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How To Learn Sign Language



  • Cheyenna is a Champion
    And, the world is gonna take her name
    Such a heart of fame
    She is my dear Love 😘
    I'm a forever true fan no matter even when u grow old.
    I support you from heart 💓

  • You look gorgeous Cheyenna your boyfriend is a very lucky person to have found a special sweetheart like you love you Cheyenna

  • i’m in love with a person from another country and i’m ready to learn her native language so that she is comfortable with me. so i don’t understand those who may be busy in order to learn any language for comfort with a person whom he really likes.

  • Yes girl! Embrace the self-growth! ❤️🌸 Even though it was probably tough, it sounds like you made the right decision breaking it off with your childhood sweetheart! Love your videos! ☺️

  • Sorry you havent found 'the one'. I didnt know you were looking for me or id of been here MUCH sooner. Soo.. Whats up honey? Lol, sorry, couldn't resist

  • Hey sweetie I understandy very clearly. U are very beautiful and young what u need be happy for your future and also in my opinion just wait till your college 2 or 3 or 4 year whatever finish your graduate so however then what do u go where move and new job settle down everything being when the right time for u start date is the same work and same area or whatever u know what I mean. Rather first new friend take time if he like u or not , if u like him or not just see yourself in the future with Some one move new life with your heart ❤😊. But if u don't like my opinion then that is okay it all up to u and going flow follow your heart 💖.

  • Chey : We broke up in Halloween day xD
    Me : wat

    Edit – few mins laters

    Chey : i just realized, if i was dating someone and broke up, it was in a fall

    Me : WhatTt you Are AutUMn giRl?

  • I'm hard of hearing modraley to servely deaf i'm really sorry for my shitty spelling but you know what i mean anyways i want to learn sign lanauage 😊 ps you're extremely beautiful 😍

  • Wow that is quite the story and the things he told you about your appearance was not necessary … but im happy the ending is good where ya'll are good friends now! Really shows the maturity and growth. and yeah generally if I was in a relationship id never want the families to be so controlling. since you say you are happy as of now, I hope that whenever you do have the desire to find that special someone, that you are able to find him and it all works out! Great videooo!! new subscriber!

  • I love sign language I use it even though I can hear and this video incuriged me to use sign language so people who cant her and hear

  • Wow that can either make it easier or harder for you to find "the one" because your dating pool is limited to people who can communicate with you in sign! Interesting to think about, and you are a good story teller! Did you graduate high school early? Or did I misunderstand? Also I am curious to know more about your college. I probably missed that video lol

  • Hey Chey! I'm a year younger than you and I went to a high school near you, so I wonder if I went to the same high school as the guy you mentioned first lol. Would you feel comfortable saying whether or not he went to MTHS? 😅
    Either way, great video as usual! May your future relationships be WAY less complicated than these!!

  • 🤟🏼😁
    i wish i knew asl so we could be friends!
    You seem like a really great person!
    i love your videos with your grandma!
    You two are so sweet together!
    Lots of ALOHA to you!

  • i am deaf. I really am happy for you to have happy single life. I am too. Single life is best to focus on myself. 👍🏻🤟🏻 Really enjoy to watch your vlogs.

  • I like your vids but this is like a copy of Jazzy's vid about the same subject….. also has like the same style and everything…

  • I reaaaaally want to know sign lenguage!I think that’s beautiful and it can become useful if I will meet a deaf person.
    I’m an Italian girl but I don’t know what I have to do to learn it.
    Any advice?

  • Hi sis.
    I'm from India…first I saw you on hiho kids I love your attitude. I have a question. In that show when children you like ??? Say there dress colour plz sis 🙂

  • His family really wanted you to change to be the "ideal woman" for him? I don't know them personally, but they are damn stupid. You are gorgeous the way you are, I wish I could be as pretty as you D:

  • I have been around signing and deaf all of my life So, I know a lot, but there are times people do sign to fast for me (I am not saying you should change this is just my personal experience) I can sign fast I watch you to become better at reading

  • Hi’ I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your videos. I am a hearing person and am studying ASL at my local community college and your videos have been so helpful because I can practice while still enjoying your content. I want to be a nurse and knowing ASL is going to be so helpful in making everyone feel comfortable in their appointments. Thanks for making awesome videos!!!

  • hi, i love your channel! i was feeling kinda upset and when i watched your videos i forgot about everything that happened! thank you <3

  • Your personality same just like my friend such a great person always helpful,cheerful and funny person until he died in a car accident with his 😢brother …. i hope one day i meet him soon but right now i need somebody to connect with somebody so special like you i believe in myself you a great person irl i hope you read this and always keep that happy face and keep believe in yourself …. REMEMBER YOU SPECIAL 👍🏻😌🙂#alwayshavingpositivevibes

  • I’ve dated a deaf girl once. She had implants and so she could hear and talk. She was also foreign. Had an accent on top of her tone. Yet it was easy to understand her. Knew her for 5 years. Her and I don’t talk anymore which makes me sad. I miss her.

  • Do you think you could put in subtitles? I want to enjoy the video but sometimes I can’t pick up on context clues and things like that. I also think since we would know what you were saying all the time, you would have a bigger audience! It’s fine if you can’t though

    Like if you agree!

  • I luv uuu I hope u are a good person and don’t abuse animals and have a good heart I subscribed I’m new to ur channel 👍

  • I love your thought of connect deep and what your experience in relationship. The relationships is never be easy for sure. Keep it going where is your happy there for you.

  • I kind of get frustrated when people say they want to learn how to sign but then never even try to seek out resources to learn. It makes me want to avoid talking about signing all together with hearing people… And I think I come off kind of aloof or snobby. But I just don't want to feel like I have to take responsibility for another person's learning if they aren't really committed to trying.

  • ew a family should never be involved in a relationship. They can support, be friend and whatever but like controlling it and telling him when to ask you out. Ew no. A relationship should only be between the 2 people it is between. You did the right thing getting out it wasn't healthy. Also "be with him eternal"….ermmm what? He'd just asked you out. You make that agreement when you get married to someone not when your boyfriend gives you a ring the instant he asks you out. That's the whole point of dating to see if they're the one not deciding they're the one the instant you start dating and being locked into some kind of weird unfounded contract. His family sound whack.

  • The only way I communicate with my deaf friend is to type it out. Signing I find totally impossible for me. Life should be so much easier for these people

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