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Village Telco – A Communication Revolution

John lives here He needs to keep in touch with important people in his life like his collegue big Mike The doctor and the clinic And of course Utumi But John´s only option is using his mobile phone Like most people he knows He is spending a big chunk of his disposable income on expensive mobile services and mostly just to talk to people in his village But that was before the “Mash Potato” Ahh, but not that kind It´s a simple wifi device that connects to other mesh potatoes forming a network and let´s John make free calls to anyone else in the network using any normal phone the more potatoes the larger the network and more connected the community all it needs is power it works anywhere and can be deployed cheaply and Hassle-Free the mesh potatoes can also be hooked on any internet or telecom provider leting John and his neighboors access the web and make cheap and long distance calls it´s a simple, do-it-youself, telephone company tookit no vendor lock-in no regulator bootlenecks and no hidden fees village telco the communication revolution

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