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Welcome to my hometown & Sleepover with DY, MK | Johnny’s Communication Center (JCC) Ep.10

JOHNNY said there’s
a Starbucks near his house – Yes
– We’re almost here – Are you nervous?
– Yes – Really?
– I don’t know why – Is this it?
– This is it We’re here – What is it?
– That’s a beautiful home We’re here! JOHNNY’s home! Wow, let’s get it!
Let’s get it! What are you doing, mom? – What are you up to?
– Hello! – Hello!
– What are you doing not hugging him? Wow, JOHNNY JOHNNY! JOHNNY! JOHNNY! I’m embarrassed Let’s go in Come in Hello! TAEYONG~ Wow! Hey guys, come here This is my dad Hi everyone – Let’s attack JOHNNY’s room
– I don’t know where my room is I guess this is my room now This is great Look at this JOHNNY’s parents
did this for him Wow, look at this – It’s JOHNNY’s young photos
– How embarrassing Wow! – This is amazing
– This is during the trainee days This is during the trainee days Right, right This is the photo – This photo…
– It’s gotten really big They enlarged it JOHNNY, let’s eat Is the food ready? – Are you eating, dad?
– Hey JOHNNY – Are you eating?
– Yes – You’re not making more, are you?
– What? – You don’t have to cook more
– Did you eat already? I’m already full – Really?
– Yes You’re not sick
anywhere, right? I’m good – You look healthy
– Yes Don’t I look healthy? Of course What about you, dad? Of course I’m healthy I eat a lot, sleep a lot I work hard I’m healthy – Thanks for the meal!
– Thanks for the meal! Thanks for the meal! This is kimchi stew Homemade kimchi stew! I thought this was the type of food
you would crave the most That’s true Seriously This is kalbi roasted
by JOHNNY’s father Kalbi Is this my son? My love! He’s the love of my life! Why are you avoiding her? JOHNNY You’ve always shown JOHNNY love You’ve always done so I’ve always done so On my way home from work I’d go “My love JOHNNY~”
from the car and run towards him – JOHNNY?
– He imitates your voice often ‘My love JOHNNY~’ MARK’s watermelon mukbang He’s not eating the watermelon because
he wants to, but out of responsibility That’s not true Welcome to… Welcome Home! JOHNNY This is the main point The O is the main point This… is my middle school graduation photo So I was looking for my photo albums
which are nowhere to be found but I remembered
when I hid my 2 dollar bills I hid this when I was in middle school My dad gave me one every
year for some reason Yeah, and so like… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… 7 years And I probably spent three
somewhere in the middle Actually, I got nervous I didn’t think I’d get nervous But now I’m here feeling welcome He’s my only son So we’d always go on a trip
every Friday up until Sunday He was so pretty when he was young And when we went to the grocery store, everyone just looked at him Everyone Shall we take a look at
JOHNNY’s graduation photo? I don’t remember where I put it Then let’s guess who JOHNNY is JOHNNY – That’d be really easy
– We might not be able to guess I guessed it correctly every time – JOHNNY
– JOHNNY This is hard This… It’s still all here Have fun Thanks for coming I’m glad you enjoyed your meal Thanks for the meal Are you guys leaving? I love JOHNNY’s mom I love her We’re at JOHNNY’s house in Chicago MARK and I are staying
over at JOHNNY’s house I’m riding a car JOHNNY’s
driving for the first time – Where should we go first?
– ‘Target’? ‘Target’? What do they sell there? – Everything
– Everything? Let’s go there This is like James Corden’s
‘Carpool Karaoke’ Sing, MARK – I’d need to have something I can sing
– Sing for us Wait (♪ Khalid – Talk) This is so good It’s Target! Are we here? We’re at Target I’m excited It’s been a while
since I’ve been to Target JOHNNY’s driving with one hand JOHNNY’s parking He parked in one try Okay, welcome to another ‘JCC’ Today, we’re here with DOYOUNG, MARK Yes, in Chicago We’re right now in Chicago We’re in my town Everyone has just left my house but these two are going
to have a sleepover Sleepover! – Shall we do a pajama party?
– Of course Well MARK has, but DOYOUNG
has never been to Target before Target – So yes…
– Let’s go! It’s been a while Don’t we need to buy
your mom a gift? Oh! – I mean it is a little late, but…
– I haven’t thought of it For my mom, you’d need
to go to a department store – We have to sleep late tonight
– Yes, late We’re young What do we drink? – How about these pizza bites?
