Chinese, I think. I could be completely wrong. Ah, well, you never know,
still, you never know. Cause I felt like you’re Chinese. I’m Chinese so, everybody
that wasn’t racist. That’s not Mandarin. – It’s Shanghainese. – Okay, yeah. – I don’t even know. – Okay, c’mon Blain. This is some fifty shades
of gray shit, right here. How do you say yes and no? – Is like yes, and then, no is just like no. – How do you say excuse me? How do you say thank you? Fuck, I have no idea. I mean, but I think
this might actually be, somewhere in the Middle East? Uh, maybe? Okay, okay. No, that doesn’t at all
but get easier to guess. Is it an east African language? – So it’s actually Aramaic. – Okay. – Yeah. – Okay,
– Yeah. – Okay, what was your name? – Hen-noak. – Hen-noak, nice to meet you, it’s Chris. – Chris, nice to meet you Chris. – Thank you. – Did you do your homework?! – I’m traumatized. But I’m like, – Was it my yelling? – It was the yelling. It felt like that never stopped for me. Tagalog? – Tagalog. – So you’re Pinoy? – Yes. – I’m Pinoy. – So did you grow up in the US? – Yes, I grew up in Seattle. – Do you know any words in Tagalog? – Um yeah, I know dirty ones. – It means your mum’s old. – Yeah. – Like the one I yelled in
(foreign language) is like, your mum’s vagina. – How do you say that? (speaks in foreign language) What? Oh my gosh, you’re
speaking a Slovak language. How do you say thank you? (replies in foreign language) Okay, do you speak Belarusian or are you from Belarus? – It’s Ukrainian. – Ah! – So you’ve guessed it, kind of. – Kinda, yeah. And where’s your family from? – Yeah, we’re all from Ukraine, I moved here when I was six. – Can you teach me something
giggles in Ukrainian? (speaks in foreign language) – is um, fuck your mother. Yes. – Ciao. Um, no, I felt really guilty about like, trying to guess where
people’s languages come from. Doing the linguistic profiling thing. Well I know like everyone
here volunteered for it and it’s all fun and games but, there are real consequences
out in the world when people try to profile using language, and the kinds of assumptions people make. But, that’s how today’s
pretty fun for me like, I like hearing little snippets from other people’s languages. It’s like looking at the universe through different colored glasses. – [Everyone] Bye! – Ciao, bye.

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