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What it’s Like Having a Deaf Dog?

(MUSIC) Hey guys Hey Sign Duo is back! With the third member of the family E: Come here Java! If you guys haven’t been watching our recent vlogs, we got a puppy her name’s Java or Java. and she’s deaf. I was searching searching forever for a deaf puppy and I checked that day and right before I went to sleep, she popped up R: great and then we adopt her. Say hi! She’s so sweet. She’s so calm. But bites a little bit. But that’s normal for a puppy, right? She’s learning. She’s learning and she’s getting better. Now, when I sign, “no biting” she stops. Okay, so today R:This is good, not bad. Yeah it’s pretty good, huh? It’s strong Very orange. Very orange. It is isn’t it. Very orange. so today, we want to talk about how it’s like owning a deaf dog. I know that’s not what you wanted to talk about but I think that will be good too. Yeah, either one. So many people commented on our last two videos about her and were shocked that she’s deaf. How do you plan to train? How do you plan to handle that? She can’t hear us talk because you know dogs, if you call them they come or pay attention right? but she is different. I’ll explain a little bit about that today. Like I noticed, we both noticed that after we adopted her that she is more Hard of Hearing, but still some things she can’t hear. Like Communicating, speaking Very like Normal talking Yeah, the speaking she can’t really hear that we can tell. People have asked that asked us, “How can you tell if she’s deaf or not?” Well she has think six seven siblings and her foster mom noticed that she was She had to follow the her siblings like when she would call R: and also food or come. She will always be the last one to look and then follow the pack. So, I think that it’s also too, also that she can’t hear that much but seems like she can because she constantly looks up to us. Constantly. Yes. We could tell like instantly she was deaf because she was looking around everywhere and that happens a lot. Like even with deaf babies, they don’t really look straight ahead or they don’t look at that person who is talking or whatever. They’re looking everywhere. All over the place constantly. She does that. An other reason why, second reason why, she hated it when you would cover her eyes. Do you remember when we first got her and I held her up on my shoulder, then you, yeah You you did that you put her on your shoulder and then you accidentally stood up with your back to the wall and she started crying. She got upset and started barking a little bit. Remember that? And then I told you she probably wants to see everything that was going on. So you turned around and she was fine after that. yeah she always wants to see everything. Now, she’s like always, always looking at our eyes all the time. Unless we discipline then she looks away and ignores us. Then she goes look down, she’s like she gets sad. Or looks away No She looks away Move her head looks away So some things with having a deaf dog when you When they’re like running around in the backyard, you can’t just call, call them and say, “Java, come here.” Sometimes she can hear that if it’s loud enough, but if there’s noises in the background, R: you have to yel then you have to go, tap her, get her attention to come. So you can’t just call her. I remember the first night, I tried to tap her. She got scared. Okay, she walked. But now, it seems like she’s used to me tapping her. oh Java. That’s not What’s wrong? She’s biting your little thingy. Anyways, so Now, it seems like she trusts us a lot You see? She’s looking around. She’s smelling. Looking around. And I can tell she gets bored easily too. Like she’s so smart. She just had a nap like a two three hour nap so she’s all energized now and she wants to do do do do do. I know, I know. Some people also asked, “How do we plan to train her?” Some Some E: good idea *squeaker* Okay, some people also asked, “How do you plan to train her?!” Because she’s deaf, how do you plan – well she’s Hard of Hearing But how do you plan? What? It’s the same as me teaching Titan. Remember Tytan? If you’re an OG subscriber, you know, if you don’t know Go watch our old videos! But anyways, Train with sign language Sit Stay Food Water Walk Titan He’s very smart. Why? Because we taught sign language and spoke at the same time. My sister and Ellen will use speech. I use sign language. Titan can understand both sign language and speech. So that’s what we plan to do with her too. We just plan to sign. It’s just like any other training. It’s like any other training like you try to get her to do whatever you want her to do and when she successfully does it then you reward her with treats and you sign Sign, whatever Reward? Reward How do you sign reward? I don’t know the sign. Reward You signed that today. The sign reward like this, that’s why reward. Woo Well, that’s why I signed that way because you signed that Okay, right right right. E: she’s getting into your stuff Instead of saying sit You say, you sign sit and she sees that, but you have to make sure you have good eye contact. That’s the difference I think with a hearing dog, they can be looking around. With a deaf dog you have to wait until they look at you and true Then sign it and then she understand Honestly, I did get frustrated a little bit like because I can speak so I will speak and sign sit but she will look around I’m like, “oh, thats right. She can’t hear me.” Okay wait, *taps Java* sit. She quickly sits Okay I have to remember that she’s deaf like me. E: You little troublemaker. I got it. I’ll fix it So she knows sit and just learned ‘down’. Down. She got that one today. And I’m so proud of you! She’s like too feisty right now. I know you had a good nap. You had such a good nap. okay. That’s how we plan to train just sign and use voice. You use your voice and sign too, right? yeah Both, hear, because she’s Hard of Hearing . She can hear too a little bit Yeah, it’s hard to tell what she can hear because R: yeah, it’s hard to tell sometimes she hears things that I would not guess she could hear Frequency I’m guessing she can hear different frequencies Maybe higher frequency or low she can hear maybe possible E: Sit E: Down. E: Down E: Down E: Down E: Down Oh, good girl! oh! Also, she knows I love you. When we sign I love you, she’s all like ooo cuddles cause it means love and cuddles. Bullies and Buddies are an awesome organization, they accepted her even though she’s deaf. They accept any kind of dog. (JAVA BARKS/GROWLS) Woah! E: *growl* What? She’s getting restless. R: I can see She’s getting restless. (JAVA BARKS) Heeeyyy! You need to calm down. Calm down baby. She wants attention, that’s why. E: come on baby E: wah So, I hope that answers a lot of your questions you had in the last video, two videos ago. Thank you guys so much for watching our videos and we’re so happy that you guys are all excited about Java. If you’re not following her on Instagram go ahead you should because Ryan is just on it posting every day. Missy Java Chip Go follow! See her as she grows up everyday. I take pictures every day She’s already grown so much. I swear she grows every time she takes a nap. She takes three hour naps and grows two inches. I know. We plan to do a video in the future where we talk about how she has impacted our relationship as a couple because were together 8 years and now we have a dog, a deaf dog. We ‘ll talk more about that in the next one. A lot has changed. See you guys next time! Love you! Bye! Sign Duo OUT (MUSIC)

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