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What is harassment?

Harassment Harassment occurs when a person’s behaviour
undermines the dignity and psychological or physical well-being of another person or persons. It can involve offensive, disparaging, hostile
or unwanted remarks or behaviour directed at a person or a group of persons. Harassment based on a personal characteristic
is considered as discriminatory harassment, which is forbidden by the Charter of Human
Rights and Freedoms. For example, it is prohibited to make repeated
jokes and remarks about a co-worker’s sexual orientation. The following personal characteristics are
forbidden grounds of harassment pursuant to the Charter: Age
Civil status Disability
Ethnic or national origin Language
Political convictions Pregancy
Race or colour Religion
Sex Sexual orientation
Social condition Watch our video clips on each of these ground of harassment for more information. Harassment is prohibited by the Charter in
the following areas: Employment
Housing Public services, public transport, and public
places (including restaurants, schools, businesses, and camp sites) Juridical acts (including insurance policies and contracts) Watch our video clips on each of these areas
for more information. Contact us if you think you are a victim of
harassment or to learn more about harassment: By TTY: 514 873-2648
or by E-mail: [email protected]

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