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VidCon, Summer In The City, Why I Started YouTube, Deaf Culture | English + ASL Mix // Q&A

(marker scratching) (Pokemon game sound) OK, so I asked Twitter to leave me
questions for a Q&A. It’s been a while
since I’ve done a Q&A, so… Normally I only do these
on my birthday but I decided maybe
we should do one a little earlier. It’s actually supposed to celebrate
my 50,000 subscriber milestone. So… OK. Chronicles of Sassy
asked and says: Just started watching your channel
because of BrizzyVoices. Loved it instantly. What made you
want to start doing YouTube? A long time ago, I was a makeup vlogger. I had graduated from high school and after that, I was bored and depressed. I needed something to do. So when I firsted started watching YouTube regularly, I somehow came across makeup tutorials and reviews. I became intrigued by them and spent all night watching more. I started thinking a bit and thought, “I’m liking this. I want to try it.” Later on, I thought, “I want to start a YouTube channel.” I didn’t have school or a job. I just needed something to do. So I continued making makeup videos for about four years. Eventually as time went on, I got bored of making these videos. I wanted to stop doing makeup videos, but not YouTube altogether. So I had to start thinking of what it was I could do. Then I remembered, “Hey! I’m deaf!” I watch a lot of YouTube that’s uncaptioned content. And so I wanted to talk about being deaf or hard of hearing, captions, learning ASL, and learning about Deaf culture and the community. I wanted to about accessibility since it was important to me. For the record, I’m not making makeup videos anymore. Ever. I 100% quit that. Kathryne asks, Turquoise. Paul Roth asks: Who are you looking forward to
hanging out with at VidCon? What’s something you haven’t eaten
in a while or ever that you’d like to? You, James – even though
he’s not coming to VidCon – Molly, Annie, Andrea, Abby. A lot of people. I want to eat… What do I want to eat? Ramen. I mean, I ate that last week, but I want it again. Oh, and Doomie’s! I’ve never had Doomie’s before and I really want to try it. I know there’s a Doomie’s in LA. And Natalie asks: What’s some advice you can give on
someone who is becoming hard of hearing and isn’t familiar with
the deaf community/deaf culture How to sign that?
How to sign that? How do I translate that? Close enough? Research online. Read books. Watch videos [from deaf people]. (Hi, watch my videos!) No, but really, there are other d/Deaf/HOH vloggers. Also, find d/Deaf/HOH people in your area if you can. Rikan asks: How did you find out
about Hello!Project? What’s your favourite
group and song? OK, in case you have no idea
what Hello!Project is, it is a Japanese music label,
record label, right? So, they have groups
like Morning Musume and C-ute and Berryz Koubou and really the only group I mostly
listened to from Hello!Project was Morning Musume, and then
there were some solo artists. I did like some songs
from C-ute and Berryz and other subgroups
that may have been made, but my ride-and-die group
was pretty much Morning Musume whenever I listened to J-pop. It took me years to
get into AKB48 so… FYI, AKB48 is not
part of Hello!Project, they’re kind of rivals
in that industry, but yeah. (laughs) Mack asks, “Where are we going for dinner?” AKA… Where am I taking you
for that dinner I owe you? Bean in Charlotte or Asheville. Depending on wherever you are,
we’re going to the Bean there because that’s my favourite
vegan place ever in the area and I want to go –
I always want to go. And if I can get the queso dip
for free, I’m getting it. I forgot how to pronounce my own
friend’s name, but Mhairi asked… Mary? Is it Mary? (laughs) You ever think about coming over
to the UK to some events? Maybe Summer in the City? [attempting to translate in ASL] Something like that. OK, I have a philosophy
when it comes to events and going somewhere
and travelling that isn’t my
own personal trip. If you will fly me out
and pay me, I will go anywhere. So, if Summer in the City wanted
to invite me, I would love to go. That is something that I’ve always
looked at and was interested in. I want to go to the UK, I want to go
to places like England and, you know, Ireland,
Scotland, but that’s a little expensive
for my own pocket so… And I’m sure those events could
use accessibility talks. I am more than happy – if any of
these events want to invite me over, I am more than happy
to come on over. So, those are all the questions
that I have for that hashtag and, yes, I attempted
to do two languages in different spots
of the video. I don’t… Don’t ask me why,
I just wanted to. Variety is the spice of life. If you want to follow me on my social
media, links will be down below. If you want to help support
my content, you can do so by being a patron on Patreon
or you can leave tips on Ko-fi. Both links
will be down below. I upload every Mondays, Thursdays
and sometimes Saturdays and I will see you later. Bye!

