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What is the Best Programming Language to Learn First?

In this video I’m going to help you decide
which programming language is the best to learn first hopefully by
the end of this video you will have a good idea of the
languages you should be taking a closer look at if you’re
looking for which language is the easiest to learn first I’ve made a separate video to answer
that and I’ll link to it at the end the following diagram that you can see here summarizes the main
considerations in choosing a programming language to
learn so you can be driven mainly by your interests for example if
you’re looking to go into computer science then C is
probably a very good language to learn the web designer will find very little use
for C so first identify your interests and
I’ll show you which languages meet those criteria you also have to look
at your requirements, what you actually hope to
get out of programming are you looking just to learn
programming as a skill or do you need a language that does
something very specific for example you want to do statistics
and programming that you be looking at something like R which is a programming language
specifically written for statistics and if you are doing just statistics you can dodge a lot of programming by just going straight to R you up to learn I’ll things objects in you don’t have to learn learn things like objects which you would have to learn for Java you also have to consider are you going
to do in the future where such your programming going to lead you,
are you going to learn just one language or are you going to be
planning on learning multiple languages if you’re learning
multiple languages then you may as well start something
like Python which is nice easy to get a rough idea of and then learn the other more difficult
languages and then that’ll make your programming far easier you also have to think about what the requirements of your career that’s
going to be a major driver of your choice and
I’ll give you a rough idea of some career tracks and what programming languages would be appropriate for them in later
slides probably the most useful consideration
for most people will be which is easiest which is the
hardest now in this video I’m just giving my opinion if
it people will passionately disagree with what I’m saying but the more
opinions you get the better and I would say for the
easiest languages in a rough order would be HTML is a very easy language followed by
PHP and Visual Basic all these languages are reasonably easy to
get your hands around, HTML being the easiest of them HTML is not particularly
difficult on the other hand you’ve got some very difficult languages like Malbolge which is the less said
about that the better know and understand that, Pascal the saying about Pascal is that it’s by geniuses for geniuses ajax is also a
nightmare but there’s great demand for people are
skilled in that and C++ is not much fun to start
with the other thing that will drive your choices you need to consider your
ability and experience people who have a lot of experience with problem solving
for example engineers or people have learnt high-level maths could just start with C
Java or even Pascal because you’ve got the sort of abbility to solve difficult problems and think in a specific way that works very well
for programming however if you’ve got little experience of solving tough problems on a regular
basis that you’re going to have to start with
an easier language like Python or HTML just to get your
mind around the ay that you would set out code that’s the thing that people find so
difficult when they start to program is thinking in programming terms another important consideration is the
overlap in programming languages this is very important when you’re
considering future languages what you going to learn are you just doing one or many if you are doing many then overlapping is going to be very important now many languages are very
interconnected so learning one line which will make it
easier learn another language but in general learning one language
makes every language easier because you’ve went from not knowing how to program to knowing programming and you can think in that programming way this is a good
example the overlap in languages you have the C programming language and the Objective-C language everything in C is in objective-C objective-c is like an extension of C so if you can program in C learning
objective-c iOS second language is far easier than learning a new
language you also find if you can program in
Python learning C is a lot easier and if you learn see learning Python is very easy have look a bit further and see as lots of
other languages that come of see you see plus plus but some people argue is replacing see
or should replace see you could see sharp objective-c we’ve looked at previously I also got MATLAB matlab takes a lot of
its what we call syntax the way you write
code comes trio see and you can in fact
rights code in Matlab so if you know a program
in C writing MATLAB scripts is not
particularly difficult the main thing you have to get when
you’re learning a programming language is why we called the big ideas is just
some fundamental parts a programming that you just have to know so if you get
a language that includes most of or all of these
things nyse: gonna give you a very good start to being a programmer I’ll things if
statements lou switches repeating it’s a code over
and over and over again usually changing a variable while you’re
running it you go now actually declaring variables as a data types is an integer as a good
decibels on it he learned about all these sort of
things with various programming languages you find all of these I’ll things in tyson see Jaffer will cover these sort of things so make sure that you cover as much of
this slide as you can when you’re learning how to
program for the first time let’s move on and look at the baskets
they promised you so if you’re looking at maps engineering
statistics then these are the four languages I
would suggest you focus your time researching have MATLAB is so that the standard
language that engineers know are is specifically written for
statistical computations so if you doing statistics are so want to go with mathematical is a
very good I’ll PC software and it’s more intuitive to mathematicians and Pascal is also very good for scientific
computations but see just wanting to learn to code
just for the sake of learning to code I just interest maybe then these are the
language use I would suggest you could think they see
Chapter Pascal Payson ICN Javert the big programming languages the most no
programming languages often the most used Pascale some people
say is I’ll a great language to learn because very compact and it makes you
program in a very specific way and you’ve also got python which is
a great language exit soul fast and you its general purpose he can do
pretty much everything and it’s not wildly difficult to get
started with its one of the easier languages in Scotland emphasis on readability and simplicity let’s see your looking at doing web
design I’ll if you don’t know HTML you’re not
going to be a web designer HTML is just so essential to the working
at the Internet and each year elysa reasonably simple
language in fact it’s a very easy language to learn it’s probably as
