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What if the first Deaf player joins Overwatch League? (American Sign Language with CC)

Hello everyone. My name is Crow_Se7en. Welcome to my vlog Let’s talk about what if the first Deaf player joins Overwatch League Hold on… Have you watched Overwatch League? I guess definitely not Overwatch is a new, popular league for Overwatch It’s almost like NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, etc I’m a fan of New York Excelsior New York is like my second home state. I live in New Jersey Anyway… I remember Overwatch came out on launch day I bought that game right away. I play it almost every day I was obsessing with Genji. He’s really good He’s one of the three stars characters. Three stars mean hard. One star is easy and two stars are medium Did you watch my previous vlog, My eSports experience? I was the sub player for RIT, Rochester Institute of Technology Overwatch team How did we communicate each other? Hold that part I showed up for practice with them I didn’t know which character should I play? I was a DPS main DPS stands for Damage Per Second For example, Genji, Pharah, Tracer, McCree, Soldier 76, etc. The asked me if I can play Ana, the healer Before the practice started, they gave me the plans. For example, Ana’s ult is nano-boost to power up the player Who should I boost? They said I had to boost Genji If Genji uses his ult, I have to boost him right away If Genji’s ult is not ready, I can boost the second person, Reinhardt anytime Sometime, we made the short messages before respawn For example, “good job crow!”, “nice sleep dart!” and whatever Now, I’m done with RIT Overwatch team because I graduated last year It was a good experience and I learned a lot from them I continued practicing Overwatch almost every night I started to play the healers more than DPS The reason is why am I focusing on the healers? There are many DPS mains who will not be willing to play tanks and healers Fine… I have to play the healers I played Lucio and Ana often But… Lucio and Ana are not really good They’re not the strong healers Overwatch League was established last year I saw the teams list and I found New York team I definitely support that team from New York Like I said, New York is my second home state I looked at the New York players list All of the players are Koreans, not Americans. They came from South Korea Oh great. Of course, the Korean players are very good I thought New York Excelsior, NYXL is an American team That’s fine. Anyway I watched NYXL’s matches for preseason NYXL played really well and everything was smooth The won several times but they lost by Seoul Dynasty Finally, Overwatch League first season just started last month NYXL won a lot but they lost once in the regular season NYXL is the strongest team but there are three strongest teams Seoul, of course. Obviously. New York and London. All of these teams are Korean I always watch Overwatch League since preseason I learned from the professional players. They’re very good I decided to play Zenyatta often because he’s a stronger healer I saw the picture of the NYXL player, JJoNaK He’s very good like a monster He is like best Zenyatta ever in the whole world, period JJoNaK gave two tips, how to play Zenyatta better I definitely took his advice I was practicing Zenyatta I improved with Zenyatta… Big time… I remember I was okay with Zenyatta Now, I got a lot of hits and kills I played with Zenyatta well. My average kill streak is like more than 5 kills My best kill streak for Zenyatta is 24 The funny part that the few players said I played like JJoNaK I don’t really play like JJoNaK but I wish Maybe, I will be deaf JJoNaK. Who knows? Finally, back to the point Now, I can talk about what if the first Deaf player joins Overwatch League I read the article about the first female player joins Shanghai Dragons, the team from China She plays really well with Zarya Many people thought she was a hacker but she wasn’t Like she has a pure skill with Zarya She is best Zarya in the whole world I was wondering… if I become the first deaf player joins Overwatch League… Will it change Overwatch community? I’m pretty sure that they will drop their jaws like… Please close your mouths You have to understand that it’s not very easy to join Overwatch League The professional players are one of the top 500 players in Overwatch competitive Hold on… Did you watch CS:GO eSports? Nah, never mind Ok There is a well known deaf and blind guy in CS:GO community He loves to play CS:GO His username is Lo0p Many people bullied him Finally, the professional eSports team , EnVyUs from France offered him to become their streamer That was a big opportunity for the deaf and blind guy That was nice The only one hope is somewhere… out there I wish I could know how and where can I start. I need to know where can I put my first step I have a lot of Overwatch short clips in my YouTube channel Go on the computer Go to Overwatch website Search my name, CrowSe7en Look at my stats and tell me if I’m good or not Believe me, I’m really bad like noob My level is really low… Bronze… Trust me That’s all, folks. Can you imagine if I join Overwatch League It will be a huge change for Overwatch community and deaf community, right? Thank you for watching. Please click Subscribe, Like, Share, or whatever that will help me a lot. See you in the next video

5 Replies to “What if the first Deaf player joins Overwatch League? (American Sign Language with CC)”

  • That would change the community fersure! I hope one day that'll happen! Im a sign language interpreter major and i play with some deaf people on my friends list. One from California and one in Thailand. What i usually do in order to communicate in comp. Is type in chat like "zar still has ult. Watch. Or Widow back left" If you ever want to want to play let me know! Im low gold at the moment haha "Weeab00jones #1210" 🤘

  • Good luck CrowSe7en! I am a deaf person who likes to play OW too. I hope you can make your dream come true! I didn't like the fact that NYXL is also full korean. I identify with your story when RIT told you not to play dps and play heal instead, maybe that had the impression it would be too hard to communicate with an "important role" like dps and because of your disability it's better you play "the healer" that maybe doesn't need to be talked to so much, that way they can also easily press X on the keyboard to ask for healing, right?

  • For you to do that I would love to happen but I think you need to become better first as I've never seen you play competitive on your streams.

  • A deaf girl recently joined a pro team (FaZe). Work very hard to become a pro and take your chance 😉

    On my side, I'm a CSGO player and I'll work very hard for a chance to become a pro player.

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