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What is technical communication?

There are lots of times when we want to
achieve something, but we don’t know exactly how to do it. “Technical
communication” is the term for the information that guides people in this
situation, to help us reach our goals. Without the right guidance, sometimes
things can go wrong. Technical communication is all around us. It can be information written on the product itself. It can be Help text for
a software application, or guidance text in a dialog screen. It can be a quick
reference card in a box, a “Getting Started” guide, a technical illustration,
even a comic. So what do you call someone who does technical communication for a
job? Well, you’ll see them called Technical Authors, Technical Writers,
Information Developers. A simpler term is just Technical Communicators. And the
professional body for people who do technical communication is the Institute
of Scientific and Technical Communicators. If you’d like more
information on technical communication and the value it can provide, and
technical communicators and the skills that they offer, visit the ISTC’s
website . And if you do technical communication as part of your
job, joining the ISTC could help your career.

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