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How To Learn Sign Language

”Wait, You Just Switched Languages A Second Ago?” ((LEVEL-UP))

Alright, guys I’m back here.. we’re about to go over here.. I’m over here at Marcell’s place we’re about to go over here and level up wit these dudes changing tires.. changing tires.. I’m gonna see if they need some help you guys alright? sorry? did you change it? you got it? yea, I changed it, but something’s wrong with my tire I don’t know what’s wrong, man you see, I’m missing a lugnut yea how did that happen you got a flat, you hit a bump? No, I was just changing the tire someone hit it you might need to take it to the shop.. hahahahhah I’m gonna run this down you’re gonna run it down? I’m gonna run this down hahahahahha you guys are from Senegal? Kenya oh, Kenya ((SWAHILI)) Greetings ((SWAHILI)) Greeting ((SWAHILI)) I like ((SWAHILI)) Very cool ((SWAHILI)) Very cool? ((SWAHILI)) Very well I am Where are you from ((SWAHILI)) I’m American I’m from here ((SWAHILI)) From America you know Swahili hahahhahaha ((SWAHILI)) Just a little bit that’s nice where did you learn Swahili? ((SWAHILI)) I learned Swahili… well ((SWAHILI)) A long time ago I studied Swahili at Ohio State that’s good you’re pretty good, man ((SWAHILI)) Yes I was wondering hahahhahahhahaahah you should learn something called Shang Shang? Shang is like broken Swahili oh like Creole? oh, broken Swahili yes ((SWAHILI)) Really? what’s the name of it again? shang I’ve never heard of that before ((SWAHILI)) Where are you from? ((SWAHILI)) Where are you guys from? Nairobi ((SWAHILI)) Alrighty hahahhahaha yea, you can speak, man. You can speak.. it’s been a long time though.. ((SWAHILI)) Because.. ((SWAHILI)) I don’t have many friends hahahhaha ((SWAHILI)) You speak Swahili and any other languages? yea, kikuyuu oh kikuyuu? wow ((SWAHILI)) Very cool ((SWAHILI)) You studied at the University? huh? ((SWAHILI)) You studied at the University? ((SWAHILI)) A long time ago, yes no Somali? I don’t speak that hahahhaa alright thanks, man My name’s Steve Moses Moses? ((SWAHILI)) Yes, yes ahahahaha ((SWAHILI)) Nice to meet you ((SWAHILI)) Fresh ((SWAHILI)) Fresh, fresh ((SWAHILI)) Very fresh thank,man no problem ((SWAHILI)) Good bye ((SWAHILI)) Goodbye Tired of this shit!!! you’re gonna pick up some more vocabulary.. but you’re gonna be sitting back chillin’goin through the book and be like yea…. what is that? you can rent movies? yea, movies hey, is this new? redbox? yea nah, it’s been around for a while wow, cool, man there’s games in there cool, that’s nice might have to come over and rent some movies sometimes hey, I hear you have an accent. Are you from Ghana? Nah, I’m from West Africa oh, you’re from West Africa? yea Sierra Leonne? no Oh, man I feel stupid.. I done guessed the wrong place.. hahahhahahhahahah wait, one more guess one more guess Nigeria? yea Are you Yoruba, Hausa or Ibo I’m Yoruba You’re Yoruba? **COULDN’T HEAR HIM CLEARLY HERE** HAHAHAHAHHAH ((YORUBA)) How are you doing? oh wow **** ((YORUBA)) Good where are you from? American do you have a Yoruba girlfriend? I don’t have a girlfriend… ((YORUBA)) But… hahahahahhahahhahahhaha OK,where did you hear that from,man? huh? where did you hear that from? I study different languages so..I know some stuff here and there.. ((YORUBA)) The Yoruba language ((YORUBA)) Yoruba is a difficult language right? ** hahahhahahhahaha ((YORUBA)) It’s an interesting language because you’re messing it up… hahahaha but it’s a good try, though that’s good though ((YORUBA)) What’s your name? huh? ((YORUBA)) What’s your name? **I THINK I ASKED HIM WHAT HIS LAST NAME WAS** ((YORUBA)) What’s your name? ((YORUBA)) My name is Moses ((YORUBA)) But hahahhaa what, what? is it right? Am I saying it right? hahahhahahaa what? hahahahahaha am I saying it right though? you’re doing lol… hahahahahahhahaha I know I need some more practice… so which other languages do you know? like Somali, Chinese.. really? you should be working in an embassy somewhere hahahhahahha work for NSA He knows Swahili a little bit if Ibo ((IBO)) Hello ((IBO)) Hello. How are you? hahahahahhahahhaha so, you’re from Columbus? ((YORUBA)) Yep hahahahahhahahhaahha ((YORUBA)) My Yoruba name is mouse what’s that? it’s like mouse, right? is that right? alright, I’m sorry to have bothered you we’ll let you get back to what you were doing *** hahahhahahhahahhahaa he’s cracking up alright, man what are you going to name your kids? it’s a nickname this name was given to me… you don’t want to be a cat? no, because my American name is Moses, right? a long time ago, I had a Chinese friend he introduced me to his family and his family wanted to know what my American name was so I told them Moses then his whole family tried to say Moses and they were saying ”Moose Moose” they couldn’t say Moses then my friend said ”You know what?” he said ”I have a name for you. I said what? we’re going to call you ”laoshu” I didn’t know what it was I said ”What does that mean?” he said ”It means rat” at the time I was like you ”Why do I gotta be a rat!??” I don’t want to be a rat hahahhahahhahah who wants to be a rat? I want to be a tiger or something like that, but… that’s why I got that name oh, OK so I just transfered it from Chinese… from one language to another? yea that makes sense hahahhaa yea so do you travel a lot? nah well, I’ve been to Taiwan 3 times because my wife is from Taiwan so I’ve been there visiting family you met here here or there I met her here that’s a really nice place, Taiwan yea, it’s pretty good nice weather, nice food, nice people Well, I’m Ola Ola? I’m Moses Marcell nice to meet you ((YORUBA)) Mouse? hahahhahhaahahaha OK Yoruba…I just know.. I didn’t really sit down and study Yoruba intensively I just picked up different words and stuff so.. I mean you did well… I don’t know if you have something to listen to.. Yea, I have audio oh, OK that’s good Yea, I just listened to the audio I didn’t really sit down and put the time in to build fluency I don’t meet many Nigerians here.. are there a lot here in Columbus? on this side of town? yea especially on this North side really? tons of them wow the best places to approach them would be like Churches oh Churches, yea I heard about that so what are you doing now? I’m a teacher. Teaching different languages oh, OK that’s nice nice to meet you, man nice to meet you have a good night ((YORUBA)) Thanks a lot you’re welcome hahahahahhaha ((YORUBA)) Goodbye you actually remind me of a white girl if you just google ”Titi” she’s a white girl from here. She went to Nigeria I saw that yea, I saw a video of a white girl. She spoke fluently though yea, almost fluently.. maybe it’s a different girl she actually went there to go to the University so she spent a lot of time there so.. like Titi is more advanced than you like even stuff we don’t use, she knows like deep Yoruba yea, yea she actually went to the deep part of the town she immersed herself in it yea, she immersed herself because she was living with Yoruba people does she wear glasses? I think I know who you’re talking about I saw a video of her she was a University student there so.. she started liking the food… I’m like..”this girl’s gonna end up marrying a Yoruba” hahahahahhah that always happens when you immerse yourself in the culture, that’s what happens yea, because she… yea nice to meet you guys nice to meet you ((YORUBA) Goodbye ((YORUBA)) Goodbye hhahahhahhahaha random, man it aint gone matter where you’re from I’m gonna know something in the language look, Somali right there… Somali stupid, man… I thought he was gonna be from Ghana actually, I don’t know why I thought he was he doesn’t even look Ghanian people from Ghana aren’t that tall late at night level up late at night again….. yes, sir no stopping Yoruba yea, wait until I get into that language like that Somali hahahahaha that girl went over there and lost her mind yea, I know who he was talking about I’ve seen some videos of her I remember when I posted like uh… let me go down here I remember when I posted my videos a long time ago I posted a Yoruba practice video I saw some videos of her…the white girl yea, she’s pretty good unless.. is she from Columbus? Nah, I can’t remember where she’s from, but uh… I remember she spoke Yoruba really well I don’t know if he’s talking about the same girl Tii Tii…sounds familiar though yea, they have a lot of people from Ghana working here yea, a lot did I talk to him before? I think that’s the same dude I talked to before hey ((FRENCH)) How are you ((FRENCH)) Good and you? ((FRENCH)) I’m good ((FRENCH)) I would like to practice other languages now ((FRENCH)) It’s good to practice ((FRENCH)) Practice more French ((FRENCH)) and other languages ((FRENCH)) Which languages? like English, Spanish? ((FRENCH)) Spanish, Chinese.. ((FRENCH)) You speak Chinese too? ((FRENCH)) Of course ((FRENCH)) I speak Chinese better than French ((FRENCH)) You speak Chinese ((FRENCH)) I speak Chinese better ((FRENCH)) Are you African or American? ((FRENCH)) I’m an American ((FRENCH)) You’re American? ((FRENCH)) Yes, yes ((FRENCH)) Speak Chinese ((FRENCH)) Although… ((FRENCH)) There’s no school here for learning Chinese ((FRENCH)) Actually, there’s a course *for learning Chinese* at Ohio State ** I didn’t catch him here** ((FRENCH)) But I learned this language by myself ((FRENCH)) *** ((FRENCH)) Yes, that’s right ((FRENCH)) Is it difficult or is it simple? ((FRENCH)) When I first started learning Chinese it was a bit difficult ((FRENCH)) A little bit? ((FRENCH)) It’s more than a bit difficult ((FRENCH)) It’s more difficult ((FRENCH)) Seems difficult to me. When they’s hard to understand hahahahhah ((FRENCH)) Because ((FRENCH)) *** You haven’t studied it before, that’s why when you don’t study a language, it sounds foreign like that maybe that’s the reason why yea ((FRENCH)) Alrighty, alrighty ((FRENCH)) I would like to practice other languages now ((FRENCH)) It’s good ((FRENCH)) It’s good ((FRENCH)) It’s very useful. Especially here, in