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How To Learn Sign Language

What is AUSLAN? – International Day of Sign Language

JACK: Just like Bianca and Bradley, there are thousands of Aussies
affected by hearing loss who use Auslan every day. Auslan stands for
Australian Sign Language. It uses hand and body movements,
as well as facial expressions, to make up different words
and different phrases. Oh, and you might have
already guessed, it’s unique to Australia. Yep. Just like spoken languages, sign languages differ
from country to country, and they’ve actually been around
for thousands of years. Auslan is a mix of
Irish and British sign languages that were brought here
in the early 1800s. Over the years,
it was adapted and changed, and about 20 years ago, the first
Auslan dictionary was published, and it was recognised
as an official language. “Son.” “Grandfather.” Just like any other language, picking it up takes
a lot of time and practice, but these guys say
it’s an awesome skill to learn. GIRL 1: Feel good today?
GIRL 2: Yeah. Today it’s even taught in
some schools around Australia as a second language. You say, “How old are you?” That’s how we do it. Community groups reckon
it’s really great that more people are picking it up, because it means
they can communicate with people who are deaf or hearing impaired. Even Santa is giving it a go. INTERPRETER: Yeah,
there’s definitely a huge benefit, so they can still help
a deaf person participate in their community
in everyday life. Like you were saying,
going to a grocery store and being able to have basic
communication and basic conversation is a huge thing for them. And here are some phrases
you can start practising right now.

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