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West Wing Tour | In Sign Language and Audio Description

Leah Katz Hernandez: This is
a tour of the West Wing in sign language. My name is Leah
Katz Hernandez. I’m the West Wing
receptionist here at the White House. Since 1902, many world
leaders and every day Americans have entered
through these doors. Let’s go! Welcome to the
West Wing lobby. This is where I sit as I
welcome visitors and guests of the President, the
chief of staff, the vice president, and other senior
staff in the West Wing. This area is called the west
colonnade, flanked by the columns you see here. It’s also called the
“45 Second Commute”. The President walks from the
residence in the White House across the colonnade
to the Oval Office. Behind us is
the Rose Garden. This is where important
events are hosted such as announcements from the
President, bill signings and it’s also where the
Thanksgiving turkeys are pardoned. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was a daily
wheelchair user, which is the reason we
have this ramp. Today, the commute from the
residence to the West Wing of the White House is
accessible to all people with disabilities. We are now standing in the
White House press briefing room. It is named after James S. Brady who became paralyzed
while serving President Reagan. You may have noticed the
unique shape of the room. The long rectangular space
if the former site of a swimming pool built
for Franklin D. Roosevelt who used to swim
laps as part of his physical therapy. Today the White House press
secretary uses this space to interact on a daily basis
with members of the White House press corps. This room is named the
Cabinet room because this is where the President holds
official meetings with his most senior appointed staff
known collectively, of course, as his cabinet. The room is decorated in a
1940s era design inspired by President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s time. Looking around this table,
can you tell which chair is reserved for the President? It’s easy to spot because
it’s the only chair that is slightly taller
than the rest. So you can always tell where
the President will sit. This is the Roosevelt Room,
formerly known as the fish room. At the time, it was
decorated in a fish motif including an
actual aquarium. It was renamed to honor both
Presidents Roosevelt whose portraits hang on
the wall behind me. Theodore Roosevelt, the
President who built the West Wing, and Franklin D. Roosevelt who renovated it. Standing here, we are just
steps from the President’s office. Here we are at the Oval
Office, the distinguished office of the President. With the President
working here each day. I’m sure you can imagine
what goes on inside. Thank you for coming
on this tour with me. I had a great time. Now I’ve got to
get back to work.

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