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Visiting a Korean fortune teller for our New Year | Johnny’s Communication Center (JCC) Ep.16

Hello, JOH-FAM Welcome to another episode of
JOHNNY’S COMMUNICATION CENTER You can speak louder But you told me I have to speak quietly Sorry, I should wait It’s all right I’m here with DOYOUNG to find out how my fortune is going to be this year We’re here to get our fortune told It’s the year of the rat,
the year DOYOUNG was born Happy New Year, everyone Happy 2020 (JOHHNY’S COMMUNICATION CENTER) We’re going up because
we have a private room It’s like CCTV CCTV What do you think? Do you think you’ll be lucky this year? I really hope so We all have good luck and bad luck at the same time We have good luck and bad luck Can we get in? Oh? Wow I’ll have a seat How much do you know about Saju? Well, I don’t know much about it, but I’ve experienced it many times In short, you were born with your own destiny,
which consists of 8 letters It’s determined by your birth date It shows what kind of cosmic energy you were born with – 8 letters?
– Yes It’s similar to western astrology – What did you say?
– Like zodiac signs? Oh, got it Like Aquarius, got it Shall we do rock, scissors, paper? All right Rock, scissors, paper – DOYOUNG goes first
– All right I have to tell my real name, right? My name is Kim Dong-young You’re lucky with money It means you won’t be in trouble in your life because of financial problems Oh Do you think I was born
under a lucky star? You meant your luck
with money this year? You have the best luck with money
in February and March It’ll be soon When it comes to your career, you’ll build good teamwork with people You’re a person who
helps people secretly If your job requires teamwork,
you’ll have no problem That is crazy And you were born with perseverance You’re good at supporting people You know, a quiet person who
keeps the team together What about my career? – You meant, about your job?
– Yes Looks like you’ll get chances to
broaden your career in March There’ll be chances to promote yourself I have ambition about my job If I want to get good results from my job feeling happy, what should I do? You’re a perfectionist You always want to play the best If you want to be happy all the time You shouldn’t take it for granted to become a perfectionist – All right
– It’s nearly impossible in terms of your job and personality You need to develop your
physical strength to achieve everything ‘Develop your physical strength’? Got it That sounds very practical Exercise with me All right I think we need to exercise Practicing choreography is not a workout It’s not considered as a workout Gosh You have good relationships
with people around you At least one of them likes you If you have a friend who gets
along well with you, or a person who stays with you, Sorry I couldn’t control myself All right You meant, DOYOUNG will have a good 2020 year Right You’ll be lucky with money For the next 10, 20 years You’ll be lucky with your career, too You’ll have great fortune
every 10 years At the age of 9, you had great fortune When you were 19, you had another
great fortune It’ll be the same when you become 29 You have to come here again
when you turn 29 You should think that
you’re gaining a foothold before you become 28 There’ll be a crucial chance
that will change your life It’ll happen probably in 2023 It can be a challenge to
a totally new field, or something that you haven’t imagined It’ll completely change your life It’ll benefit you for sure But it also means that you have heavy responsibility You’ll have to bear the burden It’s like Spider-man Spider-man? Because you’ll have heavy responsibility With great power comes
great responsibility Spider-man? It just popped in my mind It’s like a hero It means your power always comes
with responsibility I got the point I’m good at catching the point Just do what you’d like to do The situation won’t get worse It’ll get better, but not worse You know, I have my goal Can I reach the goal? I can see the spirit of water from you It means you can improve a lot and
go abroad like flowing water You were born with it So, don’t worry about your career and just keep working hard if you want to achieve your goal You need to practice to
express your honest feeling He does it often Does he? Do it more often – Do it more
– All right All right, I got it Okay, thank you Thank you I’m looking forward to yours My fortune? It’s always good fun to hear
someone’s fortune I’ve been nervous from the beginning That’s why I’m being talkative now You have everything The strongest energy you have is the energy of tree You have powerful energy of tree It means that you’ll succeed with help from people around you At the age of 1, 11, 21 and 31 The ages with 1 will bring you luck Let me see your luck in this year You’ll be extremely busy this year Why will you be so busy? You’ll be very busy So far, DOYOUNG have been busy
because of training But you’ll keep going around this year You’ll have tight schedules and you’ll have plans consecutively It doesn’t matter if you meet
friends or you work You’ll be very busy going around I can see that Looks like you love working in teams I like meeting people It seems that you don’t like
