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Waitress berates Hispanic couple for speaking Spanish | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Hi, I’m Tracy I’ll be your server today. Can I get you something to drink? See you those hours perform, huh? I don’t speak Spanish. You’re gonna have to speak in English Earlier this season we brought you an adoptive mother trying to get her daughter to speak only English But you’re in America now, I want you to speak English, I want her to be more American So you understand what I’m saying But stories keep popping up of language barriers igniting fires in this country The local adverts in store is accused of breaking a law with a no Spanish policy in May the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Sued the Albertsons grocery chain The alleged workers were not allowed to speak to spanish-speaking customers in Spanish Albertsons issued this statement It encourages employees who speak other languages to use those skills to better serve their customers And last year this video of a 7-eleven employee berating a spanish-speaking customer went viral 7-eleven said the statements made by the sales associate were inappropriate and offensive Today, our actors are speaking Spanish while trying to place their lunch order. I see Okay, seriously people we’re not in Mexico. This is America. You’re gonna have to speak in English If you don’t order in English, I won’t help you if you overheard this waitress refusing to serve them sort of thing wander you think only knit her dad es do What would you do? Our hidden cameras are rolling at the air Mont diner and suffer, New York. Hi you guys ready? You decided those showers go yellow. I’m sorry what lemonade you want lemonade Oh Water with ii’s think Our waitress brings that water here’s your water. Okay, can we order in English, please? This isn’t Mexico and as soon as she makes that demand this customer Jumps in to act as a translator you Don’t have to get involved. This is my job. I hate what you say, but they will have a hard time or whatever Well, yeah, I just don’t know what they’re saying mean. They just need to speak in English like He stays calm and respectful as he tries to get his point across if I don’t speak Spanish, what should I do? Well, I’m trying to help you and help them at the station. Okay? Yeah He’s translating now, she liked that cheeseburger deluxe medium well to Pepsi’s and his kindness Doesn’t stop there I’ll take it time to introduce ourselves Gary Esther, what would you do? You were so gentle to them and the waitress this is who I am Becca help. I’m gonna help you and to those who say they should learn English. This is America you bleed I bleed You sleep I sleep. What’s the difference just a language? Can you speak English because I don’t I don’t speak Spanish. Once again our waitress is losing her patience with her customers I thought a funny English This is America. You have to speak English. This man gives our waitress the thumbs up This is in Mexico. So we sent her over to his table Tracy should walk to the blonde lady. You can’t communicate with them It’s hard So you agree with me they should learn at least a little bit of English But it doesn’t bother you that they don’t know anymore but bothers me But again their guard if people were living in this country as long as you use you can’t speak over to English them They’re very happy that way but you know, what is short them a dollar when they change all of a sudden, you know? Time to find out more Were you upset at the waitress or not? Oh, not at all If they’re in this country, they really shouldn’t learn how to speak a language for everyone’s sake gonna live here Anybody but you come to a country you should have the common sense of courtesy to learn their language Throughout the day our server continues to push for speaking English only and she wraps up the Ignorant comments. This is New York not Mexico And many customers lose their patience with her he’s really upset hi, can I help sweet trous is Disgusting. She’s just yelling not speaking English clearly Lettuce tomato. Yeah, but why are you helping these illegal aliens? Don’t talk to me like that. I’m helping these people because I’m And this couple I’m sorry. It’s taking so long. I didn’t speak Spanish And they don’t speak English At first they seem to agree with our waitress, it’s America I mean they do need to speak English a little bit or you’ll never be able to communicate I mean if they wanna speak Mexican then you go to a bodega but an entire it’s English, but then They can type into it and it’ll translate it to English they turn to technology and step right in Oh, yes, how are you one ingredient at a time onion? He patiently makes sure our couple is able to communicate exactly what they’re craving Let’s meet this tenacious translator and what else can they order I’m jacking your actors and so is the waitress you were unbelievable Wasn’t she being kind of rude the waitress? No, she needed help help If you’re not gonna help each other Stay home We’re rolling one last time Okay, okay no, I understand instant burger Any other English words, we noticed this young woman whispers something to her mother Can you just point to it just pick a picture and point to it? Because right now I don’t understand and you’re just wasting my time. It’s that that one But they keep their thoughts to themselves. You really need to learn English. You’re in America that is unto I’m sorry guys It’s taking so long. It’s like they don’t know English. They’re not upset with the delay, but with our waitresses treatment of these customers But that’s true, you know, but they can’t pay for it if it’s a peso and I don’t understand Why are you defending these people but I don’t understand why you’re defending these people They need to just go back to where they came from That’s exactly what they need to do She spells it out for our server America was founded on immigration realize, you know, I know but it’s a lot of us But they learn English in the process. The whole point is they don’t speak English Before this mother-daughter duo walks out. We introduce ourselves. Hi What were you thinking Just that it’s still messed up that someone could do that to a person Why get involved because no one should be treated like that whether you know legal illegal speak English don’t speak English You’re a person you have feelings, you know breaks Your message to people open up your mind. There’s no reason to think backwards like that Hi everyone George Stephanopoulos here. Thanks for checking out the ABC News YouTube channel If you’d like to get more video show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our channel And don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts. Thanks for watching

