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Weekly Hebrew Words with Yaara – Bugs and Insects

Hi everyone! שָׁלוֹם (shalom) my name
is Yaara and this is Hebrew weekly words. This week’s theme is…
חרקים (ħarakim) – Bugs and insects.
Who doesn’t like this theme? Yeah! מקק – (makak) “cockroach” Yeah, those are the nasty creatures that come into your house at night and they are like this big and they are brown and sometimes they can fly and you are like – why? I am not comfortable with killing them. I feel so. It feels so mean. So… but what can you do? My cat used to kill cockroaches and bring me the legs as a present. He used to put them in a little pile on my bed. That’s a true story. !תעביר לי את הכפכף הזה, יש פה מקק
(ta’avir li et ha-kafkaf ha-ze, yesh po makak!)
“Bring me that flip-flop, there is a cockroach here.” תולעת – (tola’at) “worm”
You know what’s worse than finding a worm in an apple? Finding half worm in half an apple! !איכס, יש תולעת בתפוח שלי
(eekhs, yesh tola’at ba-tapuaħ sheli!)
“Eww.There is a worm in my apple.” Wash your hands. זבוב – (zvuv) “fly”
Fly, that’s a funny word. זבוב (zvuv) My grandmother had an electric net. *bzzzzz* nasty… . בקיץ יש המון זבובים
(ba-kayits yesh hamon zvuvim.)
“There are a lot of flies in summer time.” יתוש- (yatush) “mosquito”
These creatures are mean. The curse of
every camping trip. They are here to ruin you. .יתושים הם מרושעים
(yatushim hem merusha’im.)
“Mosquitoes are mean.” דבורה – (dvora) “bee”
I stepped on a bee once barefoot, it obviously stung me and I – my foot was so swollen,
it was basically like this shape, like round shape. It was kind of funny looking back at it. .דבורים הן מאוד חרוצות
(dvorim hen me’od ħarutzot.)
“Bees are very hard working”. And they are pretty . They have these yellow stripes and these…
So that’s it. Thank you very much for watching. Today we talked about bugs and insects – (ħarakim). Be sure to check out our website and I will see you next week on Hebrew weekly
words, bye. Oh my god, spiders are good, kind, hardworking creatures, caterpillars are cute.
They look like tiny and chubby and like uh….caterpillar.

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