this city in this city? ((FRENCH)) Because there’s a lot of people ((FRENCH) Japan….it’s good… ((FRENCH)) Yes, yes ((FRENCH)) *** ((FRENCH)) *** ((FRENCH)) When you’re not in France and don’t know French.. Because I’m young? no, like when you go to France you’ll be what? a dummy? ((FRENCH)) In French for me ((FRENCH)) Because I would like to practice.. ((FRENCH)) If you’re an American in France and don’t speak French.. ((FRENCH)) I was the same…..looking at this*** ((FRENCH))***** hahaha ((FRENCH)) I would also like to go to France one day, moreover.. ((FRENCH)) If I go there.. you told me you are American, right? ((FRENCH)) Yea, yea so you just like to know it like that? yea so you just need someone to communicate with… you already know what you’re saying, it just takes you time yea, because I’m not used to it yet yea, I need to practice more you already know what you’re talking about you just need someone to keep you going more fluent right hahahahahaha alright I’m going to go ((FRENCH)) There ((FRENCH)) There alright, take care how do you say that in French? huh? how do you say like..’Take it easy’ it’s just like English, it comes easy.. like take care of yourself ((FRENCH)) See you next time ((FRENCH)) See you next time ((FRENCH)) Goodnight ((FRENCH)) Goodnight hahahahhaha when are you coming back here? ((FRENCH)) I don’t know ((FRENCH)) When.. ((FRENCH)) When I want to practice French hahahhaha hahahhahahahha this is Lodgerick on the phone really? hey didn’t I talk to you before? yea you’re from Ghana, right? ((TWI)) How are you today? ((TWI)) Good ((TWI)) Smooth, smooth hahahahhahah ((TWI)) I think the Twi language is beautiful ((TWI)) moreover, I want to go to Ghana in the future ((TWI)) Because my friend told me that Ghana is beautiful hahaha right? ((TWI)) Yea, I got it. You’re good ((TWI)) You understand? ((TWI)) Alrighty, alrighty hahahahhahhahahhahahaha ((TWI)) I don’t understand Are you coming for shopping? ((TWI)) No, I want to practice other languages How do you say ‘practice’ in Twi like ”I want to practice the Twi language” ((TWI)) Alrighty you’re good ((TWI)) Really? ((TWI)) Thanks a lot ((TWI)) Thanks a lot OK ((TWI)) Goodbye, my friend ((TWI)) Goodbye hahahhahaha Oh my god she might be Korean you’re cold? You should wait inside, it’s cold I have someone coming oh, you have someone coming? yea I’m waiting on my husband’s car oh, OK ((KOREAN)) Are you Korean? ((KOREAN)) Are you Korean? huh? I don’t understand you’re not Korean, are you? oh you can speak? ((KOREAN)) Yea, I learn Korean I’m not, I’m Chinese ((MANDARIN)) You’re Chinese? yes ((MANDARIN)) You speak Mandarin? you can speak Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) I can ((MANDARIN)) I’m sorry, I thought you were Korean where are you from? ((MANDARIN)) I’m an American wow, you can speak the Chinese ((MANDARIN)) Yea, I can ((MANDARIN)) It’s just, I like to study languages good ((MANDARIN)) Which part of China are you from? Guangzhou ((CANTONESE)) Then you can speak Cantonese ((CANTONESE)) You speak? hahahah ((CANTONESE)) I speak Cantonese too ((CANTONESE)) You are very cool hahahahahahahha ((CANTONESE)) I speak Cantonese and Mandarin ((CANTONESE)) Are you shopping? ((CANTONESE)) Yes, I’m shopping ((CANTONESE)) For my wife.. ((CANTONESE)) I mean, I need to buy some stuff for my wife ((CANTONESE)) For your wife? ((CANTONESE)) My wife is at home right now ((CANTONESE)) Very busy? ((CANTONESE)) Very busy ((CANTONESE)) Because… ((CANTONESE)) Because you…. So good ((CANTONESE)) This is my student ((CANTONESE)) Student? ((CANTONESE)) He just started learning Mandarin ((MANDARIN)) Hello ((MANDARIN)) Hello hahahhahahha go ahead, man nice to meet you nice to meet you, too hahahaha so good you’re a teacher? ((CANTONESE)) Yep, a teacher ((MANDARIN)) You’re a teacher? ((CANTONESE)) Yes ((CANTONESE)) At a school?** ((CANTONESE)) I hav my own business can you give me your phone where are they? I think I left them at home hahahhahahhaahha OK, tell me your number so that I can call you ((CANTONESE)) My phone number hahahhahahha ((CANTONESE)) The weather is very cold ((CANTONESE)) Very cold ((CANTONESE)) You opened it yourself? ((CANTONESE))Actually, I’m working at home ((CANTONESE)) Oh, at home? ((CANTONESE)) I use Skype OK, maybe ((CANTONESE)) Maybe next time you can invite me OK ((CANTONESE)) Friends OK ((CANTONESE)) Do you like Guanzhou? ((CANTONESE)) Do I like? ((CANTONESE)) I’ve never been there before ((CANTONESE)) You haven’t been there? ((CANTONESE)) Wait a while then when you get an opportunity go ((CANTONESE)) Of course hahahahhahahahha ((CANTONESE)) I’ve already been to Taiwan with my wife 3 times.. ((CANTONESE)) Tell me..write it here..**** ******GIVING HER MY PHONE NUMBER IN CANTONESE****** ((CANTONESE)) Yes that’s right ((CANTONESE)) I’ve forgotten my own number ((MANDARIN)) Hello, hello ((CANTONESE)) How are you today? hahahhahhahahhaha ((CANTONESE)) What’s your name? ((CANTONESE)) My Chinese name may be a bit more difficult ((CANTONESE)) No problem ((CANTONESE)) No problem ((CANTONESE)) My name is Moses ((CANTONESE)) Oh..very difficult.. ((CANTONESE)) Mouse ((CANTONESE)) Oh, mouse? hahahhahahhahahhahah ((CANTONESE)) What about your Chinese name? ((CANTONESE)) Mouse ((CANTONESE)) Nickname ((CANTONESE)) I can give you a hand..teaching your students OK ((CANTONESE)) How many students do you have now? ((CANTONESE)) Now I have 8 ((CANTONESE)) 8? ((MANDARIN)) 8 students ((CANTONESE)) very cool.. hahahhahaha she’s speaking Cantonese now Yea, I know hahahhahahhahaha she said um.. you said you were studying Chinese? I mean teaching your students I can teach them. We can talk about something OK talk Chinese OK ((MANDARIN)) Cantonese ((CANTONESE)) You can help me OK ((CANTONESE)) Because ((CANTONESE)) Because I have other people helping me by meeting with my students ((CANTONESE)) Practice ((CANTONESE)) **I’m also looking for people to help so…. the more the better ok ((MANDARIN)) The more the better ((MANDARIN)) The more the better hahahahhahaha ((MANDARIN)) That’s very natural hahahhahahhahaha Switching from Mandarin to Cantonese ((MANDARIN)) Right nice to meet you ((MANDARIN)) Nice to meet you ((MANDARIN)) Nice to meet you ((CANTONESE)) Nice to meet you hahahhahahahahahah ((CANTONESE)) When you have time.. ((CANTONESE)) Oh, I have time. I’m not working ((CANTONESE)) **** Oh, OK ((CANTONESE))** ((CANTONESE)) Don’t have a car ((CANTONESE)) Your husband… ((CANTONESE)) He wanted to eat…** ((CANTONESE)) Ok, we’re going to.. ((CANTONESE)) …your wife…. hahahahahah ((CANTONESE)) Happy new year ((CANTONESE)) OK Sloppy as f**** tired of this shit… lol tired of this shit, man let me make sure I got that.. I’m still old school ***THESE RUSSIANS THOUGH*** he has an accent this dude has an accent ***LET ME GET ON UP IN HERE REAL QUICK*** I’m gonna find out where he’s from are these all of the SD cards here? I don’t work here oh, I’m sorry I like your accent where are you from? I like your accent ((RUSSIAN)) Do you speak Russian? ((RUSSIAN)) Yes ((RUSSIAN)) How are you today? huh? ((RUSSIAN)) How are you today? ((RUSSIAN)) Good ((RUSSIAN)) Good? ((RUSSIAN)) I speak a bit of Russian** where did you learn that from? hahahahhahahhaa ((RUSSIAN)) Oh, you speak Russian as well? ((RUSSIAN)) Yes, this is my father ((RUSSIAN)) Of course ((RUSSIAN) Yes ((RUSSIAN)) Where did learn to speak?** ((RUSSIAN)) I haven’t for a long time…. you can speak English ((RUSSIAN)) No hahahhahaahhaha ((RUSSIAN)) I want to speak ((RUSSIAN)) Alright ((RUSSIAN)) I haven’t practiced Russian for a long time ((RUSSIAN)) I understand ((RUSSIAN)) Because a long time ago I had a good friend.. ((RUSSIAN)) But he went back to Russian because his mom got sick ((RUSSIAN)) But now I study by myself hahahhahahhaha ((RUSSIAN)) No, very good ((RUSSIAN)) When was the last time you spoke with someone in Russian? aww,man ((RUSSIAN)) When was the last time you spoke with someone in Russian? ((RUSSIAN)) A long time ago… a year or something like that hahahhahahhahah no, actually, no.. ((RUSSIAN)) Two months ((RUSSIAN)) You speak good ((RUSSIAN)) How long have you lived in the states? ((RUSSIAN)) 21 years? oh, OK ((RUSSIAN)) Alright, alright ((RUSSIAN)) Where are you from? Ukraine ((RUSSIAN)) A long time ago he came..USSR*** ((RUSSIAN)) Now in Ukrainia, almost all speak Russian ((RUSSIAN)) Also speak Russian… ((RUSSIAN)) I think you speak English very well ((RUSSIAN)) Well,21 years.. hahhahahhaha no accent it’s a little New Jersey because I um.. ((RUSSIAN)) I had a roomate… ((RUSSIAN)) Slovak, Lithuanian..Brazil…they… ((RUSSIAN))…The language…I picked up from them So my English got worst once I started living with them because their accents were so thick oh I started picking up their accents ((RUSSIAN)) I understand ((RUSSIAN)) Yes, yes… ((RUSSIAN)) Nice to meet you ((RUSSIAN)) Yes, nice to meet you ((RUSSIAN)) What’s your name? Alex ((RUSSIAN)) What about Russian ((RUSSIAN)) What about you? Vladamir ((RUSSIAN)) My name is Moses or Mouse nickname ((RUSSIAN)) Mouse see ((RUSSIAN)) Excellent hahahhahahhaha ((RUSSIAN)) Excellent ((RUSSIAN)) Nice to meet you ((RUSSIAN)) Yes ((RUSSIAN)) It’s raining now ((RUSSIAN)) Rain, yes hahhahahahahaha ((RUSSIAN)) See you ***THAT TWI THOUGH*** You gotta try them and make sure they’re not sour yea you’re from Ghana? ((TWI)) How are you today? ((TWI)) Good ((TWI)) Smooth, smooth… ((TWI)) Smooth you’ve been there? ((TWI)) I haven’t been to Ghana, but..I want to learn Twi oh, really? ((TWI)) Yes hahahhahhahahha I see, you’re trying ((TWI)) Yes, yes ((TWI)) I want to go to Ghana because.. ((TWI)) My friend told me that, if I go to Ghana.. you have to know the language? a lot of places to go? yea, a lot of places so you learn the language here? ((TWI)) I taught myself ((TWI)) At home oh, ok wow, you’re trying yea that’s good yea I’m sorry ((TWI)) What’s your name? ((TWI)) My name is Thursday born on Saturday? no Thursday Kwami is Saturday hahahhahaha ((TWI)) Alright ((TWI)) Goodbye ((TWI)) Nice to meet you ((TWI)) Goodbye Alright ***THAT TWI