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Wakewolf: First video of 2019!

Hello! This is Wakewolf! Guess what? This is first video of 2019! Excited! When I was celebrating New Year Eve with my friends,I had some new ideas. So many ideas. But I will not tell you because it will be surprise! I am not kidding! Hmm… Well…ok, I will tell you one. *magic* This is ASL dictionary (will add link down here) I learned many ASL since I was a pup. Why do I have this ASL dictionary? Because I don’t want many request. So, I have a idea that I will use this ASL dictionary to continue my ASL project. Also, we have some ASL accounts. I learned that when I went to two colleges. Yes, I went to two colleges. Many deaf students go there. I will tell which college I went next time, okay? When I sign with my ASL account, I will add asterisks at end of word. I have an example. This is presents, other one is presents. This is my ASL accent. Here’s an asterisk. Ayy Of course, I will continue with ASL words every month and its holidays. So this month is January, I will use ASL words for it. Ready? Set. Go! That’s all for this video! Do not forget to click “Like” and “Subscribe”! *click click* If you have new idea or want to learn new ASL word, please leave comment under here! I hope you have a great year of 2019!

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