I said before the easiest of the languages as a course on code can to me the sea takes seven hours and by the end of that
course you’ve got a pretty good understanding of HTML
Lincoln do most things w3schools also has a very good HTML
course that’s how I originally learned it Javea you’ve probably seen all over the
internet PHP very good general purpose language used extensively online avai 5 percent server-side programming is done in PHP SQL is very important particularly for
big web sites that’s used for managing databases and
ruby is fine the other take online programming languages if you just looking to make more money or get a job because if your programming
skills that you’d really be looking at things
like Jabba c plus plus SQL these tend to be the most useful or in demand languages have also
suggested that you consider rear or in advance language this can be a great asset when you’re
applying for a job because it allows a company to expand
their capabilities without spending money sending someone off for months ago learn
this programming language so think the Ajax might be want to look
at if you’re looking just to make specific
things these languages should be considering
I’ll games design the big language for gaming is C or C plus plus that’s pretty much a must know so if
you’re playing for a I am job in this area or to do a course learning C or C plus plus would-be great
boost PHP is used a lot for online games and this one called Open GL which is
also widely used for web design have touched on all of
this you go HTML PHP SQL Jaber as also ESP dotnet which is first more server side stuff I’ll lock people up really intrested
making aP’s the annoying thing ever ApS is Apple App
sarin one language an Android app sarin in
another language so you’ve pretty much got to make a
decision or learn both to view going for Apple programming you
be on the iPhone operating system ISL s Seacraft learn objective-c and if you want to be in Javea systems I V Android systems rather you gonna
have to learn Java and hopefully should be useful to look
at the whole world program this is the
simplest program usually in a language and it
gives you a rough feel upheld the language works so let’s look at a few of these
languages and there hello world codes your some
examples a made up in HTML everything’s done with
these we called tax this is and open tag then that slash HTML is a closing tag so in between these two tags HTML a header write this on the tap CC when you’re in internet browser I’ll that tab when you’re running this
page will see write this on tap eighty star header and header even header in here the title and an end to the title and the body’s
just a little world %um the body with the closing tag HTML very top Javea is nastier you’ve got a lot of other stuff going on
there you but these annoying semi colons at
the end of lines you have a semicolon single the program
on run I need these annoying brackets to cement
see you Louis annoying bracket cheaper to declare mean
function you to include to standard library its just extra levels complexity which you don’t find Jeff a script by you can’t do that one-line and by SIMS
simplest just as print hello world at these quotation marks they just been a string and a string is
just letters at characters and if you’re interested mile bogle the
1i said is the hardest language apparently this is what it’s supposed to be the
someone who just made this up I don’t think anyone would know so if you have a compiler that does it
maybe you can run that TV print world i’d I let’s take a closer look somebody in most important languages
that we’ve touched on go tyson as I said emphasis on read a
billion simplicity its nice simple language to learn I
think it’s quite good start programming that’s the one I tell people
if they see now I want to start programming bushy
Taylor and I see by sons probably your best bet as star
language each email absolutely essential for web
designers and very very easy to learn I’d be
surprised if you struggle endlessly do simple things in HTML it’s
not difficult C&C plus plus are more difficult than I what’s called
low-level very close the machine you can like
manipulate individual memory locations you can they
put the number five in a specific part of the computer and
you can tale ray a program says look in this
memory location and I’ll find the number five it’s that
low-level and C&C plus plus are very very heavily
used languages because you can do so much with them as
a set with PHP you could general-purpose language
essential for proper web development and if you’re
working with servers PHP is very important add looking at maths and science Matt labs
really good bet and if you already know see are you
planning on learning see anyway MATLAB source a good to look at I just put they say here I’ll the site
thanks quite good idea if you want to be a professional
programmer then starting with C Java and in some other languages that makes you a program if you’ve
covered see Chapter and something else I would call you a
program i’d obviously gonna want to know where
you can actually learnt code there are so many excellent
resources on the Internet you’ll find hugely useful and X is great take free courses and get a certificate to see that you’ve
done them it video lectures they’re very very good a big fan event next w3 schools where
learn HTML very good code cada me another great one
I learned heights in there you learn by doing he’d SAT can Academy just YouTube you can watch people write
code I explain exactly how the code works its
very useful and got MIT OpenCourseWare as a very popular lecture series gold
introduction to you computer science and programming is a very very good course I’ll give you
a great grounding in just how programming works and the really the best way to learn
programming is to be doing it at on the great things
play state w3schools click Add to me you’re actually learning
the code by writing the code you gain a little
bit fury and getting a task to do you’re writing a bit of code using the
few you’ve just learnt and as never be easier to learn how to
code out trying to learn to code thirty years
ago shall leave you with few important
points to take note of firstly you can usually rate the same
program in other languages for example you could
write code to do exigency or in place in and you would
get the same result you can often do the same thing in a
different language but just in a different way also it’s worth considering learning a high-level language and a level language
to cap covering a very wide base your programming for example
learning C and then going on to learn MATLAB you
find we use a high-level language you can do things a lot quicker and more efficiently but when you need
exact control over how some things working low-level language is very useful and
finally I would suggest that you don’t take my word for it before you go on choose which
programming language you going to learn first that you consult lot resources is a very
important decision you want to make it correctly this is based on my experience and my
opinions and has a lot of people on the internet who passionately
disagree with wife said and you should take Noah them envied
their ideas and after doing that do you have a good
idea which programming language is the one
that you should go away and spend a lot of your time learning so good luck with your programming and thank you for watching