AGAIN THOUGH*** ((TWI)) How are you? ((TWI)) I’m good ((TWI)) Smooth. I want to learn the Twi language now you’re doing good! ((TWI)) A little bit wow hahahhaha amazing, man amazing? hahahahhahha dang, what was I going to ask you… ((TWI)) What’s your name? Joe No, Twi I want the real name Kofi ((TWI)) My name is Thursday Oh, that’s what’s up… Moses is my real name though. American.. man, that’s… you’re speaking it good too… yea, I’m trying… I like to find people and practice with.. like this, so that I can get used to it because there’s a large population here of Ghanians, Ethiopians Somalis so I just try to practice like this ((TWI)) Because I teach myself Twi oh,wow hahahahhaha ((TWI)) But my friend.. he’s from Ghana,but he can’t teach me the language so I have to learn by myself dang, you’re doing great yea, I’m surprised..I’m like… hahahhahahahahahhahhaa ((TWI)) Thanks a lot hahahahha ok, she understands what I’m saying ((TWI)) Alrighty ((TWI)) Nice to meet you ((TWI)) Thursday ((TWI)) Goodbye ((TWI)) Goodbye, Kofi hahahhahhahaha alright… ***WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE*** Are you looking for something? Yes, the vinegar the vinegar? I think it’s down there down there? yea ***WALMART IS BROKEN*** you ok? thank you Some Welches… they have the bigger size of this Welches oh the purple? I don’t know I’ve never seen this size before… that’s interesting is that new? I don’t know oh, OK thanks Korean? yes ((KOREAN)) Are you Korean? ((KOREAN)) Yes, I’m Korean You speak? ((KOREAN)) Because you look Korean… hahahahhahahhahahhaha you speak Korean? ((KOREAN)) Yea, I speak a little bit how did you learn it? ((KOREAN)) Speak in Korean ((KOREAN)) Where did you learn? ((KOREAN)) From where? ((KOREAN)) Self-study ((KOREAN)) Self-study? ((KOREAN)) In Korean ((KOREAN)) Why do you learn Korean? ((KOREAN)) Because.. ((KOREAN)) I think Korean is a very interesting language ((KOREAN)) Moreover, I want to go to Korea in the future ((KOREAN)) You haven’t been to Korea before? ((KOREAN)) Not yet ((KOREAN)) But I’ve been to both Taiwan and Japan I’m trying to speak in Korean.. hahaha I don’t speak Korean very often, so… ((KOREAN)) It’s weird? ((KOREAN)) Yea, it’s weird hahahhahahhahaa ((KOREAN)) Nice to meet you ((KOREAN)) My wife is from Taiwan so..three times ((KOREAN)) Taiwanese woman? ((KOREAN)) Good hahahhahahhahaha see… ((KOREAN)) My mom has been here for 40 years.. ((KOREAN)) Here? ((KOREAN)) Yes,here wow ((KOREAN)) Therefore..Korean spoken not well so… ((KOREAN)) Don’t remember… ((KOREAN)) I got better speaking with Koreans hahahahhahahhahah it’s hard ((KOREAN) Yes, I understand ((KOREAN) You speak Chinese? ((KOREAN)) Of course ((KOREAN)) Fluently ((KOREAN)) Actually, my Chinese is better than my Korean ((KOREAN)) Yea, I can speak it fluently oh ((KOREAN))*** ((KOREAN)) Chinese is difficult..I studied it before… you studied when you were a student you said? yea, when I was at OSU oh ((KOREAN)) Studied Chinese and it was so difficult… OK ((KOREAN))Very interesting hahaha you need to keep up with it ((KOREAN)) Yes ((KOREAN)) It’s just.. ((KOREAN)) Since I don’t always practice Korean, it’s a bit difficult ((KOREAN)) If you go to the Churches, there’s somany Koreans ((KOREAN)) Many ((KOREAN)) Many opportunities ((KOREAN))** Nice meeting you ((KOREAN)) Nice to meet you ((KOREAN)) What’s your name? ((KOREAN)) My name. Korean name or… My name is Christine ((KOREAN)) What about your Korean name? ((KOREAN) It’s like this.. oh, you write too? oh my goodness my husband studied a little bit of Korean way back you got it ((KOREAN)) Cool hahahhaha that’s terrific ((KOREAN)) Nice to meet you ((TWI)) How are you? ((TWI)) Good ((KOREAN)) Yes…would be good.. did you find the vinegar? yea OK Are you guys behaving? You being good? you being good? hahahhah you guys are from? China oh China ((MANDARIN)) You speak Chinese? yep ((MANDARIN)) You know how to speak Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) You understand what I’m saying? hahahhaha ((MANDARIN)) You’re shy? Don’t be shy You speak a lot of Chinese ((MANDARIN)) I can ((MANDARIN)) You can? ((MANDARIN)) Did you learn at school? ((MANDARIN)) No, I learned by myself ((MANDARIN)) By yourself? ((MANDARIN)) Yes, self-taught ((MANDARIN)) Wow, very good ((MANDARIN)) Where in China are you guys from? huh? ((MANDARIN)) I wanted to ask them a few questions ((MANDARIN)) Which part of China are you guys from? huh? he doesn’t speak much, but he does ((MANDARIN)) Which part of China are you from? ((MANDARIN)) Mainland China I know, but which province? Fujian oh, Fujian ((MANDARIN)) Fujian, right? ((MANDARIN)) I haven’t been to Fujian ((MANDARIN)) Where did you go? ((MANDARIN)) Taiwan 3 times Taiwan? ((MANDARIN)) Did you go to Beijing? ((MANDARIN)) No ((TAIWANESE)) You speak Taiwanese? hahahhahaha ((MANDARIN)) Nice to meet you ***THAT SOMALI THOUGH*** when does the wii come out? the wii u you play video games? I’m just a customer oh, OK I was wondering when that wii system came out ((SOMALI)) Are you Somali? sorry? ((SOMALI)) Are you Somali? ((SOMALI)) I’m Somali ((SOMALI)) How are you? ((SOMALI)) Good ((SOMALI)) You good? ((SOMALI)) You know Somali? ((SOMALI)) A little bit ((SOMALI)) Because I’m learning Somali ((SOMALI)) Oh, you’re learning? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((ARABIC)) That’s awesome ((SOMALI)) Who taught you? ((SOMALI)) I’m self-taught ((SOMALI)) You’re self-taught? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) Where? ((SOMALI)) For example, I studied Somali at home, moreover.. ((SOMALI)) Usually, I read books and just talk to people like this ((SOMALI)) When I want to speak Somali, I have to go to shops and restaurants to… ((SOMALI)) To talk with the people? ((SOMALI)) Yes, that’s right ((ARABIC)) Awesome hahahhahahhaha ((SOMALI)) But I think Somali is really difficult ((SOMALI)) It’s difficult? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) But it can be learned ((SOMALI)) Yes what made you want to learn it? ((SOMALI)) Somali tell me, what made you.. ((SOMALI)) Somali language ((SOMALI)) Don’t speak English ((SOMALI)) Why is it that you want to learn Somali? ((SOMALI)) I want to learn Somali because.. ((SOMALI)) There’s so many Somali people living in this area.. ((SOMALI)) Moreover.. ((SOMALI)) I just think studying languages is a good thing ((SOMALI)) It’s a good thing.. ((SOMALI)) Good ((SOMALI)) You learn with the computer..DVD.. ((SOMALI)) You go out to talk with the people.. ((SOMALI)) But what do you do at home to learn? How? ((SOMALI)) I use programs like…. ((SOMALI)) Programs called ”Wardka Fidska” ((SOMALI)) And I have a lot of books ((SOMALI)) Yes. ((SOMALI)) You’re doing that ((SOMALI)) Yes… ((SOMALI)) I have Skype… ((SOMALI) What about the words you don’t understand? the words? yea the words you don’t understand, where do you get the meaning? ((SOMALI)) Dictionary ((SOMALI)) I can use a dictionary haaahhahaahhahahahah ((SOMALI)) You can use the dictionary ((ARABIC)) Awesome ((SOMALI)) Your Somali is good ((SOMALI)) Really? ((SOMALI)) Yea, it’s good you’ve never been to Somalia before? ((SOMALI)) I’ve never been to Somalia before ((SOMALI)) But I heard that Somalia is a good place to visit.. ((SOMALI)) Therefore… ((SOMALI)) I ask you I’m asking you a question… ((SOMALI)) What are you asking me? ((SOMALI)) I ask you… ((SOMALI)) You want to learn the Somali language.. ((SOMALI)) You want to go to Somalia for work? ((SOMALI)) Is that what you want? Do I want to go to Somalia to talk to people? oh, to work, to work.. ((SOMALI)) I don’t know…because… ((SOMALI)) Now…I’m a teacher ((SOMALI)) But if I get the opportunity to teach English… ((SOMALI)) Yes.. ((SOMALI)) Perhaps I will go.. OK I’m running out of time so let me speak in English ((SOMALI)) Yes Are you aware that there’s a lot of oil in Somalia? it’s going to be one of the richest countries in the world not now.. at the moment, Somalia is one of the poorest countries in the world but it’s sitting on one of the worlds largest oil sites oh wow are you aware of that? ((SOMALI)) I heard a lot of stuff about it, but… not in depth I heard about the oil ok, What you do is look up Somali oil then they will give you so many options a lot of history of Somali oil but go to the one reported by BBC of 2014, then you will know ((SOMALI)) OK what is the wealth… the language will help you go there and you will learn more and better ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) What’s your name? Moses Moses ((SOMALI)) How about yourself? Sunni ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you, brother ((SOMALI)) Are you Muslim? ((SOMALI)) No, but..I learned a lot about this religion ((SOMALI)) You’ve learned about the Muslims? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((ARABIC)) That’s awesome ((SOMALI)) Because my best friend is Muslim ((SOMALI)) Yes go to Somalia and then you will learn more language ((SOMALI)) Yes you will be more fluent ((SOMALI)) What do you think about my Somali now? ((SOMALI)) It’s good you’re a very good basic you just need 3-4 months in Somalia communicate with everybody switch on….