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How To Learn Sign Language


Good afternoon, long time no see So this has been a highly requested video I’m gonna make this as quick as possible because I just don’t want to overwhelm my students Now we always say that signing is like mini charades. Most of it is common sense But before we go into everything the number one thing that you should know is the alphabet I could stand here and teach you that But the alphabet is something that you have to practice and memorize on your own I’ll give you a quick run-through and then you can go back in this video to practice and memorize also add a chart end For you to refer to ah Oh one last thing when you’re practicing the alphabet try to keep your hands When you’re practicing the alphabet try to keep your hands steady, for example When you sign don’t bounce it like this or else it makes me and other deaf ears look like bobbleheads. We just like so just Keep it steady that works best for Everyone so to begin the run-through A-b-c-d II Gee But GE, I like to remember by thinking I’m taking a piece of gum out of my mouth go G G H I Turned by the way, so you can see the whole hand. It’s not you shouldn’t actually turn I’m just turning so you can see H I J So J you just draw J in English J Okay I’ll common sense. Um And oh Also common sense Oh P so P is just like K, but it’s upside down p q Q is just like G, but it’s also upside down. I think the magazine GQ GQ GQ q r s We hit thumb in in front t u v w x Is like you make a hook like a pirate or something X Y & Z You draw Done so that’s the alphabet. Please go back and memorize that um If you already have that memorize you’re definitely prodigy so next I’m just gonna teach you a few signs that I think all Beginners know first off if you start a conversation with someone who is no sign You should probably say hey I just know little bit of so they know up button that they should sign at a slower pace and probably communicate more clearly so this is I know a little sign I Not this not this this one finger I Know No, not this this is think no I know Little little not big little sign So in full I Know And then you said and then you can have a conversation which will most likely start off with hi, my name is you can say Hi My not. I remember my so this is I and this is my My and the name is you put two H’s together in top choice Hi my name and Then if you have the alphabet memorized you can fingerspell it Or if you have a sign name, for example, my name is chella My sign name is chella only people who are deaf or hard of hearing can give you a signing It’s not Your sign name typically is a result of your personality or a physical attribute or something unique about you Okay, so we know I know little sign and we also went over hi, my name is There is no ace by the way you don’t have to sign is you can just start fingerspelling mini There’s a lot of English words that are unnecessary in sign language and you can still get the boy another tip. Sorry I’m just remembering as I continue if you have double letters in your name or a triple wedding Just anyone have a triple letter No If you have a double letter in your name for example chellamma you wouldn’t do C H-e-l-l-o Instead of doing this slide it over to the right the next phrase. I’m gonna teach you is how are you? How are you? Again How How Are you remember to not do this? This is your but how are you? How are you? And if you want to respond back like good? Good Good Keep in mind that good is also thank you and it’s also you’re welcome really depends on the context, but you can say good or you could even say Fine. So, how are you? Good fine Let’s see Amazing amazing How are you amazing fine Good or if someone asks you in school, you’re probably tired This means I’m asking by the way like I have a question where I’m asking you and then if you want a part you can say have Have and then go back to what I just taught you good have a Good day a is another word that you don’t necessarily need in sign language. So De think of this as if the Sun is moving throughout the whole day dead stay Stay another thing to know if you and the person that you’re talking to our parting ways You could be like it was nice to meet you nice Nice Nice I don’t know how many would like to be nice To me. I love this sign because it’s actually like two people coming up together Nice to me and you know the last one you not your you Nice to meet you Nice to meet you, too This is like same similar. I love coffee. You will coffee the house Lastly I do this one all the time, and I should probably explain it by now. I love you So this was actually made because it is a combination of ily the letters I-l-y all of him. I love you. You could also be like, I love you You don’t necessarily have to love Van Wyck, but you’re confessing your love for them No, sometimes when people who signs say goodbye, we just go It’s fine to do that. Now. I am assigning you all homework my first move as professor Then if you post it put my name in the title So I can find it. I hope this helped you guys


  • Well, I’ve been learning sign language for a couple of days and this video had lots of remaining detail. Only reason I learned is because there is this little preschool boy who is deaf and I like talking to him so I learn it for his little ♥️.

  • 5:13 In German, we have triple-lettered words, like e.g. "Schifffahrt" (= shipping/navigation/going by ship). But at the moment, I cannot think of a German triple-lettered name … 😉

  • 4:31 If you get a sign name by a deaf person, is this sign then an actual "normal" sign for an English word, or is it also possible that the deaf person kinda invents a sign that represents you, so it becomes your sign name?

  • This was really helpful. I loved the different angles of the signs and explications as to how you can remember it. Thx!

  • It only took me 5-10minutes to learn the ASL alphabet and how to spell my name thanks Chella. I do have a friend that’s deaf. My aunt is also teaching her very young baby daughter aka my cousin some simple sign language stuff like “hungry,” “more,” and “food.” Your video is amazing and I really appreciate it. Thanks again!😌🙏🏽

  • im doing it for my deaf friend bc i love him 💙 and bc he is my friend and i’ll do anything for him

  • I have a kinda stupid question. I’m left handed. I’ve always finger spelt with my left hand because I have a friend who’s partially deaf, he typically wears hearing aids but at home he takes them out and uses ASL. Should I always use my right hand? Because I typically use my left hand.