100 Replies to “Waitress berates Hispanic couple for speaking Spanish | What Would You Do? | WWYD”

  • So…I’m Hispanic and the actor even though she is a actor it bothered me because if that happened to me I would cuss her out in Spanish

  • Here's the deal. If i was going to live in another country i would learn the language and ONLY speak it out of respect for the citizens of that country. The people who don't are just disrespectful and should not be allowed to stay in whichever country it is if they are not willing to speak the language the majority of the people speak in said country 24/7 outside their home. It's rude and disrespectful.

    Edit: However, in 5 to 10 years this issue is going to be pointless. There are already early model prototypes of these devices you clip to your ear and they translate one language to another for you.

  • 7:35
    “The Whole point is they don’t speak English”
    “The whole point is you’re ignorant”

    Someone give that girl a cookie


  • This shouldn't be an issue. If you don't speak Spanish you shouldn't be forced to learn and Spanish speakers shouldn't be forced to speak English either

  • In Europe we learn english because the US is a strong, rich and great country, no one is really hesitant on learning a language spoken in corrupt shithole countries.

  • Hay que ser honestos, si vives en un pais que no es el tuyo al menos por respeto o para comunicarte, aprende el idioma de ese pais. Yo vivo en Mexico y estube un tiempo en California y cuando vivi haya lo primero que aprendi fue Ingles, para evitar que alguien me humillara y comunicarme en ese pais.

  • They understood an entire language while I'm sitting over here only under standing three words in two languages

  • I feel like the guy with the Hershey hat is wrong so like if they're gonna live in China they so called have to know how to speak madrin

  • The misfortune at times, however, is that a person can try as hard as they like, but never really learn how to speak another language. I would absolutely love to be able to speak or write in many different languages… but for all the classes I took… Nope. I retained some words, but to make a sentence beyond telling people I cannot speak the language? It takes time. I could probably speak the language eventually if thrust in the country of its origin for a handful of years (maybe even longer). To claim someone hasn't tried, doesn't have the common sense… no. Some people just can't pick up languages as quickly as others.
    I unfortunately wouldn't be able to help them. If the person complaining suddenly asked my opinion… I'd probably wouldn't even be able to answer them… Not because I don't know American English so much as I'd be tongue tied. The thing is, when I am tongue-tied, that means my mind has gone blank and in turn my expression reflects that in an interesting way. Apparently when my mind has gone blank and I feel as dim as a broken light bulb, people perceive my expression to be me looking at them as though I think they are idiots. Shrugs.

  • Lmaoooo . All these American shitheads talking about speaking in English , when America was built upon aboriginals who definitely didn’t speak English . Like if yall ever come to my country yall better not speak a single frickin word of English otherwise imma whoop your stank ass

  • I’m just saying even though they’re actors but how does Traci know they’re Mexican, I mean it was likely told they are before show but Mexico isn’t the only Spanish speaking country.

  • I agree with the fact that we need English to travel anywhere in the world but the problem is that many native English speakers expect everyone anywhere to speak perfect English and don’t make any effort to help people who might struggle a bit with the language, even if they mispronounce just a syllable. For instance, one day in NY, my sister was ordering a vanilla ice cream and she said “vaniya” instead of “vanila”. Can you believe that the guy had no idea what she was talking about !?