*** hahhahahahhaha more practice*** ((SOMALI)) I will continue yea and speed on the highway hahhahahhahaa Moses, nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) Thanks ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you blew it, man… oh, look, look… watch this ((SOMALI)) How are you today? how are you? hahahhahahaha you and that fuckin’ Somali he has my sister’s husband’s jersey on that’s an ice breaker right there they flexin’ tho oh my goodness… oh my god… omg.. look at this dude.. look how he’s walking hahahhahahhaha straight Japanese.. omg who are we hittin, them or what? stationary sorry ((JAPANESE)) Excuse me, are you Japanese? ((JAPANESE)) Yes, I am wow ((JAPANESE)) Your Japanese is good hahahahahhahah ((JAPANESE)) There’s a lot of Japanese in this area ((JAPANESE)) Yes, there is ((JAPANESE)) a lot of them ((JAPANESE)) A lot, isn’t it? ((JAPANESE)) We’re from Japan ((JAPANESE)) Where at in Japan? ((JAPANESE)) Hello ((JAPANESE)) Hello ((JAPANESE)) How are you? hahahhahahhaha ((JAPANESE)) So cute.. Bye bye they need to lock you up…. this is freaking crazy hahahahhahaha stupid, man.. straight Japanese.. I wonder where that dude in the Browns’ jersey is from he’s probably from India more than likely look..there’s more right there.. this is broke, man.. this place is straight broke.. hollahoop!! OK, this is the first time I’ve tried this I got it.. hahahahha I just learned how to do it how much is that hoolahoop? I think it’s $2.50 $5.00 are you guys from around here? yea you’re from India, aren’t you? nice guess from Mombai? nope, New Delhi ((HINDI)) Do you know Hindi? ((HINDI)) Yes, I know a little bit you know some too? ((HINDI)) I also learn Hindi oh really? ((HINDI)) Yes oh cool ((HINDI) Your friend? ((HINDI)) Yes, my friend ((HINDI)) I’m with some friends ((HINDI)) From where? ((HINDI)) From where? ((HINDI)) From here he was born here oh practicing Hindi hahahahhahahahhahaha the Hindi language hahahahhaha ((HINDI)) My friends are there Subway ((HINDI)) Really we’re not that good in Hindi we came here when we were 4 but you still understand yea I just know how to speak a little bit ((HINDI)) OK what about you? I’m Chinese ((MANDARIN)) Do you know how to speak Mandarin? NO WAY!! hahahhahahhahahhahahha ((MANDARIN)) I can speak Chinese hahahhahahhahah ((MANDARIN)) I can speak Hindi and Chinese hahahhahahhaha ((MANDARIN)) So I want to practice a bit my mind is blown right now HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH!! this is what I do..I just.. how many languages do you know? a lot hahahahahhahah ((MANDARIN) Where are your parents from? Taiwan oh wow ((MANDARIN)) Where at in Taiwan? Tainan and Taipei ((MANDARIN)) Actually, my wife is from Taiwan oh really? ((MANDARIN)) Chiayi, Taiwan wow hahahhahahhahaha can you speak French? ((FRENCH)) I speak French as well. Do you speak French? ((GERMAN)) You speak German? ((GERMAN)) I speak a bit look at that boys’ face he’s like ”what the heck” hahahhahahhaha ((HINDI)) Nice to meet you ((HINDI)) Very nice to meet you ((HINDI)) What’s your name? you won’t be able to say it try it I’m a language man… hahahhahahhahahhahhaa I know these things hahahha ((MANDARIN))How about you? ((MANDARIN)) What’s your name? ((MANDARIN)) My American name is Moses, but my Chinese name is Mouse ((MANDARIN)) Nickname Were you born in the year of the rat or? ((MANDARIN)) No ((MANDARIN)) My zodiac is the chicken the cock, the chicken do you speak Spanish? I can speak Spanish, yea I know…. ((SPANISH)) I speak Spanish ahahhahahhahah ((SPANISH)) Then we can speak in Spanish now I don’t know that much ahahhahhahahhahahahahha ((SPANISH)) Yes, yes! hahahhahahhahhahahha that’s crazy… you know.. Punjabi? no… no? ((HINDI)) But I also want to learn Punjabi I want to learn Punjabi also were you born here in America? yea wait, can you do the same? a little bit he’s teaching me Chinese cool! how many languages do you speak? me? 2 or 3.. this is why we come here, for practice who? two other freinds we came with one speaks French.. oh, ok, ok… ((HINDI)) OK hahahhahahhahahhahah ((HINDI)) OK, OK ((HINDI)) What do you do? ((HINDI)) I’m still in school ((HINDI)) Oh yes, in school ((HINDI)) These are my friends ((HINDI)) She speaks French ((HINDI)) Oh really? I don’t speak French very well lol oh he knows Hindi and Chinese and German and Spanish hahahahhahahhaa Japanese… Korean… speak in French.. Icelandic ((FRENCH)) You speak French too? ((FRENCH)) yea hahahhahahahahahhaha ((FRENCH)) I’m learning a bunch of languages.. ((FRENCH)) French, Chinese….. ((FRENCH)) Especially… sorry..I can only get by in class so you.. he knows Spanish so speak Spanish oh he says it so fast hahahhaha you guys go to the same school? yea ((SPANISH)) Hello. My name hahahhahahhahah that’s alright, that’s alright… ((SPANISH)) How do you…. ((SPANISH)) How do I study other languages? ((HINDI)) How do I study other languages? you asked me how I do it? yea you went to….*** no ((HINDI)) I have a lot books ((HINDI)) Oh, books? ((HINDI)) Moreover, I like talking with Indians in this way ((HINDI)) I practice other languages like this you understand a lot, man lol that’s good..that’s really good I wasn’t expecting.. I don’t want to say I wasn’t expecting too much, but.. they have a lot of dialects in India you speak Punjabi? Hindi mostly I like..mix it with Punjabi because I was.. there’s a lot more Gujarati yea did you learn Urdu? ((HINDI)) It’s the same ((HINDI)) Hindi and Urdu are similar oh it’s just the writing is different.. ((HINDI))*How many do you speak the language? ((HINDI)) A lot.. like 50 wow nice meeting you ((HINDI)) Nice to meet you ((HINDI)) Me too ((FRENCH)) Nice to meet you I thought she was gonna be from France somewhere I’m about to mop somebody up… That French? that’s in heavy rotation right now oh, OK I meet with a French guy everyday OK strawberries.. I don’t know if these are the organic ones though hey, are these organic? no, it’s not they’re in that section oh, these aren’t organic it’s not you don’t prefer organic? but it’s double but they said the strawberries are very** oh, OK. Thanks. I like your accent where are you from, by the way? Indonesia oh, you’re from Indonesia? yea ((INDONESIAN)) Greetings oh yea, good ((INDONESIAN)) You speak Indonesian? yea, where are you from? ((INDONESIAN) I’m American hahaha ((INDONESIAN)) But, although I’m an American ((INDONESIAN)) I like to study other languages oh, OK ((INDONESIAN)) Especially Indonesian! hahahahaha she said the organic’s over there oh, ok ((INDONESIAN)) Nice to meet you Yea, nice to meet you you want to walk around? yea I was looking at her like..”wait a minute” hahahahaha look oh, they’re together yea and that dude looked Chinese look at this dude.. oh my god..I’m about to beat his ass… ahahahhahhaaha hello, sir I’m looking for socks what? socks socks for men? yea right over there over there? OK ok, thanks Tommy, your name is Tommy? your name is Tommy me? My name is Timmy let me see oh Timmy!! are you…you’re Chinese, aren’t you? yea ((MANDARIN)) You’re Chinese? what? ((MANDARIN)) Chinese… ((MANDARIN)) Then you speak Mandarin ((MANDARIN)) Of course I speak Mandarin hahaahhahahhahhaa ((MANDARIN)) Of course you speak Chinese ((MANDARIN)) That’s your American name, but what about your Chinese name? ((MANDARIN)) My Chinese name? ((MANDARIN)) Right OK ((MANDARIN)) Where are you from?** ((MANDARIN)) I’m American ((MANDARIN)) You’re American? ((MANDARIN)) Right ((MANDARIN)) You’re from where? ((MANDARIN)) You have a slight accent Hong Kong ((MANDARIN)) Oh, no wonder you have a slight accent *** ((CANTONESE)) Oh, you speak Cantonese. I speak Cantonese oooh woooow! ((CANTONESE)) We can use Cantonese to chat ((CANTONESE)) Oh, you’re so cool hahahhaahahhaha ((CANTONESE)) You know Cantonese..Where did you learn it? ((CANTONESE)) I learned at home ((CANTONESE)) I studied it by myself ((CANTONESE)) You have Chinese people in your home? ((CANTONESE)) Actually, my wife is from Taiwan… ((CANTONESE)) But she can’t speak Cantonese ((CANTONESE)) She can’t speak Cantonese ((CANTONESE)) No wonder you have an accent when you speak Mandarin ((CANTONESE)) I don’t speak good Mandarin ((CANTONESE)) No wonder ((CANTONESE)) I can understand, but I can’t speak it well ((CANTONESE)) I spend my life speaking Cantonese*** ((CANTONESE)) I understand ((CANTONESE)) No problem ((CANTONESE)) No problem because I speak both Mandarin and Cantonese ahahahaha ((CANTONESE)) How long have you already been in America for? ((CANTONESE)) 13 Years wow ((CANTONESE)) 13 years 2000 wow ((CANTONESE)) A long time come back to China.. ((CANTONESE)) So go.. ((CANTONESE)) Do you like it? ((CANTONESE)) Do I like it? America? ((CANTONESE)) Yes ((CANTONSE)) Hong Kong is better? ((CANTONESE)) Hong Kong better** ((CANTONESE)) My friends are all in China ((CANTONESE)) I don’t have friends here ((CANTONESE)) No friends? ((CANTONESE))*** ((CANTONESE)) You don’t have any American friends? ((CANTONESE)) Different culture** ((CANTONESE)) It’s different*** ((CANTONESE)) I was very small*** ((CANTONESE)) It’s very difficult to find good friends** ((CANTONESE)) It’s just that….**** ((CANTONESE)) ****** Same culture…same age ((CANTONESE)) Same culture ((CANTONESE)) If the culture is different… ((CANTONESE)) There’s problems.. ((CANTONESE)) A different culture so… ((CANTONESE)) Do you have problems with your wife?*** ((CANTONESE)) No problems ((CANTONESE))**** ((CANTONESE)) She was born in Taiwan, but.. ((CANTONESE))*** ((CANTONESE)) No, she works in America ((CANTONESE)) She studied or… ((CANTONESE)) She’s already studied ((CANTONESE)) She’s already graduated ((CANTONESE)) Was she very young here? ((CANTONESE)) When did she go? ((CANTONESE)) At that time….20 years of age.. ((CANTONESE)) she was more than 20 years of age ((CANTONESE)) She could….but us… hahahaha ((CANTONESE)) Few friends..