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Vlog Lesson: How to sign “Back to school” and “back” in American Sign Language ASL

Hello Friends! Welcome back to my email, and I’m happy to
be here again. Thank you for your patience during the summer,
I took a vacation / I was off. So thank you for your patience. No complaints! So thank you. I hope that your summers were good! Now, in August and September, students and
teachers are going back to school, so it’s a good time to review the signs… BACK, like “Back to school” or “back home”,
“back to work”, and the sign “BACK”, BACK. I’ll show you again. Now the first sign, BACK, is a “B” handshape
into a “K” handshape. It’s kind of like you’re fingerspelling, and
in the past it probably started as B-A-C-K, B-A-C-K, but now, really, the “A” and “C”
are deleted and we focus on the “B” to the “K”. “BACK”, or “BACK-TO”. “To go back to”. And that sign BACK-TO, it means you’re going
somewhere, or coming back, back to school, back to work. So again, “back to school”, and that’s SCHOOL. “Back to school.” “Back to work.” The sign “BACK”, we can actually move and
change that direction depending on where we’re going. For example, right now, I’m here at home. So I wouldn’t sign “back home” like that — I’m
“going back” — I’m here! So I sign BACK starting away and coming toward
me. “Back home.” BACK. BACK HOME. BACK. “Back here.” Or maybe over there is my work, so I would
sign “BACK” in that direction. BACK. In general, it’s fine to sign BACK-TO SCHOOL,
BACK-TO, BACK-TO SCHOOL. So, happy back to school! If any of you are students and teachers, happy
back to school. Now, if we’re describing the body, that part
of the back, would we sign it like this? No, it’s different. In English, the word is the same, but the
ASL concept and sign are different. It’s the sign BACK. So the thumb pointing toward your back. BACK. And the sign BACK tends to be used to describe
the body, and also location. For example, a house has a backyard. So we sign BACK YARD or AREA. BACK YARD. So again, we have two signs: BACK-TO (“Back
to school”) and BACK (“my back” or “a house’s backyard”). Now, we have three example sentences for you. Number 1: Again… And again… “Going back to school, are you excited?” Number 2: Again… Again… “Dog where? Backyard.” Number 3: Again… And again… “Me enjoy? Not. I’m going back.” That may be back home, or back to the office,
back to somewhere. Okay? So again, we have “Back to”, and “back”. I hope that helps clarify the difference between
the two! And if you are going back to school, enjoy! Happy back to school, and I’ll see you soon. Bye!

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