  • White(German) person: speaks German

    Waitress: “OH ITS FINE ”

    Spanish speaker: speaks Spanish


  • if u go to Mexico u speak Spanish US people cause then u want Mexicans to speak to you in English BUT YOURE THE ONES WHO SHOULD SPEAK SPANISH

  • Americans: ThIs Is AmErIcA sPeAk EnGlIsH
    Any other place: you are in our country if you could be so kind as to please speak our language but if you can’t it is ok
    Americans: hOw DaRe YoU

  • This girl really said “ if you want to speak Mexican” 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • I stay home because going out in the UK makes my depression worse I love to help everybody but I help too much and end up in trouble

  • i mean you cant just cross the border risking your life just to forget your heritage and language
    (i saw it on Pedro Flores) ps as a a mexican boi myself i can relate to this

  • America literally doesn’t have an official language… so the guy saying to “learn the language” is so uneducated

  • The second couple was so ignorant. How does counting have to do with speaking a language? Numbers are universal!

  • Okay I don’t speak Spanish but I try to communicate as best as possible. I would never say “speak English you’re in America” it’s what they grew up with. Usually the other Spanish speaking employee near by would help me with the order. People need to respect others. It doesn’t matter which language they speak. We all bleed the same so we should be treated the same

  • I would pull out my phone and turn on my translation app and let them speak into it and show her the phone to see what she and him are saying

  • I hate how white people only know English (a lot of white people,not all) and people like me are literally TRILINGUAL,plus most white people in the U.S. are French,Spanish,or German,basically European and they say you should speak english,THEY DIDNT EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH

  • I'm from America but I'm Puerto Rican and I Dominican. It hurts me very much 😔that Americans are picking other Americans look so bad

  • If you're a WWYD fan, you'll immediately recognize Traci, Michelle & the other actors in person. They've been the same actors for years. 😂

  • The second people made no sense because English isn't are official language america doesn't have an official language;-;

  • I'm Mexican I really cry when this man help……but why don't you tell others like Chinese, Japanese and more

  • ok i hate those white folks so if they take a trip to mexico as some white people do they should learn spanish since they are in a different country. i swear racist fricken people. smh.

  • Seriously, if you speak more than one language and someone makes you feel bad about it, please don't. You're a lot smarter than people who only speak one. 💯

  • The thing is, English is only one spoken language in America…both French and Spanish have roots here as well, not to mention the countless native American languages that white people like that couple at the 4 minute mark never know how to speak. Want to speak this country's native language? Go learn Shawnee or Cherokee. Clueless, ignorant people.

  • I am on both sides of the fence with this issue. As tourists. I can understand not knowing the language too well and that is ok. We all go out of the country on Vacation. It happens. Also, if you moved here to the US for less than a year. I understand not knowing the language all that well.

    But, if you are here for more than 5 years and have no understanding of English. Then that is an issue. That just means you are not trying and don't care.

  • America is the only country in the world where speaking another language then English is insulting like wtf.
    Most people in the world speak at least two languages, they teach you different languaes at school to be SMARTER but Americans are like nope speak English

  • i hate that some people think that because its America they need to speak their language

    i mean im from Puerto Rico and if you are at a restaurant and speak english we will kindly find you someone that is bilingual

  • The United States has no official language at the federal level America is a melting pot of cultures and language

  • That top headline at 0:34 is not a mean-spirited, contentious one, so I'm surprised they piled it with the rest of them…

  • Come on everybody, this is very simple. Americans fucking loooove money! The more you have, the more you're appreciated and valued as a human being over there. Of course they won't be bothered if you speak German in public. They know you came to spend money. Doesn't matter if you're white or not. Japanese is fine too. Even an arabic sheikh would be more than welcomed in a restaurant when they notice the 200 000 $ watch on his wrist and the Bugatti parked outside, and we all know how much they hate Muslims. But you better be careful with your fucking Spanish amigo. When they hear that shit, you're automatically a Mexican coming for their money.

    Heard a fun story about a spanish family visiting the US on vacation. They were having dinner in a restaurant and of course, being a family from Spain they spoke Spanish with each other. Out of nowhere an older man from one of the neighboring tables starts to yell at them "This is America! We speak English here! If you can't speak our language go back to your country where you came from!". The spanish father, who was fluent in 5 languages btw, turned around an answered in perfect English "Don't worry Sir. We are just tourists from Spain, visiting. I would never want to live in this godforsaken country." The old man turned red, he sat down, ducked his head and never said a word the entire evening.

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