** ((CANTONESE)) Alright you continue your work OK ((CANTONESE)) Nice to meet you ((CANTONESE)) What’s your name? ((CANTONESE)) My name is Mouse huh? ((CANTONESE)) Mouse ((CANTONESE)) Mouse? hahahahhahhaahahaha ((CANTONESE)) Nickname ((CANTONESE)) You have.. ((CANTONESE)) You have a job? ((CANTONESE)) Yes, I do ((CANTONESE)) I’m a teacher ((CANTONESE)) You’re a teacher? ((CANTONESE)) Yes ((CANTONESE)) Teaching what? ((CANTONESE)) Language ((CANTONESE)) you***** hahaahaah ((CANTONESE)) Yes ((CANTONESE)) Teach me.. ((CANTONESE)) Teach you what? English? ((CANONESE)) Yeah ((CANTONESE)) I can do that ((CANTONESE)) I can’t really speak, but no problem with speaking ((CANTONESE)) No problem hahahaha ((CANTONESE)) When..where? ((CANTONESE)) I’ll give you my card OK thank you ((CANTONESE)) You can….check out my website ((CANTONESE)) How do you say that in Cantonese? ((CANTONESE)) You can check out my site ((CANTONESE)) Then if you want to start English, give me a call ((CANTONESE)) You’re not charging me? hahahahhaahhaahahha! ((CANTONESE)) It’s not free hahahahaha ((CANTONESE)) I need money hahahahahaa ((CANTONESE)) I teach you Cantonese you teach me Mandarin** ((CANTONESE)) Are you able to read the characters? ((CANTONESE)) Chinese characters ((CANTONESE)) Oh, I know how to write ((CANTONESE)) You know how to write? ((CANTONESE)) Yes, I can write as well wow ((CANTONESE)) Yes, I can write ((CANTONESE)) Thanks a lot.. yea, we might have to wrap it up soon is she Asian? I don’t think so yes she is.. yes she is… uh’s over with.. that’s all lotion hey excuse me yes is this all lotion here? yes oh, OK what kind are you looking for? um…. what is this..Dial… I’ll get this one alright, thanks Are you from the Phillipines? yes ((TAGALOG)) How are you? ((TAGALOG)) I’m good ((TAGALOG)) I’m learning Tagalog oh yea? are you? ((TAGALOG)) Yes why? ((TAGALOG)) Why? yea ((TAGALOG)) Because I think this language is interesting yea, I know hahahhahaha ((TAGALOG)) Who teach you Tagalog? ((TAGALOG)) I’m self-taught oh my, online? ((TAGALOG)) No ((TAGALOG)) I have a lot of books at home oh yea ((TAGALOG)) Moreover… are you already married? ((TAGALOG)) Yes, but my wife is from Taiwan oh Taiwan ((TAGALOG)) Yes ((TAGALOG)) Is she still there in Taiwan? ((TAGALOG)) My wife? ((TAGALOG)) She’s here ((TAGALOG)) My wife is here like Tagalog? how about you? I know a little Chinese huh? Chinese your friend? ((TAGALOG)) Friend ((TAGALOG)) Friend and student your a student? ((TAGALOG)) I’m a teacher so.. I have my own business oh OK ((TAGALOG)) Other languages oh, that’s good I like your Tagalog ((TAGALOG)) You like it? I like the expressions** hahahahahahaaah I don’t like to speak the English ((TAGALOG)) Really that’s good ((TAGALOG)) Of course it’s easier do you already have children? ((TAGALOG)) Yes ((TAGALOG)) Two girls twins twins? ((TAGALOG)) How old are they now? ((TAGALOG)) Two years old do you have a difficult time speaking our language, Tagalog? ((TAGALOG)) Is it difficult for you? Tagalog? yea ((TAGALOG)) Of course ((TAGALOG)) I think..Tagalog is most difficult ((TAGALOG)) Especially the grammar ((TAGALOG)) It’s difficult Phillipinos aren’t good in grammar you know that? yes ((TAGALOG)) Tagalog is difficult for a lot of people ((TAGALOG)) Do you come here all the time? ((TAGALOG)) Sometimes ((TAGALOG)) Yes, sometimes I have a… Tagalog, Tagalog ((TAGALOG)) I have a friend in electronics ((TAGALOG)) She likes to learn our language ((TAGALOG)) She speaks? oh yea, like.. ((TAGALOG)) How are you…. ((TAGALOG)) Thank you very much… ((TAGALOG) Goodbye yea ((TAGALOG) See you later… she often asks me ”How do you say this in Tagalog” hahahhahhaha I think she’s.. ((TAGALOG)) Likes the Tagalog dictionary *** ((TAGALOG)) A girl? ((TAGALOG)) Her name is Britany and she can say ((TAGALOG)) I am Britany hahahhahhahah ((TAGALOG)) I learn Tagalog..I want to go to the Phillipines one day oh yea Do you want to go to our country? ((TAGALOG)) I want to go there… I’ve been to Taiwan already ((TAGALOG)) I’ve been to Taiwan, but… ((TAGALOG)) I also want to go to the Phillipines ((TAGALOG)) Especially Cebu very nice ((TAGALOG)) There’s a lot of Fillipinos from Cebu, Malawan Papanga? yea ((TAGALOG)) It’s ok, no worries hahahaaha I ((TAGALOG)) It’s ok ((TAGALOG)) My name is Moses. My nickname is rat. hahhahahahha Moses is in the Bible Are you American? born here ((TAGALOG)) Yes and your parents? yes ((TAGALOG)) Parents as well.. ((TAGALOG)) mother ((TAGALOG)) Nice to meet you, grandma ((TAGALOG)) Thanks ((TAGALOG)) Thanks a lot ((TAGALOG)) I will go home now ((TAGALOG)) Where’s your home? Easton.. ((TAGALOG)) There oh Easton? oh, very far yes ((TAGALOG)) It’s not close ((TAGALOG)) It’s not close OK ((TAGALOG)) I’m very grateful to you thank you ((TAGALOG)) See you later ((TAGALOG)) See you oops, excuse me oh, sorry did you need help with anything? Nah, I’m just looking for um…. dang..I don’t even know what I’m looking for hahahhahaha well, take your time you can let anybody know if you need any help OK sorry you look… ((KOREAN)) Are you Korean? I’m sorry? ((KOREAN)) Are you Korean? I’m sorry? no no Korean? no Cambodian oh Cambodian ((KHMER)) Greetings ((KHMER))Greetings ((KHMER)) You speak Khmer? ((KHMER)) Yea, a bit wait a minute.. hahahhahahhahahhahahahahh! you just switched up the language..what? ((KHMER)) Yea, because I’m learning other languages ((KHMER)) Cambodian and Korean ((KHMER)) Have you ever traveled? ((KHMER)) Cambodia? ((KHMER)) No, I’ve never been to Cambodia, but I’ve been to Taiwan and Japan ((KHMER)) With my wife ((KHMER)) Oh, your wife? ((KHMER)) My wife is from Taiwan oh hahahhaa you’re pretty good you’re… I would have to say you’re a little better than me.. well to me..that’s how I feel.. ((KHMER)) Really? ((KHMER)) I don’t really speak. Mainly English.. you just mainly speak English? mainly English,yea ((KHMER)) No problem hahahhahhahahah in Cambodian? I mean, that’s ok if you don’t speak much Cambodian but now… ((KHMER)) I want to speak more for my kids to know you want to speak more? Yea, so that my kids would know that’s good, that’s good.. so that I can teach my kids and they can teach their kids… ((KHMER))**** they only speak English? like his dad is fluent, but he never teaches his kids how to speak it Oh I see is she Korean? I try to practice ((KHMER)) I like practice other languages, therefore… ((KHMER/ENGLISH)) So..I try to speak Cambodian with you what work do you do? ((KHMER)) I’m a teacher like I teach the other languages like Chinese and Japanese is that why you travel a lot? No, I don’t really travel that much I’ve just been to Taiwan because my wife is from Taiwan I went to visit her family and have to stop in Japan first in order to get to Taiwan.. so you automatically visit Japan… yea but yea, I teach language and it’s also like a hobby that’s neat ((KHMER)) But I’ve learned Cambodian for a few months like 2 months I’ve studied ((KHMER)) Therefore.. you can speak it just like that? hahahhahahhahhha ((KHMER)) A little bit hahahhahaha the writing is hard I can read a little bit.. I can read Thai so the Cambodian words, I can recognise a lot already have you read Laotian? yea, I can read Laotian, it’s similar yea, everything is similar..our words.. certain words are similar right, right… ”study” is the same what is another one.. there’s a lot of words the grammar is the same as well, so… ((KHMER)) What’s your name? ((KHMER)) What’s your name? Sophia ((KHMER)) My name is Moses that’s good I only know.. one other African American man he lives in Cambodia now he teaches English there and he’s REALLY good he’s probably.. did he use to be a rapper? There’s a guy..I can’t remember his name I saw a video on Youtube the way he speaks is like a Cambodian native I don’t think so this guy he used to live in the U.S. he used to teach Cambodian at West High School, I believe and then, since he mastered the language and the reading he said ”Well, I’m just gonna go over there and teach them English” ((KHMER)) That’s cool hahahhahahhahah alright ((KHMER)) Very… ahhahaha ((KHMER)) See you ((KOREAN)) Greetings huh? ((KOREAN)) Are you Korean? ((KOREAN)) Yea are you Korean? or are you… ((KOREAN)) I’m American… ((KOREAN)) I’m American, but I learn Korean oh, wow $1.68 ((KOREAN)) Are you good? ((KOREAN)) Yes, yes ((KOREAN)) Busy today? it’s been OK so where are you taking Korean from? ((KOREAN)) Speak in Korean hahahhahahhahaha ((KOREAN)) Speak in Korean ((KOREAN)) I learn Korean at home Computer? ((KOREAN)) Yes, books, computer… ((KOREAN)) Do you know how to write Korean? ((KOREAN)) Of course ((KOREAN)) I can’t read and write I can only speak it ((KOREAN)) It’s easy what does that mean? it’s easy I was gonna learn Korean at OSU but it just costs too much ((KOREAN)) You can learn by yourself ((KOREAN)) Moreover parents yes ((KOREAN)) **A lot of opportunities for practice** ((KOREAN)) There’s more Americans than Koreans because I was born here so I’m more Americanized compared to all of my Korean friends so we have different… ((KOREAN)) I understand ((KOREAN)) No problem hahahhaha alright ((KOREAN)) Thanks ((KOREAN)) Goodbye ((KOREAN)) Goodbye ***THESE AFRICAN LANGUAGES THOUGH*** $1.75 ((FRENCH)) How are you? how are you ((FRENCH)) You speak French? ((FRENCH)) I speak a bit of French which country are you from? ((FRENCH)) I’m an American ((FRENCH)) You’re American? ((FRENCH)) Yes Yea, I don’t speak French ((FRENCH)) Really? you speak better than me ((WOLOF)) How are you ((WOLOF)) Peacfully ((FULANI)) How’s it going hahahahhahahhaha you trained to be an… ((WOLOF)) Yes, yes…I want to speak Wolof, Fulani, French.. hahahhahhahahha that’s good, that’s good.. keep it up ((ARABIC)) You speak Arabic? ((ARABIC)) I speak Arabic as well ((ARABIC)) But I don’t speak it fluently ((ARABIC)) Why? ((ARABIC)) Why? ((ARABIC)) Because I think it’s a beautiful language and I want…. what? hahhahahhahahhaha ((ARABIC)) I don’t understand hahahahha ((TWI)) How are you? ((TWI)) I’m good ((TWI)) Do you speak Twi? ((TWI)) I don’t speak Twi very well, but I would like to learn it now hahahhahahha you asked me if I could speak it, right? I’m telling him you got a good brain ((FRENCH)) Where were you born? what language is that? ((FRENCH)) Where are you from? I’m trying to speak French. I know you said you don’t speak it though I don’t even know how to say it in Wolof ((ARABIC)) Where are you from? oh, OK that’s Arabic ((ARABIC)) Yes Gambia? ((ARABIC)) Yes ((MADINKO)) Greetings that’s Madinko, right? I just know that word.. ***I WAS JUST TRYING TO LISTEN TO THE LANGUAGES SPOKEN HERE*** You speak Wolof, Fulani, Arabic… what else? I speak like 9-10 African languages Somali? No, I don’t speak Somali wow, that’s a lot ((WOLOF)) Thank you I know you Didn’t I talk with you somewhere Yea, uhmm.. ((SOMALI)) Are you Somali? ((SOMALI)) Before I was raising money for the Mosque oooh, OK ((SOMALI)) I haven’t seen you for a long time, right? ((SOMALI)) Good ((SOMALI)) Are you Somali? ((SOMALI)) How are you today? ((SOMALI)) How are the both of you? lol ((ARABIC)) Good you’re learning? ((SOMALI)) Yes, I’m learning Somali ((SOMALI)) Lately I’ve been learning a lot of Somali ((SOMALI)) So, when