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What is “AirDrop” and how to use it?

6 Replies to “What is “AirDrop” and how to use it?”

  • I remember that in my middle school someone AirDroped a video of Girl Master-bating and having her dog lick her *OOF* ….that girl sat behind me in Art Class….

  • all this dumb shit they keep coming up with and its all the same crap, look i still use whatsapp for texting and sending a few messages and entertainment feeds but that's about it, i really really don't care all that much about social media in general its a waste of time on this earth right now, and all they do is flood the market with apps that all do the same damn thing, this is why i really don't understand how the phone market is taking all of the attention away from systems that can actually teach you some real skills.

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