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Welcome to Dibs On Blue!

Hello, welcome to Dibs On Blue! My name is Stephanie and this is my sign name. I wanna give you some information about this
channel, you know, what it’s for, what I’m gonna do, and what not. For a long time now, I’ve been fascinated
with board games, obsessed really. I love playing them so much. So, my goal for this channel, is really to
set-up a channel that provides support to the Deaf community. So Deaf people and hearing people can really
come together and enjoy the same games. What’s funny is that every time my husband
and I and our friends get together to play games… what inevitably happens is that,
sometimes you have to pick a color right? You know, like you’re green, and you’re yellow, and blah blah blah. Well, what inevitably happens is that we all
wanna be blue. Happens every time. So when I was thinking about what to call
this channel, I was like ah ha! Dibs On Blue Which obviously basically means, I want control
of the blue pieces. I call dibs, and much to their dismay, no
one else can be blue. So uh I’m gonna be doing some signing on
this channel, but you can hear me voicing what I’m signing too, so. Now, Deaf and hearing are on the same level! I also have captions available to you if you
want to read them, but that’s entirely up to you. Oh, I also want you to be aware that ASL teachers
are always on the lookout for different kinds of fun games that they can adapt and use for
their classrooms. But many times they don’t know how or which
games would be a good fit pertaining to their classrooms and what they’re teaching at
that moment. So, one of my goals is really to help ASL
teachers, figure out and analyze different kinds of games. I’ll give you some ideas and then you might
be able to use those games. In each video, I’ll pick a game and I’ll
explain different aspects of that game, like the concept and the goals, and the rules, and stuff like that. Then, if it’s possible, my friends and I
will get together and play the game using sign language, which you can then watch if
you so choose. My vision for the future of this channel,
is obviously to accommodate Deaf people, but honestly what I really want is to provide
equal access for ALL people. I want the world to not only open their minds,
but open their hearts to everyone, so that everyone can enjoy gaming. Including people who are blind and people
with various disabilities. Anyone! If this is of interest to you, please subscribe
to this channel! Share the link! Help me urge others to partake in watching. If you have any questions or comments, feel
free to leave them below in the comments section and I’ll respond. Thanks for watching! See you later! Bye! If you enjoyed watching, click subscribe (the logo) and share the link! Bye!

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