I have time I like to practice the language in this way ((SOMALI)) Do you understand? yea hahahhahhaha you’re getting better at it, man ((SOMALI)) Oh really? at the beginning you were… but now you’re actually pretty nice. You’re getting better at it ((SOMALI)) Because I do it almost everyday everyday? ((SOMALI)) Yes, everyday ((SOMALI)) It’s an important thing to do, right? ((SOMALI)) What’s your name? Fahr ((SOMALI)) Alrighty hahahahahahhaha ((SOMALI)) Have a good day I’m about to get him you better not stop.. do they sell Twinkies down here? in this isle? they should be over here right there Twinkies I walked right past them hahahhahahhaha you look like a buddy of mine I have a buddy names Kenji you look just like him are you Fillipino? Chinese oh, Chinese? you want the bananna twinkies? oh, it doesn’t matter hahaha ((MANDARIN)) You speak Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) Yes, I do ((MANDARIN)) Mandarin or Cantonese? ((MANDARIN)) Mandarin ((MANDARIN)) Where are you from? Hangzhou oh, Hangzhou ((MANDARIN)) This city has a lot of people from Hangzhou. A lot.. ((MANDARIN)) You’re not the first one I grew up here though ((MANDARIN)) I can hear it hahahahahahha alright ((MANDARIN)) Thanks ***THAT SOMALI THOUGH*** excuse me sorry ((SOMALI)) How are you? ((SOMALI)) Good how do you speak Somali? ((SOMALI)) Speak in Somali you’re Somali ((SOMALI))you’re Somali ((SOMALI)) I’m not Somali ((SOMALI)) Who taught you Somali? ((SOMALI)) I taught myself hahahhahhah ((SOMALI)) You’re Somali ((SOMALI)) No..I’m American ((SOMALI)) You’re not American, you’re Somali HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!! ((SOMALI)) I swear to god ((SOMALI)) I’m American so I can only speak a bit of Somali ((SOMALI)) You speak Somali ((SOMALI)) You’re married to a Somali? ((SOMALI)) I’m married , but my wife is from Taiwan ((SOMALI)) From Taiwan? Asian ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) Chinese hahahhaha you can be an interpreter for Somali ((SOMALI)) I think I need more time ((SOMALI)) What are you buying? ((SOMALI))Stuff for the kids ((SOMALI)) For this boy here ((SOMALI)) I learn Somali so when I have time I have to practice the language like this My Somali is broken though..I’m not perfect yet You speak good even better than most of the Somali kids that grew up here ((SOMALI)) Oh, you mean those kids in the diaspora? ((SOMALI)) Get out of’re Somali HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you silly, man look, Somali right there.. look at all these Somali.. see..this is what I’m talking about TOO EASY!! it’s like Chinese ***THE OPPORTUNITIES ARE EASY TO FIND, I MEAN*** yea, I’m done… hey.. Halloween is over ((SOMALI)) How are you today? ((SOMALI)) Can you speak Somali? what? ((SOMALI)) Can you speak Somali? ((SOMALI)) You understand? ((SOMALI)) She doesn’t understand he’s better than you ((SOMALI)) I’m American, but I want to learn Somali ((SOMALI)) You’re good ((SOMALI)) Really? ((SOMALI)) Just a little bit ((SOMALI)) Just a bit now.. wow… ((SOMALI)) You are really good keep doing it.. ((SOMALI)) I’ll continue with it.. ((SOMALI)) Yes.. ((SOMALI))*** ((SOMALI)) Because I think Somali is a beautiful language wow ((SOMALI)) OK ((SOMALI)) Moreover.. ((SOMALI)) Who taught you? ((SOMALI)) I’m self-taught ((SOMALI)) You’re self-taught? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) Self-taught!? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) No teacher? ((SOMALI)) No wow.. that’s difficult.. ((SOMALI)) Yes, it’s difficult ((SOMALI)) It’s difficult ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) Since English is my mothertongue ((SOMALI)) Somali is difficult for me ((SOMALI))….You speak a lot ((SOMALI)) But I still don’t speak like a Somali person ((SOMALI)) I think if you keep doing it like this.. ((SOMALI)) After one more year you will speak like a Somali person you’re going to speak like me ((SOMALI)) I hope so ((SOMALI)) Is your father Somali? ((SOMALI)) My mother and father are American ((SOMALI)) It’s amazing how you’re speaking Somali You understand what I said? not all of it I’m amazed at how you’re speaking Somali for learning it ((SOMALI)) Pronunciation? no.. you’re speaking perfectly I can understand you clearly already you said my pronunciation is perfect? yea you just have a little accent but I can understand you perfectly and because of that I’m amazed because Somali… is the most difficult language ((SOMALI)) I think Somali is one of the most difficult languages I’m learning Spanish you’re learning Spanish? ((SPANISH)) You speak Spanish? hahaha You said you were learning Spanish how many languages do you know so far? ((SOMALI)) Chinese, Japanese..Spanish.. ((SOMALI)) My wife is Taiwanese OK where at? Taiwan ((SOMALI)) Chinese oh wow, you’re just learning all your life, languages.. why don’t you become a translator? ((SOMALI)) I started learning languages when I was 18 ((SOMALI/ENGLISH)) Chinese as my first language OK and then I started learning other ones wow your brain is good.. I can’t even learn one thing ahhahahah it’s hard though because you gotta keep…. you see, this is what I do when I come out, I have to find the Somali people to practice very often OK if you don’t do that, you can’t learn you can’t read all the time and learn the language you have to use it the written language is always different yea, it’s different it’s not natural ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you yea ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) Goodnight what was your name? Moses ((SOMALI)) My name is Moses OK, Moses my name is Zaynab ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you, Zaynab ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) Goodnight ((SOMALI)) Goodnight hahahhahhaha hey Moses ((SOMALI)) Long time no see, brother ((SOMALI)) Are you good? ((SOMALI)) Yes, I’m good ((SOMALI)) I’m still learning ((SOMALI)) You’re still learning? you take too long, man huh? you take too long to learn take too long? ((SOMALI)) Why? ((SOMALI)) Because…. ((SOMALI)) I learned Somali… oh..sorry ((SOMALI)) Somali? ((SOMALI)) He’s learning Somali ((SOMALI)) How are you? ((SOMALI)) It’s peaceful ((SOMALI)) It’s peaceful? ((SOMALI)) Yes hahahhaaaha ((SOMALI)) Where are you from? huh? ((SOMALI)) Where are you from? ((SOMALI)) Me? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) Mogadishu? yea ((SOMALI)) Alrighty ((SOMALI)) I’m not Somali ((SOMALI)) I’m learning ((SOMALI)) He’s learning Somali ((SOMALI)) It’s important ((SOMALI)) Bro, I’ll be back I told you..everywhere you go…. everywhere… aw,man.. excuse me chocolate? that’s chocolate? what kind of chocolate is that? ((SOMALI)) Are you Somali? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) How are you? ((SOMALI)) Yes, I’m good ((SOMALI)) It’s peaceful? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) What about you? ((SOMALI)) I’m good ((SOMALI)) You’re good? ((SOMALI)) I’m good, yes.. ((SOMALI)) Thanks to God ((SOMALI)) I need to practice more Somali ((SOMALI)) So i want to speak Somali with you ((SOMALI)) In order to just try… hahahahhaahaa oh, very nice… ((SOMALI)) Not yet, not yet.. ((SOMALI)) Just a little bit no, it’s ok ((SOMALI)) Really step by step ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) I agree wholeheartedly ((SOMALI)) Yes hahahahaha you know, most Somali people don’t know those words ((SOMALI)) Really? ((SOMALI)) Is difficult ((SOMALI)) The Somali people born here.. ((SOMALI)) The Somali people born in the diaspora? ((SOMALI)) Yes, in the diaspora.. ((SOMALI)) They don’t know Somali ((SOMALI)) *** ((SOMALI)) overseas born..speak mostly English ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) No problem because.. ((SOMALI)) I think that the people born in the diaspora.. ((SOMALI)) Those people who were born in the diaspora.. ((SOMALI)) they can still learn ((SOMALI)) Like me..when I was 18 ((SOMALI)) I started learning Chinese oh,OK my first language. When I was 18.. so you can still learn… it doesn’t matter how old you are you claim something and you’re not.. even some parents need translators between them and their children wow! it happens yea ((SOMALI)) How long have you been working here for? ((SOMALI)) For 3 months ((SOMALI)) 3 months? 3 months? oh, OK ((SOMALI)) I want to know because… try it, can say it.. ((SOMALI)) There’s another Somali here ((SOMALI)) Working here? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) Over there ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) From Kenya ((SOMALI)) Me and the guy working in the meat area ((SOMALI)) Yes we used to be in the same city oh wow…. yea…so… hahahahhahahah ((SOMALI)) Very interesting yea ((SWAHILI)) You can speak Swahili as well? huh? ((SWAHILI)) You can speak Swahili as well? kenya** hahahhahaa ((SWAHILI)) Because I like to study language ((SWAHILI)) Oh, really? ((ARABIC)) Yes, yes.. been to Kenya?** ((SWAHILI)) No ((SWAHILI)) No, but… ((SWAHILI)) I want to go there hahahha ((SOMALI)) I want to go to Somalia and Kenya because.. ((SOMALI)) I think..I know that..Somalia and Kenya…. ((SOMALI)) **They’re good places to visit** ((SOMALI)) Cool ((SOMALI)) Cool! ((SOMALI)) What’s your name? Mohammed Mohammed? Moses ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) Thanks for… ((SOMALI)) I’m very happy to have practiced Somali with you hahahaha ((SOMALI)) I welcome you ((SOMALI)) Welcome ((SOMALI)) Thanks alright ((SOMALI)) Goodnight ((SOMALI)) Goodnight ((SOMALI)) What’s new? ((SOMALI)) You work everyday? ((SOMALI)) As usual ((SOMALI)) You’re not finished learning Somali? ((SOMALI)) No. I know a lot, but.. ((SOMALI)) I still need to practice more ((SOMALI)) Therefore I often go to restaurants to practice more ((SOMALI)) Which restaurants? ((SOMALI)) For example… Darbo ((SOMALI)) A restaurant called Darbo and… ((SOMALI)) I’ve never been there before I forgot the name.. ((SOMALI)) No wow, I forgot the name of that place.. ((SOMALI)) But I go to Sarbo very often ((SOMALI))*** ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) How is your family? ((SOMALI)) Good ((SOMALI)) Lately…. ((SOMALI)) **** ((SOMALI)) Busy ((SOMALI)) Moreover, my wife…now.. ((SOMALI)) Has another child ((SOMALI)) How old? ((SOMALI)) Two months that’s good ((SOMALI)) A girl ((SOMALI)) How many total in your home? just one? ((SOMALI)) Say that again ((SOMALI)) How many do you have total ((SOMALI)) 3 ((SOMALI)) 5 total **HE INITIALLY ASKED HOW MANY PEOPLE TOTAL IN MY HOUSEHOLD*** See, what you said… that’s why I said that I need more practice because I can’t catch what you say right away sometimes… you gotta get more practice.. you …too?