100 Replies to “What is the Best Programming Language to Learn First?”

  • It's weird how everyone says C++ is really hard to learn and not a good way to start but it was the first programming language I came into contact with at school. Then I needed Java in university and only now am I getting into Python on my own.

  • Programming was always difficult for me until I learn HTML
    I took 3 hours to learn, so I suggest that all the beginner starts with it cause you will not expend a lot of time on it.
    But my Favorit is C# and SQL

  • Excellent……. wonderful vedio ……. perfect motivation ……Please make more more and more vedios .
    Salute to your genuinety

  • I have a question..I want to be a game programmer, I have no experience in other computer languages but i read C++ is the best. Is it bad if i go straight into that language without any experience?

  • In general pretty explanatory and easy to understand, It is a very good reference for those that don't know where to start when choosing a career of programming. This is the kind of content that goes beyond of its purpose because can even help someone to discover what is good at.

  • please i need help
    i have learned c and c++. now what should i do? java or python? ive heard python is flourishing

  • I can't give you more than one like but like it so much. Thank you for your advice. Very good video, I just love. Thanks again.

  • I started off learning in game maker but i was very limited to the kind of game i want to create so i ditched it to go onto unity .i went on to learning c#. It was really hard to work on my own with nothing but videos on youtube (which i am really bad at learning from). My friend does programming and told me he knows Python really, really well. He told me i could borrow his manual and now i am learning Python.

    in short i went from GML(game maker language) to trying C# To learning Python.

  • I wanna start programming so which language can help me the most with startup like how to make a computer talk how to program a computer??

  • If you learn C#, it is easier to learn Java (due to Java inheriting its code syntax from C languages (C/C++), and C# having the same data types like Java.

  • Hello I study information technology department and I'm now final year tell me for final project what took give me any idea

  • I already finish web design…But I want to be web developer..Which prigramming language should be learn for me.

  • I have seen that most of the sites that have online programming for BLOCKCHAIN and INTELLIGENT CONTRACTS put minimum conditions for participation, knowledge of the English language and the minimum 1 programming language. What language do you think is best to master, to be able to take the BLOCKCHAIN step? (python, c ++, javascript, etc) ?