22 Replies to “VidCon, Summer In The City, Why I Started YouTube, Deaf Culture | English + ASL Mix // Q&A”

  • I like the switch between English and ASL. I'm not deaf or HOH, but I find it watching you do it really neat. It kinda helps emphasize your campaign for creators to caption their videos. 😊

  • I actually went to this awesome vegan restaurant in Anaheim called Healthy Junk and it amazing!(I went twice lol)

  • VidCon looked like tons of fun! I was sad to miss it, but am hoping to join y'all next year. Thanks for the Q&A, this video is fun!

    I think the mix of sign and speech functions pretty well (this is my opinion as a hearing person who uses ASL daily). The only thing that was a little difficult for me was when there were written notes on the side and you were signing- maybe pause the video for those notes in the future? Idk, just a thought and I'd certainly be more inclied to hear what deaf/hoh think, but I enjoyed the back and forth otherwise and I think it's a great opportunity for exposure to ASL for folks that aren't familiar! 🙂

  • I think it is amazing that you have captions and transcripts to make your content enjoyable and accessible to more people. I'm seeing and hearing so I don't need them, but I really hope that more people can learn from you and put in the effort!

    also thank you for signing part of this video I gotta stay fluent over the summer until I go back for my 3rd year of ASL!

  • Rikki, I just found your videos. I have a disorder that from the age of 28 to now, at 30, as made me deaf. I get so frustrated with no captioning on so many YouTube channels. I love your channel!!! When you mention hearing devices in the future can you mention Auditory Brainstem Implants along with HAs and CIs. Would mean a lot. Take care!

  • Rikki, I loved the mixture of ASL and speaking. I hope eventually to be better in my own ASL study so I have a better idea of what you're signing when you sign.

  • I saw you at Vidcon at the Disabilities on YouTube panel. I was the girl that used the thing you were looking at when you came out and thought it was an earpiece. You were great!! It was so nice seeing you in person. Hope I see you again.

  • Hey rikki doubt you will see this but recently i went deaf because i got sick with meningitis and it took me hearing, i was one of the few that quickly adapted to being able to talk little but easily and i was continuing to make my youtube videos, watching your videos helped me heap revising over and learning my sign language. i am currently in the process with Cochlear Implants.

  • Loved this video! It was the first of yours that I've watched (sorry I'm so late to the game), and you definitely inspired me to think beyond myself and do more to improve the inclusivity of my channel and my community.

  • I thought the switching back and forth between English and ASL was fun! Since you started out speaking, I wasn't prepared for ASL and then I was like oh…yay! 🙂 I love seeing you incorporating ASL in different ways!

  • Haha, was not expecting Hello Project to pop up here! Gonna go follow that H!P fan on twitter. What is your favourite song? Your favourites were Junjun and Reina, right?

  • you all should go check out uh sign duo their a deaf and hearing couple that just recently started making Daly videos. . all the videos are closed captioned all but the hang outs but she is working on making all of the Hangouts closed-captioned as well so hopefully soon all of their videos.

  • Omg. I was curious about Deaf culture/ASL so I made a quick YT search and I found another woman with my name I'm freaking out can we be best friends?! (I hope this is your real name or else I'm gonna be so sad 'cause I never find people who spell their name like this)

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