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What is discrimination?

Discrimination Discrimination occurs when an individual or a group of individuals is treated differently on account of personal characteristics discrimination may occur through
distinction exclusion or preference it can be
practiced by an individual or by an organization there are several forms of
discrimination : direct, indirect and systemic. All forms of
discrimination are prohibited under the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms and therefore prohibited in Quebec. For example you cannot be refused access
to business because you are accompanied by a service dog or not be hired because you use a
wheelchair The following personal characteristics are forbidden grounds of
discrimination pursuant to the Charter: Age; Civil status; Disability; Ethnic or national origin; Language; Political convictions; Pregnancy; Race or color; Religion; Sex; Sexual orientation; and, lastly, Social condition. Watch our video clips on each of these
grounds of discrimination for more information Discrimination is prohibited by the
Charter in the following areas: Employment Housing Public services, public transport and public places including restaurant, schools, businesses and camp sites. Juridical acts including insurance policies and contracts Watch our video clips on each of these areas for more information If you think you are a victim of discrimination or to learn more about discrimination Contact us: by TTY: 514 873-2648 or by E-mail: [email protected]

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