** I’m the same way, especially when white people speak fast. I have trouble understanding.. yea, it’s just practice. You just gotta practice.. good to see you, man ((SOMALI)) Nice to see you no ((SOMALI)) Nice to see you again.. lol ((SOMALI)) I welcome you ((SOMALI)) Good night ((SOMALI)) Good night gonna talk to him real quick… are you looking for something in particular? nah, I’m just looking Are you Nepali too? because there’s a lot of Nepali people here I met a lot of Nepali people here I’m not Nepali oh, you’re not I’m Filipino oh, my bad… ((TAGALOG)) How are you today? ((TAGALOG)) I’m good ((TAGALOG)) You good? ((TAGALOG)) Tagalog..I’m learning Tagalog now oh really? ((TAGALOG)) Yes ((TAGALOG)) Because I like studying other languages… ((TAGALOG)) Especially Tagalog… ((TAGALOG)) This language is interesting… hahahhahhaha you’re good, you’re good.. ((TAGALOG)) Really? ((TAGALOG)) What’s your name? Jeff ((TAGALOG)) My name is Moses Moses ((TAGALOG)) My nickname is Mouse how did you…did you actually live there? ((TAGALOG)) No, no… ((TAGALOG)) I learn Tagalog at home, moreover… oh my goodness.. I forgot how to say that… ((TAGALOG) I have a lot of books.. ((TAGALOG)) Also, I like to talk with Fillipinos like this.. this is actually the best way to learn oh yea.. so, I try to do this more often but I don’t know.. there aren’t any Filipino restaurants in Columbus anymore there is there are? where? down on High Street what’s the name of it? My family actually owns it hahahahhahahhahhahaha..your family that’s funny hold on… I gotta put that in here, cuz…. you can find it on Facebook yea, I can search the name is that new? It just opened? it’s been a while what’s the name of that place? I forget the name, but… I know there’s a number you can call to get food delivered.. do you know the number? Because I can just call and ask for the name of the place.. oh, that’s the name of the place.. what is it? oh, you know? I think that place used to be over on uh… hold on…is that the same place? yea, I’m gonna go there because uh… there was another Fillipino restaurant… the guy who used to own it sold it and now it’s a Japanese restaurant when I asked him, he said that there weren’t any other Fillipino restaurants so.. and that’s been there for a while? yea cool ((TAGALOG)) Thanks a lot! you’re welcome ((TAGALOG)) I’m very grateful to you, bro hahahhaha I don’t meet a lot of people… ((TAGALOG)) Your Tagalog is good ((TAGALOG)) Thanks a lot I’m trying, I’m trying.. you can live problem** ((TAGALOG)) Really? wow ((TAGALOG)) Cool hahaha ((TAGALOG)) Alrighty. See you. ((SOMALI)) Alrighty ((SOMALI)) I’m going back home now ((SOMALI)) You’re going home? ((SOMALI)) Yes, wife is waiting for me yep ((SOMALI)) Wife and kids are waiting… hahaha ((SOMALI)) That’s right ((SOMALI)) You are Somali ((SOMALI)) Me? ((SOMALI)) Yea ((SOMALI)) No.. ((SOMALI)) I’m American I’m not Somali really? Even you look like it no I don’t… and where are you from? ((SOMALI)) America ((SOMALI)) I was born here, but…. ((SOMALI)) Although I’m an American I like learning other languages so..I’m not your average American I have a freind he speaks like 20 languages really? you speak how many languages? I know a lot like 50 50? but they’re not… different levels I have some good ones, then I have some lower ones tell me which ones you speak fluently fluently? I would say my best languages… the ones that I can at least speak conversationally… rather than like phrases or whatever.. I would say maybe like 14-15… how about Chinese? I speak Chinese fluently? fluently ((SOMALI)) Chinese is better than my Somali ok, let me tell you what you’ve just said that’s good ((SOMALI)) My wife is Taiwanese so I could speak Chinese Taiwan OK, that’re international.. yep, I’m international.. ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) Alright..I’m going out.. ((SOMALI)) OK ((SOMALI)) Goodnight ((SOMALI)) Goodbye ((SOMALI)) Goodbye are you looking for something? yea do you know the.. the wine? French wine.. ***I HAVE NO IDEA..LITERALLY*** that’s like high quality, isn’t it? did you buy it here before? I did which is the nicest one lol the nicest one.. I’m not really a wine person.. I just come here and shop all the time.. that’s why I was wondering… I was gonna try and help you out I don’t know..maybe try something new…I don’t know.. hahahhaa yea, you’re right try something new I got it here it is oh,OK oh, that’s right Ethiopian? yea ((AMHARIC)) Greetings ((AMHARIC)) How are you? ((AMHARIC)) I’m good ((AMHARIC)) You’re good what’s your name? ((AMHARIC)) My name is Moses how do you know Amharic? ((AMHARIC)) Because I learn Amharic ((AMHARIC) I learn Amharic at home, but… ((AMHARIC)) A little bit… you…. hahahahhahah very good really? yea is there somebody you speak with? ((AMHARIC)) Now…. no, but before…. ((AMHARIC)) I spoke Amharic with my friend but I haven’t seen him for a long time ((AMHARIC)) Language… if you don’t use will forget it ((AMHARIC)) yes… you have to use it ((AMHARIC)) What’s your name? Thomas Thomas? nice to meet you, Thomas nice to meet you ((AMHARIC)) Alrighty ((AMHARIC)) Alright hahahahhaha ((AMHARIC)) I like to learn other languages, so… ((AMHARIC)) But… you need someone to talk to.. exactly which area do you live in? I live down the street closeby really? I live in Westerville really? yeah there’s a lot of Ethiopians here, but….you know.. there’s a lot of Ethiopians on the East side right ok ((AMHARIC)) Alright Thank you very much for speaking my language ((AMHARIC)) Alright ((AMHARIC)) Goodbye thanks. You too.. ((AMHARIC)) You speak other languages? yes there’s different regions.. we have more thn 250 languages in Ethiopia it’s pure you know, Ethiopia was the only place to not be colonized so… ((AMHARIC)) So… hahahahahaha thanks you, man ((AMHARIC)) Goodbye man, that’s… you’re looking for a particular wine? huh? are you looking for a particular wine? oh, no.. I shop here all the time, that’s why I asked you I shop here all the time so I’m familiar with this stuff actually, I just helped an Ethiopian guy look for this wine but this one is pretty good you’re Ethiopian too? No, I’m Erritrean oh Erritrean the guy I just helped was also from Erritrea. He got the same wine yea? hahahahha but yea, you can try that one is that white wine? I’m not sure… ((AMHARIC)) How are you? ((AMHARIC)) Good that’s Amharic ((AMHARIC)) I’m learning Amharic ((AMHARIC)) You’re learning? ((AMHARIC)) Yea, now I am…but… where are you from? Are you from here? ((AMHARIC)) American, yes..but… ((AMHARIC)) But I like learning the languages.. man.. hahahahhahaha ((AMHARIC)) What’s your name? ((AMHARIC)) My name is Moses Nice to meet you ((AMHARIC)) Thank you ((AMHARIC)) Goodbye hahahahhaha alright are these eggs good? huh? I’m just… hahahahaha check the eggs.. yea, yea.. Ghana? Are you from Ghana too? Ghana, yea I met a lot of Ghanians around here best country in the world hahahahha ((TWI)) How are you? ((TWI)) Good ((TWI)) Is it smooth? ((TWI)) Yes, it’s smooth ((TWI)) It’s like fire IT’S LIKE FIRE! HAHAHAHAHHAHAH! you’ve learned some, eh? ((TWI)) I study Twi ((TWI)) You study Twi? ((TWI)) Yes oh, very good do you want to go there? ((TWI)) I want to go to Ghana. ((TWI)) If I go to Ghana, I want to go to Accra ((TWI)) I want to go to Accra *** ((TWI)) Really? yea OK ((TWI)) Very nice to meet you very good lol you’re doing good ((TWI)) What’s your name? Ajuma ((TWI)) My name is Thursday Thursday? ((TWI)) Yes Are you related to anyone rom Ghana? ((TWI)) No ((TWI)) I like… who’s teaching you this? ((TWI)) I’m teaching myself ((TWI)) By yourself? ((TWI)) Yes very good ((TWI)) I like studying other languages that’s great ((TWI)) Alrighty ((TWI)) Alrighty hahahaha ((TWI)) Nice to meet you thank you ((TWI)) Goodbye Kamasi is real nice what’s that? Kamasi it’s quiet, peaceful, very nice Accra is like New York oh wow FAST yea ((TWI)) I want to go in the future very good once you decide to need to go** yea I’ve been in the states before you were born how old are you now? 33 I’ve been here before you were born wow, really? 40 years 40 years? when I came here I was like 17 ((TWI)) There’s a lot of Ghanians here yea military** you went? yea wow it’s been almost 20 years now.. OK alright still a kid still a kid? hahahahahha ((TWI)) Alright. Goodbye do you read and write Twi also? I can’t write Twi oh see, the age I came here, almost 17 oh, yea that is right sometimes I can’t even understand what they’re saying oh,ok well, at least you still speak your language I speak it, yea some people lost it yea like..they can understand.. I can’t write nor read it, but I can speak it but I’ve met some people who can understand, but not speak.. it’s like my kids they were born here they’ve been to Ghana everything you say, they can understand,but they can’t speak it’s understandable, it’s the environment yea English is the dominant language.. you’re doing good though.. I’m trying… ((TWI)) I studied Twi for a few months wow ((TWI)) A few months, therefore… hahahaha I need more practice.. OK keep it up hahaha ((TWI)) OK. Goodbye ((TWI)) Bye bye oh, sorry Vietnamese… oh, you’re dang..I gotta get them, man they’re Vietnamese ((VIETNAMESE)) Hey ((VIETNAMESE)) You’re Vietnamese, right? yea ((VIETNAMESE)) Fishing ((VIETNAMESE)) Oh, fishing a long time ago yep ((VIETNAMESE)) How are you ((VIETNAMESE)) Haven’t seen you for a while ((VIETNAMESE)) Are you good lately? ((VIETNAMESE)) Yes ((VIETNAMESE)) Doing a lot of fishing? ((VIETNAMESE)) Yes, a lot of fishing ((VIETNAMESE)) Your parents? yea ((VIETNAMESE)) I’ll see you later ((VIETNAMESE)) See you later, then I’m about to beat their a*** lol ((SOMALI)) How are you? how are you doing, man? good ((SOMALI)) Where are you from? are you trying to speak Somali? ((SOMALI)) Yes, I’m learning Somali ((SOMALI)) Where are you from? ((SOMALI)) Home ((SOMALI)) Home? hahahahahhahaa ((SOMALI)) I mean in Somalia? ((SOMALI)) Where at in Somalia? Mogadishu ((SOMALI)) Mogadishu ((SOMALI)) Since I’m learning Somali.. ((SOMALI)) I have to practice the language like this ((SOMALI)) Who taught you Somali ((SOMALI)) I taught myself ((SOMALI)) Where did you learn? ((SOMALI)) I learned at home ((SOMALI)) Who taught you? ((SOMALI)) By myself ((ARABIC)) Awesome ((SOMALI)) So, I try to speak with the people ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) You speak good ((SOMALI)) Really? ((SOMALI)) Yes HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH!!! ((SOMALI)) What’s your name? HAHAHAHAHAHA What’s so funny? nah, you said… ((SOMALI)) What’s your name? Moses Abdukani ((SOMALI)) What about you? Suanni Suanni? ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) Where do you live? ((SOMALI)) Oh, I live…..close by here ((SOMALI)) Do you know…. ((SOMALI)) That university there ((SOMALI)) University… it’s like a 2 years school on Sunbury the one that they just opened up? ((SOMALI)) Yes Cassidy ((SOMALI)) Yes, right alright, nice to meet you, man ((SOMALI)) Nice to see you ((SOMALI)) Are you going to school? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) Which school? ((SOMALI)) I don’t go.. ((SOMALI)) What do you do? ((SOMALI)) I’m working ((SOMALI)) Oh, you work. Where? I work at… oh, ok ((SOMALI)) Practice, practice hahaha alright.. ((SOMALI)) Goodnight…goodnight lol man, this shit is….pppppppppppp this is too good..this Somali.. if I keep doing this…. it’s too good… too good… too good, man… oh sorry oh, you’re fine ***MORE SOMALI*** ((SOMALI)) How are you? huh? ((SOMALI)) What are you looking for? ((SOMALI)) Bowls bowls? ((SOMALI)) I’m learning Somali oh, OK hahahhahahhaha *** ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) You speak good ((SOMALI)) Really? ((SOMALI)) Is that so? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) Thank you ((SOMALI)) You’re welcome ((SOMALI)) Goodnight ((SOMALI)) Are you from Mogadishu? no Kismayo? no ((SOMALI)) Where are you from? ((SOMALI)) You mean where am I from? ((SOMALI)) Yea have you ever heard of it? ((SOMALI)) I haven’t heard of it ((SOMALI)) You’ve never heard of it? ((SOMALI)) Where are you from? ((SOMALI)) I’m American ((SOMALI)) You’re American? ((SOMALI)) Yes, but.. ((SOMALI)) My hometown is Akron ((SOMALI)) It’s north of this city hahahhahahhaaha oh my god… you speak*** ((SOMALI))**** ((SOMALI)) Not yet… ((SOMALI)) God willing soon… are you Muslim? ((SOMALI)) No ((SOMALI)) My best friend is Muslim, therefore… is he Somali? ((SOMALI)) He’s American like me…. ((SOMALI)) Therefore, a long time ago… ((SOMALI)) I learned a lot about this religion of Islam ((SOMALI)) *** ((SOMALI)) Not yet ((SOMALI)) You like to become one ((SOMALI)) I would like to, but…. it seems to be a lot you have to do ((SOMALI)) I visited the mosque **many times** ((SOMALI)) With my friend so… ((SOMALI)) I learned a lot I know the prayers and everything it’s just the dedication yea it’s something that you have to really do… and I don’t think I can do it consistantly you have to be.. exactly..exactly.. ((SOMALI)) Alright, you can continue ((SOMALI)) Goodnight they look Asian they look Korean hey You know where I can buy bracelets like these? nope they don’t have any stores in this mall? I don’t think so gold and diamond huh? gold and diamond ((KOREAN)) Are you Korean? ((KOREAN)) Yes, Korean Are you Korean? half Korean? ((KOREAN)) No ((KOREAN)) I’m American, but I learn Korean hahahahhahhaa ((KOREAN)) Are you well today? very good ((KOREAN)) Is that your wife? why do you study Korean? ((KOREAN)) Please speak in Korean ((KOREAN)) Then, why do you learn Korean? ((KOREAN)) It’s just…. I like studying other languages ((KOREAN)) Where did you learn from? ((KOREAN)) By myself ((KOREAN)) By yourself!!???!! ((KOREAN)) Yea ((KOREAN)) I swear to god… hahahahhahahhahaha! ((KOREAN)) But lately, it’s been a bit difficult to practice ((KOREAN)) Difficult ((KOREAN)) Yea conversation*** ((KOREAN)) That’s what I want the conversation.. ((KOREAN)) Honey ((KOREAN)) He can speak Korean hahahahhahahhahahahah he speaks Korean ((KOREAN)) He learned all by himself ((KOREAN)) Self-taught oh you watch… ((KOREAN)) In Korean, In Korean… ((KOREAN)) You like to watch Korean dramas? ((KOREAN)) No, but… ((KOREAN)) I’m not interested, but my wife always watches the drama ((KOREAN)) Your wife? ((KOREAN)) Yea, she’s from Taiwan Christine…you have to learn Korean from him ((KOREAN)) So… your wife is from Taiwan ((KOREAN)) Yes ((KOREAN)) That’s right ((KOREAN)) She’s from Taiwan, but she likes to watch the Korean drama? ((KOREAN)) Exactly! hahahahahhahahahah! so… ((KOREAN)) You know Chinese? ((KOREAN)) Yes ((KOREAN)) As a matter of fact, my Chinese is better than my Korean oh ((KOREAN)) More fluent ((KOREAN)) Where did you meet your wife? ((KOREAN)) Now? ((KOREAN)) At home ((KOREAN)) No, no.. ((KOREAN)) Where did you meet her at? ((KOREAN)) I met her at the library ((KOREAN)) Which library? ((KOREAN)) This city’s main library downtown ((KOREAN)) A long time ago ((KOREAN)) But why at the library? hahahahahhhaha ((KOREAN)) Why? ((KOREAN)) It’s just… ((KOREAN)) Because I always go to the library to practice other languages ((KOREAN)) This is my method** ((KOREAN)) That’s right ((KOREAN)) So you know Chinese*** ((KOREAN)) Japanese *** hahahahhaha ((KOREAN)) So…your wife..what does she do? ((KOREAN)) My wife works at Ross/ Abbott oh, Abbott? ((KOREAN)) yes ((KOREAN)) What does she do? Project management ((KOREAN)) Your child? ((KOREAN)) She doesn’t speak Korean though ((KOREAN)) She learn from you hahahahhahahha that’s your goal ((KOREAN)) Actually, I’m a teacher for other languages ((KOREAN)) Chinese and Japanese… where? ((KOREAN)) Where? my son.. ((KOREAN)) Korean drama** your name is Moses? you know who is Moses? yea, I know it’s a Bible name yes so, you’re acting like Moses? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! where did you learn? ((KOREAN)) By myself.. ((KOREAN)) Chinese, Japanese… ((KOREAN)) You teach.. Chinese students and Japanese’re teaching them? no ((KOREAN)) No ((KOREAN)) Those people who are learning the language…I teach them ((KOREAN)) So then… ((KOREAN) The Americans that are learning the language, you teach them? ((KOREAN)) That’s right ((KOREAN)) If they have interest I can help ((KOREAN)) You can help a lot of Chinese people learn English ((KOREAN)) Yes very smart hahahahhaha ((KOREAN)) Smart? I hope you live like a Moses hahahhahahha Your name is Moses? ((KOREAN)) Yes that’s my real name they can still learn, it’s not too late I started learning Chinese when I was 18 and I speak fluently I think you have a special talent no, it’s just.. ((KOREAN)) It’s just I like to study I like to study but you have dedication and be disciplined of course CHRISTINE! Actually, this is why I came here I wasn’t looking for these.. I saw you guys and was like ”Wait, they look Korean” ”I want to practice Korean” hahahhahahaha because this is what I do when I practice different languages I go to different places and just find people to practice with do you have a mini group of the? yea, I have like 8 students right now I have a lot of information on my website so, do you do individual or.. I do one on one very good ((KOREAN)) How long.. you look.. do you understand? he knows ((KOREAN)) When I first saw you… somehow ((KOREAN)) A bit a little bit? you looked Asian I do? a little bit No, I know you have somehow have ethnic Asian background your face you mean my?? face a little bit.. you’re not uh… you’re not pure American hahahahhaha pure ethnic black I’m half Chinese are you sure? no, not really… right, right… culturally culturally, yea but the way you look is little bit of.. Asian side maybe I have some, I don’t know… that’s why you have a Chinese wife hahahahahahah! yea, I’ve been with her for a loooooooooooong time Taiwan we have twins and she just gave birth to another one oh so how long have you been married for? 11 years I’m 33 but my wife is 44 oh your wife is 44 yea, she’s older than me ((KOREAN)) **My wife is older than me** that’s the same in Japanese yea, the same as Chinese do you know Chinese? yea but our pronunciation is a little different Japanese and ours is a little more similar than Chinese right we use a lot of Chinese the Hanja the Hanja, yes it’s close yea, yea she doesn’t know about Chinese hahahahahha ((KOREAN)) No problem ok, that’s great, great.. ((KOREAN)) Nice to meet you ((KOREAN)) Nice to meet you, Moses ((KOREAN)) Nice to meet you if you ((KOREAN)) How long have you been here for? ((KOREAN)) 2.5 Years about 3 years ok alright that’s my Pastor’s handwriting ”One heart, one way” that is a Korean Bible verse oh Jeramiah Jeramiah there’s 3 different words Chinese, Korean and English hahahahhaha ((KOREAN)) That’s interesting ((KOREAN)) Interesting hahahah ((KOREAN)) Very interesting hahaha ((KOREAN)) That’s so cool hahahahhahahha *** hahahaha just randomly I learned that from somewhere.. ((KOREAN)) A long time ago in a chatting room ((KOREAN)) Have you been to Korea before? ((KOREAN)) Not yet ((KOREAN)) Taiwan? ((KOREAN)) I’ve been to Taiwan and Japan Korea is right between them ((KOREAN)) I know.. can jump out of the aircraft… hahahhaa OK, 20 min? I’ll jump out now.. hahahaha ((KOREAN)) It’s cool. The people are good. Korea is a very different place so is Taiwan it’s a lot different from America yea ((KOREAN)) I’m going to continue practicing other languages lol ((KOREAN)) Continue OK, Moses ((KOREAN)) See you next time ((KOREAN)) Come again ((KOREAN)) Have a good day OK hahahahahhahaa

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