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How To Learn Sign Language

What is Language?

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  • Could you make a top of what languages you think are the best to learn please? I'd like to know your opinion <3

  • Why do not I like Math just as I like languages??? 😵

    I love your videos, by the way, your voice is smooth, and I like how you look (especially on this video's thumbnail), pretty 🙌
    You are one of my favourite English coaches.

  • Well I just started to make think a lot about languages. I think language is a barrier for human to think and express at its full efficiency . As we just can not express the exact core ideas and notions to someone or ourselves . What I think to be an ideal language is one which let us share our signals between neurons in brain to replicate it into another brain. That will do the work But as we know , to replicate something we need exact materials used in the thing that has to be replicated. So, the brain of another person has to be exactly same as ours to communicate fully.

  • please relate digit numbers to this subject
    i will prove to you that all the number have meaning in languages .
    one is own and on … two is to and too and
    you need very deep thinking and knowledge to understand what is written below please …. English is not my languages …. read below …………….
    O, Squirrel! Scroll & Squeal
    Tell them the tale of the tails
    It is also a question sign
    History is his story mystery is mine
    Nine is the sign of lord of mine
    Meaning of Amen is "I am in"
    Alone is All and All is one
    No Man owns is phe-no-men-on
    Soul in sole is not our whole
    Eyes are two on the face
    we are capsule face the fact
    Eyes are Caps for the Soul
    We have soul in the Caps
    Type the "I" in the Caps
    zoom and look in the book
    "i" is on number of nine (in the dictionary)
    it is lie,lie,lie ,
    please don't call it firefly,
    fire is hot, light is not,
    shining tail is signing tale
    change the name of firefly
    If u want to call her fly
    call her fly
    but Colorfly or call our-fly
    but don;t call her butterfly
    it is better you call her better
    but butter is food and don't make us fool
    butterfly is color-fly
    light is fight against the night,
    tail is sign, sign of Lord, ………………………………….Judges 15:4
    Read the Reed that Reed of Rod………………………Revelation 11
    He rose the rows of roses
    He rows the rows of heroes
    Semantic is sea man's stick
    insulin is in Soul in.
    Glucose is glue
    which glows in skin
    Skin is an INN where he stays in
    Homophones are in hormones.
    reed is a weed, we need to read
    (Rev 11:1)
    Rod is a sign, sign is nine and nine is sign
    nine are two as eyes are two as :”Ii”s are two
    hear the tears & Fear my dear
    his art is HEart its he and art
    Eleven is a word says "I love one"
    I love one, in law of love, as All-ah is one
    It is also a Question sign
    Nine is the sign of lord of mine
    Cry of Crow is Churl in Crew
    he know lots of nothings and nos
    Words are Wards for the World of Lord
    cross the cross and stick to the stick
    semantic is sea man's stick (Moses Stick)
    don't be late to Translate the slate
    Slate is Sallat 5 count and Calculate
    imagine and define the number Ninety-nine
    its me and mine
    Abdominal is not nominal
    Nightingale is gale in night (9ingale)
    Planet of Pluto is planted as a plan
    “Write something” is matter of “Rights”
    Mater of right is “same rights for all”
    King of the kings and lord of the lords
    Read please read that reed have node
    U can grow with kangaroo
    “I” is in the “IN” and In is the in the SpINe
    Spine has the Curve and Curve is in the nine
    nine is the sign in Coxal and spine
    wonders in the words and worlds are wonderful
    Wander in worlds of Words of Lord
    One is Won and Own is One
    Don’t discard hold fast to his chord
    Revaluation of Revelation is Revolution
    Meaning of “Mean” is not always mean
    Sign in nature as nine in nature as a signature
    Cigarette is a word as sick in rats
    some one mocks when someone smoks
    keep the heaps of gold and get older than old
    oh! Innocent Saint's scent is not coins and cent
    oh! Intellectual tell them actual
    language is a edge in knowl-edge
    one is own and own is won
    watch there is no rest for wrist watch
    This is no more a SECRET that CIGARETTE makes a man SICK RAT…..
    He is ………….IN
    in the ring,
    in the finger,
    listen the ring
    please enter in the enter key enter Turkey
    Wonders of the world of words

  • "Deaf and dumb" is an anachronistic and inappropriate term to use in the present day. It is proper to say "Deaf and Hard of Hearing" when talking about the linguistic minority.

  • you 're good at mention the other things out of mention communication among people.. Language is also a bridge of past , today and future. I like your points.

  • also, I think language differentiates human beings than other Earth creatures because other creatures use communation skills for survive in nature but humans need communation for arts,relaxation or just speaking.

  • First Thanks a lot for such to the point presentation. As per my opinion language is dynamic because we humans have dynamic desires.

  • Storytelling is the most important aspect of language, not just communication. If I say "the sky is falling", I am not trying to communicate the collapse of the atmosphere, but trying to convey a story/metaphor that expresses impending doom. Pick up any book, magazine or newspaper and you'll find that sentences tell stories. Each chapter of a book tells a sub-story, each paragraph tells a story about a particular theme, and each sentence tells a mini-story of its own about its grammatical subject. The sentence "Grass is green" tells a non-fiction story about the observed color of grass, while "Grass is pink" is pure fiction, a story made up by my imagination.

  • I agree with you on what society/mainstream America thinks about what and how language is used that is quite different than the real world usage.

  • 🤔Could be the culture!
    Because, same language (English) but different spokesmen like, India, America, England, Australia and so so……

  • so you want us to buy your book to define language, that is not honest, since the title of your video is”what is language”😒

  • Language is being used for self expression. Through language we can articulate/convey our thoughts,emotions, feelings with each other.

  • Thank you for making this simpler to understand but I've read in a few sites where they stated Hockett added 3 more features so there's like 16 features. Could you explain it please?

  • The description of language in this video focuses on speech acts without reference to the brain. This is a habit of analysis carried forward from a nineteenth century taboo about theorizing what is consciousness. What is obvious about language is the sharing of words. That means speaking in the same language between two people. This is a symmetry property of knowing. One can’t know how symmetry affects language without reference to human physiology.

  • Your content is good. But please delete the term "dumb" when referring to individuals with deafness. It's offensive.

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