  • This is really awesome but just btw every yes no questions are eyebrows up but wh- questions including how are you are eyebrows down

  • I know a little bit like the alphabet and some other phrases. Since in my school one of the grads was deaf and we wanted to be able to congratulate her

  • Do the letters have to be together to put it to the side because in my name Olivia I have Two I ‘ in my name but they are not together

  • My name is Melody im 14 years old and hard of hearing i wear hearing aids i just love sign language i think it’s super cool i have a question was it easy to learn and remember certain word like I don’t know big words like a name of a certain medication or something like that

  • This is amazing I have a deaf friend and I always just write what I am saying but this can make things go so much better thank you so much

  • I've been trying to learn ASL on and off for about year now, but i found out there is a sign language proper to where I live. I still want to know ASL then try to learn the difference. For now i know a bit of the base in ASL and i know how to say "I want a hotdog with mustard" in QSL (quebec sign language) haha. Anyway I love your videos!

  • My friend taught me how to remember “p” by that it looks like a person(who happens to have the diddly doo) peeing

  • Since we don’t know sign(for the people that don’t) you should’ve done how to say “that’s all I know” so the way you can end the conversation but this really helped thank you!

  • WOW now I'm learning four languages!!! I speak Portuguese (BR), and I'm learning English, Spanish, LIBRAS (Brazilian sign languages) and now American sign languages!! I need luck!

  • I am italian and I don't know if there is only one global sign language or there is one for every nation …btw I love you…you are very good in communication 🙂 thanks

  • I wanted to learn ASL and I know the alphabet but the way The Daily Sign was treated because of her videos makes me less interested because I don’t want to be bashed

  • I’m so happy I found a good video I learned this very easily mostly some videos don’t work but make more of these I’m not forcing you to if you don’t want I’m recommending

  • So my friend came into class one day ( haha not that I have any )

    And she started flexing on us with sign language

    Then one of my other friends turned round and said

    That’s American Sign Language

    Big oof

  • So I’m deaf (but only about a quarter or a tad more) and I have always felt guilty I don’t know my own thing that I should know. Thank you for making this video. 🙂 also I feel like since not many people will be going to France or Mexico in their life it would be more helpful for sign language because that would be a more everyday thing. Also then if everyone had a glass for asl everyday at school everyone could learn it and deaf people will be able to come to a school for often. 😁

  • from a person that has never even came close to knowing sign or anything about it, after the first phrase he showed the first words that left my mouth ahem "THATS COOL!"

  • hi chella! is it important which hands you use? like,, for example if i sign "day" does it matter which hand is on top? or is it coherent either way?

  • Did they change the finger sign for G? I was taught it was like H but with one finger pointing sideways instead of 2

  • How I used to see sign language: 👉☝️👎✊👊🤙🖐🤜🤲🙌🤝🤝🤝🤟👏👊🤛🙌

  • I think it's so stupid that every country has other signs, even the alphabet is different, it's already so hard for them to communicate with others and it's even harder with all the different languages

  • i badly wanna learn sign language and it's taking me so long too choose what video i should watch. But then i saw this cute guy in the thumbnail so clicked the vid immediately lol

  • Thank you so much! The other day at work a woman came in with a deaf man, and I really wished I could have spoken to him. I just kept thinking how he must be so used to not being able to speak to so many people and how it would've been really nice for him to be in a public space where he can communicate with someone other than just his friend/girlfriend (I'm not sure how they knew eachother). It got me thinking that if I took a little bit of time to start learning sign language I could speak to others I may meet in the future and brighten their day up a bit.

  • Boom, homework done before class. I already knew how to finger spell when I clicked on the video because my mom taught me after learning it on a whim herself when I was very young and I’ve just never forgotten it.

  • In my class , there was this Filipino girl who would just show off that she was able to do the alphabet is asl and most of the class just learned after cause they wanted for be cOoL lol

    EDIT: and also , no one actually knew asl we just knew the alphabet so we’d just make sentences with the letters ( which btw took forever )

  • i dont know when i learnt the sign language alphabet, but i still remember how to spell my name so many years later

  • I am feel so happy that people are start want to learn ASL. I feel like they want to communicate with Deaf people. I feel really touched. (I am deaf tho.)

  • Oh no I thought it was okay to choose your sign name! My cousin was deaf but before he died he just fingerspelled my name. My hearing parents who learned sign for him and my mute sister picked my name with me. Is that okay?

  • Thank u very much I wanted to learn sign language since I was 10 right now I am 13 and I stared learning this like a month and now I know the alfabeth and my name thank u very much chella

  • My parents are deaf and while they teached me at a young age, I reverted to only finger spelling because I guess I found it easier lol, so I'm trying to look for videos that help me do "Actual" sign, and this helped, thanks!

  • i’ve had this question for awhile, but if you have a sign name, when telling people what your name is, do you finger spell it the first time you meet them so they know how it’s pronounced then tell then your sign name, or do you usually just tell the sign name first (but then how would they know how to pronounce your name???)

  • Chella, I am Mexican and I grew up in a mainstream hearing society. I am hard of hearing. I moved onto the bigger city where I find more HOH/Deaf people. I hope one day to get my ASL name :p

  • This is really helpful, I’m trying to learn sign language, it’s my way to spend time and I think it will help me communicate in the future

  • Am not deaf no one that I know is but I want to learn so bad just to learn something new that I might use later on or maybe to help some one that need help

  • A girl at my school was deaf and I want to make her my friend. But I don’t know much sign language so thank you

  • I have a question, does it matter which hand you sign the letters and sentences with? I am left handed, but i dont know with which hand I should learn to sign. Thank you!

  • I don’t know why this popped up on my recommendation but I glad it did. I’ve always wanted to learn sign language! This is so cool thank you for sharing 💕🙏🏾

  • I think schools that offer to study a second language should have the signed version of that language as an option as well!

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