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What It’s Like Being The Only Deaf Person At YouTube Events | ASL

[music] Hello! Today, I’m in Orlando, Florida. I’m here for a YouTube event. It’s called Playlist Live. So this video is going to be me showing you all what
events are like when… Well, I’m the only deaf YouTuber, right? It’s always interesting. A lot of things happen. Sometimes, good.
Sometimes, bad. Things get messed up. So I want to share this
experience with you. And now… things are messed up. So I’m doing a mental health panel here. And I had requested both
captions and interpreters. I work with English captions best. You know English is my first language. So when I’m working, I’m
more comfortable with English. But I wanted ASL interpreters for one-on-one communication
and also for the audience, in case any deaf people came. But today at the last minute, I learned that I won’t
have any captions. They canceled today. My panel’s tomorrow. I do still have interpreters. But I need captions. I’m still gonna use the interpreters. But I’m scared. And I’m nervous. I’ll be talking to the moderator about it. Thankfully, I do know him. So we’ll try to have a
conversation about that. My arrival went fine. I walked to the desk, showed them my ID, gave them my name. Just handed it over. Now I’m here. I’m really dirty, messy,
and sweaty right now. It’s really hot here. And I’m wearing this
really thick hoodie. It was colder in North Carolina. But here it’s hot. Now I’m going to shower
and put some makeup on. There’s a party later tonight. So I want to look really nice for that. And that’s day one. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. Hello again. So a quick update. So today’s my mental health panel. Still don’t have captions. Playlist called about
six different companies but couldn’t find anyone. So I have two interpreters now. One for myself and
one for the audience. Gonna try that. It sucks, but…
what can you do? It’s something. Hopefully it’ll get better. Hey, I’m back. The mental health panel is done. It went alright. I had two interpreters. Moderator and I talked about
what we were going to do. Mod’s name is Michael- We know each other.
We’re friendly. That made this easier. He tried to include me in
conversation with everyone. At times, he’d write or point
to the questions on the paper. If he wanted me to answer something, he’d get my attention
so I could see. It was a bit awkward. Using only ASL for work
is strange for me. There was some vocabulary
that I’d have to try to understand. And I had trouble with
some of the questions. I was nervous, you know? But when it was finished,
people came up to me and said I did a good job. So that made me happy. I have nothing to do now. There’s another party tonight. Hopefully next year… I want to be sure that I’ll
have interpreters and captions. I need to be sure. I thought there was a
signed contract, but… There was a lot of confusion
and miscommunication between Playlist and the
interpreting company. But that’s how it works. Being the only deaf YouTuber
at these YouTube events. It gets weird and frustrating. For now, I’m gonna relax. Try to have some fun. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you later, bye! [outro music playing]

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  • Transcript:
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  • Your so beautiful so inspiring and so amazing,I am loving your nails,I bet it sucks to go to events when your deaf I am working with someone who can’t talk and she does her own sign language so I’m learning how to communicate with her I am in a wheelchair and it’s hard to go to events too but hopefully someday I’ll be as popular as you and be able to go

  • I really get so damn angry and frustrated when people or companies treat you like this. You deserve much better! (Internal screaming in frustration)
    Btw Looking good in that red outfit

  • Who cancelled? And why? Somebody better have gotten fired for last minute cancelling without a contingency plan

  • Signed contracts are binding. You are definitely in a position where you can hold someone responsible somewhere

  • ''English is my first language''
    Weren't you born in Germany? So wouldn't German technically be your first language? 😛

  • It's so frustrating that this happened to you at such a big event too! You think they'd have plenty of back ups in case someone for captions or interpreting has to pull out

  • Ughhhh I'm angry on behalf of u (and any deaf audience members who don't know ASL) like.,., it's definitely a good try but some people need captions for some reason or another & don't know ASL
    I'm not deaf but I have trouble processing audio & whenever my mom drags me to church, I always drag her to sit by the interpreter. except the thing is, I don't know much ASL, and there's only captions for the songs :')) I've thought about trying to transcribe services for online watchers (I'm not a christian but I still want to get the information & learn about religion u know?) but like… we don't have that many online viewers & idk if that's smth that the church needs ?? idk I started talking about accessibility and then started rambling about helping out at my parents' church lmao sorry

  • Are you asked to not film the panels? I’m assuming it’s a private paid event so they don’t want people to film but I would’ve loved to see snipbits.

  • Ugh…. Big events like this really should have done better than this. Sorry you had to power through that.

  • Ugh. I totally feel you re: captions. I too need captions at events or I won’t understand. Like you, interpreters are NOT enough for me. I can barely use interpreters as is. Glad the audience enjoyed the panel, though! 🙂

  • maybe a stupid question. but was it so hard for them to have screen on stage. where someone typing next to the stages text could appear? they could type anything you say. and anything there is said by anyone else for you.

    if they are a big event i would say they should be able to fix something like that.

  • Let me cheer you up with the news of our now 17-days-old litter of kittens delivered by our foster tuxedo kitty Cookie 🙂
    Three tabbies: Charlotte, Thing 1 and Thing 2
    Two tuxedos: Blaze and Six (she was born last)
    or not….
    SIAMESE!!! We still have trouble believing THAT 🙂

  • I would think these events should have someone or a team who is in charge of accessibility. Who know who to contact for captions and interpreters and mobility aids and whatever else. From your videos it sounds like this stuff falls through the cracks a lot. The organizers of these events need to do better.

  • I wish you all the best. I hear well but your videos allow me to partially understand your imparement. Of course I will never completely understand but thanks for the little that I learn.

  • Lightning is good here. You can replicate the same look with Aputure 120D with branded softbox (expensive, better for travel) or Godox SL-60W (inexpensive, better for studio) with deep parabolic softbox. 36" or 34"

  • Thats gotta be frustrating. Sorry about all the BS. But am proud of you for trying to keep positive. Loved your dolled up look=) very pretty.

  • Hey rikki! I just found out about you and I just want to say I think your awesome ! It looks like you put so much effort into your videos and I just want to say keep doing what your doing and having a chat with you over dm would be really awesome 🙂

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