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How To Learn Sign Language

What does a Speech-language Therapist do?

What does a speech-language therapist do? They help people of all ages communicate – from young children in kohanga reo and kindergartens to older people who have had an illness We all need to be able to talk – our reo is a big part of who we are I remember when my Koro had a stroke, he couldn’t speak for a few weeks, he was so frustrated the speech-language therapist worked with him every day in the hospital to help him get his words out and swallow kai safely They also work with babies and toddlers having trouble feeding and adults with swallowing difficulties, like after a brain injury or cancer It was a speech-language therapist who helped when my cousin was born and he wasn’t feeding well They are experts on all areas of the brain,
mouth, throat and voice box They even have these new roles in the courts now, communication assistants – helping those on trial and those giving evidence if they have difficulty with language or communication Speech-language therapists work in so many different places if you or your whānau need help with
communication or swallowing look for a qualified speech-language therapist registered with the NZSTA

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