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[Video] Two-Way Communication

Introducing Blancco’s patent-pending
Two-Way Communication technology – a way to easily integrate Blancco products into your existing APIs and asset management systems for data sharing, automated
process flow and user management. Two-Way Communication consists of three
components: Blancco Drive Eraser, Blancco Management Console and your asset
management system (AMS). Two-Way Communication enables your AMS to
request the following from Blancco Management Console and Blanco Drive Eraser:
Custom fields, information on disks, asset reports, automated reset and shutdown and
specific eraser options including your choice of erasure standard. Two-Way
Communication also reduces the number of necessary operator inputs, lessening the
likelihood for human error. To learn more about Blancco Two-Way Communication, contact us today, or visit

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  • Hello my laptop just my screen froze and its Blancco and my laptop stats i cant use my laptop i cant do nothing can u message me on instagram:rronn.06 i sent you a picture and tell me what is it

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