working alone Is that my personality? People around you will think, ‘They get more schedule than last year’ ‘They get better than last year’ People around him will think like that? Yes, he won’t fall flat on his face What does that mean? She meant, you don’t have to
worry about a big failure As you get older, as you become 30s, 40s, 50s, many people will give you important help As you approach 50s, you’ll progress leading
the people around you You can achieve
personal development, too Your dream is ‘to age gracefully’ My dream is ‘to age gracefully’ I’m sure you will be
able to achieve that goal Looks like you take care of
yourself very well You will be healthy You seem pretty healthy Are you under the weather today? No, you’re not You’re pretty healthy It’s interesting to see
your luck with health You think yourself healthy You believe you’re always in good form, but people around you think
you’re too weak Oh, I got it Because my eyes are downturned They say, ‘You look tired’,
even when I’m totally fine I meant, you space out often Oh, that’s right You have too many thoughts in your mind Once you decide to help someone, you do your very best But the problem is, you try to do
too much for him or her It’s too much Don’t push yourself hard too much
and try to be relaxed It’s interesting that your energy
doesn’t dry up What does that mean? It doesn’t go away Like what? Your mental, physical energy It doesn’t go away Your energy won’t dry up
even if you use it Then I should use the energy, right? Yes Wait, your Saju is not so simple Well, I thought the same Oh, I like something complicated You’re a complicated person This is so fun I’m having fun right now Have you seen this kind of Saju often? Well, I haven’t seen something
like this for a long time I don’t know why, but I like this kind of thing Something complicated? It’s not just ‘complicated’ It’s more than complicated Anyway, just do just what you like The most important thing is
to survive in the end, isn’t it? And be healthy That’s what I’ve been thinking You don’t stop no matter
what people say You stop only when
you’re fully satisfied Let’s say you have the artisan spirit Just do what you like You can think that an event will
happen every year in your life What kind of event? For example, something you did turns out
to be successful unexpectedly, or you get a totally unexpected chance to do something Those kinds of things will happen
at least once a year It’s a good thing, isn’t it? It’s good As I said, just do what you like You’ll have to work until you become 70 – Until 70?
– Yes – I’ll have to
– Yes I’ll be healthy till then, right? Yes, you will What I meant was you’ll keep on pursuing
your dream until 70 Well It means I’ll do what I like Right You’re a person of many talents But your Saju tells me that you should pursue music career You’ll work for music industry until you become 31 At the age of 31,
you’ll get something more – Something more?
– Yes That’s my destiny I’ll keep on being busy You’ll be always busy I have no choice I want to know one more thing I think I haven’t figured out who I am Am I an introvert, Or an extrovert? I think I have both traits You know well about yourself You’re introverted and extroverted
at the same time But in your case, you become introverted
depending on the situation It means I do something when
I think I have to do something I don’t do anything when I don’t have to Right What kind of people… What kind of people should I
keep close to me? You’re a person who take care of people around you also lead them It doesn’t matter
who you keep close to you You’ll be fine And for DOYOUNG, I said you’ll have at least one person
who is going to take care of you You can keep him or her close to you,
you won’t need anyone else DOYOUNG and I are compatible? Yes, you are very compatible I think we are That’s right It’s good to hear JOHNNY, you lead DOYOUNG And DOYOUNG, you follow JOHNNY taking care of him You are very compatible – Follow me
– All right Or should I follow you? I’m confused Do you have more questions? No Okay – Thank you
– Thank you JOH-FAM We were talking about
the fortune telling Got it It felt like… It was very… It was hard to summarize Right It didn’t feel like the Saju that I knew Well, you know This kind of fortune telling is for fun Visiting a fortune teller is for fun It’s just for fun If you’re a believer in
fortune telling, believe it If you’re a skeptic , just ignore it Just taking it lightly
makes me feel comfortable Because it’s a new year, it’s good fun to try I got goose bumps when she was telling me about
the exact dates Making a come back in March I thought, ‘Wow, that’s true!’ So, what was your conclusion? My Saju? Tell me about your conclusion ‘I’ll make a lot of money
in February and March’ ‘Be healthy’ For me, ‘Do what you like’ Great JOH-FAM It was DOYOUNG and I
getting our fortune told for a new year You guys should try it out, too,
it was interesting You don’t have to believe
everything they say Just be like me,
hear what you want to hear Anyway, thank you guys
for tuning in Have a great new year Let your new year have the most fantastic events
you’ve ever had in your life I just want to say thank you again I love you,
peace out, JOH-FAM

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