  • The first language i learned was Pascal back on the high School,when i moved to college i started learning Java,Visual Basic,HTML,Javascript i got my degree and finally im a python developer xD

  • Now I'm 13 years old and now I love to code . For me the best Website and app for learning , discussing , challenging and running code online is SoloLearn .
    It's free and lot of other features . I think everybody should start programming from here.

  • html is not even a programming language, its just a mark up…
    AJAX is not a programming language, its a collection of some technologies used to communicate between the user and the web server in the background, used alongside with JavaScript.
    PHP is quite easy but damn difficult to debug, however, very important to learn if you want to do webDev to get the basics.

    Python is damn easy but also very useful in data science and Machine learning.
    Generally I agree with the guy, if I was a beginner, Java + C++ + Python + some WebDev if you want is a great combination. I'd start with Java, as imo it has better syntax and is challenging enough to be interested, but not way to hard. Udemy has great course for Java which will give you an amazing understanding of programming in general!

  • You said Java is tough. But it seems much easier. Even c and c++ are very easy. I learnt them just in course of one year.

  • I'm interested in Web Design, Development, Multi platform app, games and website development.
    I studied commerce and art in high school and am an aspiring Sound Designer

  • rip for those beginner who dont understand the difference between web development syntax and programming syntax

  • I want to study computer programming. But i have no idea where to start. I don't have any experience in computer.

  • Python is good for basic task automation (starting certain programs, typing basic commands in for example DOSbox 0.74, sending e-mails, parse information from PDF documents etcetera), but I would never use Python for anything more serious, because:

    1. Python is extremely slow compared to any other programming language I know, because it's not a compiled language. You will notice the performance tax when writing a slightly longer and more complicated Python programs.
    2. Syntax errors aren't being caught at compile time (there is no compilation in Python), but at runtime, meaning that you could have a Python script running, thinking "Great! It does its job! 😀 ", go and visit a friend and seven hours later, when you return, find out that the Python script stopped working 2 minutes after you left because it bumped into a syntax error! >:-(
    3. Its desperate attempt to be simplistic actually makes it less simple. When you initialise something, you don't control what you have initialised (string, char, integer, double etcetera) and you don't control the conversions either. It all goes under the hood, without you knowing what the hell is going on. There is also no difference in syntax between initialising a variable and assigning a value to the variable. This is also very confusing.
    4. There is no preprocessor to make your life easier.
    5. Putting multiple pieces of code on one line is not possible.
    6. You need to have Python + all required packages installed to make it work. Simply testing your newly written Python script on your new computer or your friend's computer is a real pain in the ass, because you will have to go through the trouble of installing Python first.

    I especially don't understand the claim that hackers would love Python, because when you try to execute a reverse-shell on the target's computer or even a virus that is written in Python, you are getting nowhere if your target doesn't have Python installed or doesn't have the required libraries for your Python script to run.

    My advice: don't use Python as your first programming language. Start with C++ instead. C++ is awesome. It's compiled, fast, has a preprocessor, simple but not overly simplistic (you still control your program) and once compiled, it runs on any computer without having to install anything on it. 😀

    Python actually teaches you not to close of your commands with a semicolon and it teaches you not to specify the type of the variables that you are initialising, meaning that once you switch from Python to a more serious programming language like C++, you will be having a hard time.

    If you switch from C++ to Python, you are also going to have a hard time, but then you at least are used to being a good programmer instead of a lazy one. 😀

  • wait, are you telling that html is a programming language because you mixed it up with all the programming languages

  • Four years later: just learn all of JavaScript (and some of its useful frameworks), Python, MariaDB, and Web Assembly. C/C++ are almost dead (if you look at various surveys), PHP is on its way out, Java is perpetually a mess, and Objective-C is mostly for iOS development. Everyone under 40 should learn at least some JS; its the literacy of the 21st century.

  • You have no doubt been told this, but you confused JavaScript for Java in the Web Design sections. At the very least, amend the video in the video description.

  • My first language was C++ and it make me feel great about programming…..and Now there are Soo many language… many I have learned and there are many more ……but still C++ was the best boost for me in programming.

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