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Warm Gesture for Dogs In Cold Weather in Brazil.

Sometimes kindness never cost you anything. All you need is to have a good heart which
can understand the feelings of unsaid signals for those who are in need of help. This particular story has revived our belief
on humanity which needs no boundaries, language or limits. This story belongs to Brazil where employees
at a bus terminal took an initiative to provide a safe place to stray dogs from cold weather
at the terminal. But they had not enough resource to comfort
the animals. This venture would have need electric heaters,
cozy bedding, and some food to feed the homeless dogs. But they never stopped their mission because
of scarce means. So they thought to use the bus old tiers as
beds and coverlets as blankets for dogs to keep them warm. Dogs from the nearby area of Curitiba central
bus station now visits this place frequently. This story became internet sensation a while
ago when an official from that area Fabiane Rosa share the story on her official Facebook
page. She proudly commented on the internet about
that she saw three dogs at the bus station. And they were provided comfort from the employees
of the bus station. When she investigated more about the founder
of this mission she came to know that three people named Zoinho, Max, and Pitoco are the
most active members of this mission. And they started it without any help from
any rescue company. And she envies those guys so much as they
are role model to our society. We highly appreciate such acts of kindness
for the animals. Because little acts of sympathy can improve
our world without much effort. Do share this story to let your friends know
about this story.

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