– I like this vibe! Really? These are good Pizza rolls? This is really good – This is really good
– This is good Let’s buy this Wait, I mean this This is it This is the one I wanted
but this is more delicious No? – Let’s go with this
– Okay We got some Bagel bites That’s the feeling I’m going to live
like an American tonight We’re going to… buy some toiletries Great idea
Shall we? That’s why we came in the first place! Oh that’s why – We were just too excited
– Exactly I have a toothbrush I need toothpaste I don’t have a toothbrush Then since we’re here I should just buy one as well Are you guys matching toothbrushes? Getting couple brushes? This, this
I want to buy some… Hold on, hold on I lost my shorts at the Phoenix Hotel How is it? How is Target so far? So far? Well, it’s similar to Korea but the goods here are different Did I point out something too obvious? Don’t we need pajamas? – I also need pajamas
– I was thinking the same thing Like shorts itself has
room for pajamas… Then, it’s time for JOHNNY’s… Fake – All of a sudden?
– All of a sudden? I want to buy this So I bought one hoodie because it’s cold in Chicago And one pair of shorts I mean, that’s all you need Why don’t we play
hide from DOYOUNG? We’re going to hide
from DOYOUNG right now We’re going to see how long
it lasts before we get caught Okay Let’s see how long it takes
for him to find us Dude, where is he? What if he’s playing
the same game as us? He’s hiding from us It’s started – Is he calling?
– Yes Did you avoid me on purpose? What do you think about this? – Did you not pick up on purpose?
– Wow, wow, wow – We were looking for you
– That’s mean – We hid for 8 minutes
– We only lasted 8 minutes Seriously – That’s too bad
– I was looking for you so much It’s really big here It’s really big I couldn’t find you That’s hilarious Did you do rock paper scissors before? How about the loser pays for this? – Okay?
– Really? I think I’m going to lose I don’t have a good feel about this after we came to America This is how DOYOUNG is like Who’s going to buy all of this? I don’t have a good feeling – Let me decide what I’ll release
– I’m going to put out rock Rock paper scissors It was meant to be This is your place I was shaking It’s been a while
since I was this nervous If it gets to 120, I’m going to buy a couple
snacks to make it 130. Okay? Very funny JOHNNY, look at the price That’s right
JOHNNY’s paying Thank you JOHNNY Suh See that card?
That goes from him! Because of a game of
rock paper scissors I have lost You paid for all of us 203 dollars and 89 cents It was meant to be We’re done with our Target shopping Where should we go?
We should decide that right now – Let’s decide where to go
– Where? I thought you wanted to go to Starbucks Okay I was think we could also
go for like frozen yogurt I’m not a yogurt fan I can’t eat yogurt It’s like ice cream Okay, never mind Okay guys – Starbucks it is
– Starbucks it is Your mom told us to come home early ( ♪ Lauv – Never Not) Do you want to go in? Or drive-thru? Drive-thru Hello? Is it closed? Shall we go up front? Right? – It’s closed
– It’s closed – Do you want to go to my school?
– Shall we? Great, great Will it be visible at night? We can just stay there
for a short while But normally on ‘Carpool Karaoke’ you need
to turn on your own songs Seriously It’s the last song (♪ Welcome To My Playground) We should listen to it loudly You know what it is! (♪ Highway to Heaven) – I love this part
– Yes (♪ Superhuman) – I think we’re here
– Right It’s my elementary school On this late evening On this late evening we’re going to JOHNNY’s… what do you call it?
Elementary school? Yes We’re at his elementary school All right Did you play here? A lot See-saw? A see-saw? Wow! – This is interesting
– What is this? – Sit on here
– What is it? Isn’t it interesting? – What is it?
– What is it? What is this? Do you ride in the middle as well? Yes The sound is freaking me out Isn’t this sound really freaky? You’re going to get hurt You’re supposed to jump off Jump off! When you do ‘Wake up’ tomorrow Your knee is going to hurt It’s great – What is it?
– Excuse me? Wait, he didn’t
open the door for us He was the only one who got in – Wait, oh my goodness
– No, wait It’s not funny – Stop joking around
– Wait Do you see what he’s
doing right now? He just left us No, no, no! No! Done I just thought I could
run faster than the car That’s my high school on the right – On the right
– It’s the gym! The gym – Are we here?
– What? – Is it your house?
– Yes I didn’t even recognize your house That we were here All right We are back Okay guys We have all changed into
our pajamas that we have bought We’re doing a sleepover We’re about to sleep Having everyone welcome me was very heartwarming I guess home was like home There’s no place like home There isn’t I hope everyone has a great night or a great day whatever it
is when you’re watching this We definitely did I was really happy
I hope you guys are happy I hope these guys are happy Tomorrow’s going to be
our concert in Chicago and that’s going to be amazing Chi-town So… – Let’s tell everyone good night
– All right Joh-Fam Good night! Peace

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